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Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team


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Project partners include: Engineers without Borders, Atlas, NC4D, ARIJ, PCBS, Relief Intl., OSM Foundation, Digital Globe

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Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

  1. 1. OpenStreetMap in Palestine Mikel Maron, OSM Foundation Ignite CrisisCamp 2009 May 26
  2. 3. Maps and Data are Expensive, Wrong, Not Everywhere
  3. 4. OSM in Govt & Corps Development &UN
  4. 5. JumpStart Mapping Palestine
  5. 6. we are missing Neutral Geographic Context
  6. 7. Bethlehem August 2008 Engineers without Borders Engineering Association
  7. 8. Testing Our Mapping Assumptions
  8. 9. From Hebron to Ramallah to Jenin
  9. 10. Partners Atlas, NC4D, ARIJ, PCBS, Relief Intl
  10. 11. Gaza January 2009 no decent maps anywhere
  11. 12. Call out for help
  12. 13. Tidal wave of crowdsourcing
  13. 14. Collect existing data sources and free data UN, Commercial, NGO, EU, Wikipedia, USA, News
  14. 15. Fundraiser for Imagery 5k GBP in days 2m, mid-January from Digital Globe
  15. 16. JumpStart enters Gaza in March
  16. 17. Gaza City today
  17. 18. Applications and Use Nationalized Routing
  18. 19. H.O.T Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
  19. 20. Complete Roads and POI in West Bank and Gaza