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Public Health Preparedness Conference


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Heather Blanchard's presentation at the Public Health Preparedness Conference on February 25, 2011. For more information about the conference click here:

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Public Health Preparedness Conference

  1. 1. Breaking Down Myths and Empowering Everyday OpportunitiesUse of Social Media (and Technologies), Everyday & in CrisisPresented byHeather BlanchardChief Evangelist, Co-FounderCrisisCommonsFebruary 25, 2011Atlanta, Georgia
  2. 2. Myths• Social Media is a PIO Responsibility• You Can’t Trust the Public• If it’s not “verified” data, it can’t be used
  3. 3. What You Can Expect• Connectivity• Information Overload (i.e. lack of filters)• Maps, maps & maps• Shortcodes• The “Unaffiliated” - New Actors, Diaspora• iReporting
  4. 4. Examples• 2011 Midwest Blizzard • Crowdmap • 311/CERT • Before the hospital• 2010 East Coast Snow • Cory Booker • Connecting the Resource
  5. 5. Source Your Crowd• Trusted Agencies• Affiliated Agencies• Public
  6. 6. Everyday Opportunities “You have to be in it to win it.”• Public Events (Concerts, Sporting Events)• Friday Rush Hour• Potholes• Community Programs for Open Data
  7. 7. Building Capacity• Affiliate the Unaffiliated• Resource Mapping• Dialogue, Immersion - Connect the dots
  8. 8. Learning From NASA• Being friends with the public• Give access to the evangelists• Be human, be relevant, be there• Proactive, proactive, proactive• Data, data, data
  9. 9. Heather BlanchardCo Founder, CrisisCommonswww.crisiscommons.orgFriend me on FBTwitter/Skype: @poplifegirlheather@crisiscommons.org703.593.3823