RHoK Boston 4 Welcome Presentation


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Welcome presentation for participants at Random Hacks of Kindness Boston 4, in Cambridge, MA.

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  • Thank you for coming; So excited to have you here\nThank sponsors\n\nOur goal this weekend is to apply your technical expertise to humanitarian problems.\n\nWho has taken a look at the problems on RHoK.org? Does anyone have a particular project they brought with them, today? (Note hands for next later.)\n\nHow this will work:\nI’ll give quick intro—instructions, agenda, logistics\n3 feature projects will present: 5 minutes each\n You don’t have to work on one of these projects, but they have the advantage of an expert on-hand\nOther projects can present (if anyone raised their hands)\nWe’ll get to work!\n\n
  • Let me put you in boxes for just a minute. I want everyone to bring all their talents to bear, today, but to get the most done in this short amount of time, it’s important that each of you focus primarily on one thing.\n\nHow many people are hackers—coders, sys admins, DBAs?\nHow many people here are organizers—project managers, tech leads, SMEs? If you came representing an problem, you’re in this group.\nOk, the rest of you are communicators.\n\nHackers! You can do something that nobody else here can do. You can write code! You can create database schemas! You can install WordPress/Drupal/Django/Rails!\n Your job is to focus on doing those things.\n Some of you are also managers or SMEs or idea people. That’s great! Contribute where you can. But remember that you are the ones who can hack!\nCommunicators! Today, you are the glue. Our hackers are going to create some really amazing stuff in the next 30 hours, but it’s all wasted if they build the wrong thing! It’s wasted, if no one knows about it! If no one know how to use it!\n Your job is to tell people at other RHoK events what your hackers are doing.\n Your job is to record what your hackers did so that future hackers can pick up where they left off.\n Your job is to document how your solution works, so that future users can actually use it.\n Your job is to find answers, when your hackers need answers.\n Some of you are also SMEs or idea people. Some of you may even be able to hack a little. That’s great! Contribute where you can. But remember that without information flowing in and out, our hacks today are worthless.\nOrganizers! Today, you are our guides. Your job is make sure your hackers know what they’re building, as a group. Your job is make sure your hackers, individually, know what they’re working on, and that they’re working on something that fits their skills. Your job is keep your communicators pumping information, the right information, to the right people.\n Some of you were once hackers! Some of you are great communicators! Use that experience to keep your team focused and productive.\n\nUltimately, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE HERE. If you don’t feel like you’re helping, find something else to do. If that means you need to jump to another project, jump to another project. (But try to not leave your old project in the lurch.) If you feel like nothing is working out for you, come talk to me, to Ammar, or to Om, and we’ll try to help you.\n\n
  • Logistics. Walk through agenda.\n\nAt Saturday/Sunday break, ask if everyone has a place to sleep. Introduce couch surfing recruiting zone.\n
  • What will happen now.\n\n- 3 feature projects will present: 5 minutes each\n You don’t have to work on one of these projects, but they have the advantage of an expert on-hand\nOther projects can present (if anyone raised their hands)\nI’ll present project logistics\nYou’ll have a chance to choose one of the presented projects. You DO NOT have to choose a project now, but you’ll get started faster if you do.\n\n\nPresenters do their thing\n\nIf you want to work on project that wasn’t presented, go to the project recruiting area. Put your name, contact info, a short project title, and the skills you need. Also, create an RHoK problem page or make a comment on the existing page stating that you’re interested.\n\n
  • Once we split into groups, please do the following\n Register on RHoK.org and create a profile. This helps you get to know each other and makes it easier people to find you.\n Register your solution. Mention that you’re in Boston so people know what time zone you’re in, and so they can bug me if they can’t get in touch with you!\n PLEASE create a link from the problem definition page to your project page, so that people can see that you’re working on a particular problem. \nSome time before 3:00 tomorrow, please do the following\n Put your code and documentation under source control. If you don’t know that means or how to do that, ask your hackers. If your hackers don’t know, ask me. Link to your source repository from your RHoK Solution page.\n Put a short presentation online describing what you’ve done. Make sure it tells people where to find the source code and where to find YOU. (A link to the RHoK Solution page should solve both those in one shot.)\nThroughout the event, please tweet about what’s happening. Post photos and videos. Make quick blog updates. Update your status on facebook, google+, and orkut.\n We’re using the tag RHoKBos. Use the hashtag on twitter or the unadorned tag anywhere else.\n\nFor the record, the judges tomorrow will be looking for 5 things: potential impact, complexity/progress/creativity, sustainability, product quality, presentation.\n\n\nNow, if we can have the presenters come up, please. [Split into groups; one per presenter plus the other/undecided.]\n
  • RHoK Boston 4 Welcome Presentation

    1. 1. BostonSponsored by
    2. 2. Hackers Organizers Communicators
    3. 3. Agenda Saturday Sunday10:00 ! Registration, mingle 9:00 ! Project work10:30 ! Welcome and problem pitches 9:30 ! Breakfast11:15 ! Organize projects, start working 12:30 ! Lunch ! ! mingle, stretch, breathe, take stock12:30 ! Lunch 1:30 ! Project work12:30 ! Project work 3:30 ! Wrap up work ! ! dot is, cross ts, retie shoe laces6:00 ! Dinner 4:15 ! Project prestations! ! mingle, stretch, breathe 4:45 ! Awards7:00 ! Project work 5:00 ! Event ends 
    4. 4. Projects ✤ Justin Kates, City of Nashua, NH ✤ Plotting Damage and Hazards for use in Disaster Response ✤ Peter Haas, AIDG ✤ Mobile ATC 20 Assessment ✤ Dave Crusoe, Public Learning Media ✤ User-contributed Internationalization Framework for Web- based Teaching and Learning Tools
    5. 5. Things To Do ✤ Now ✤ Create a individual profile on RHoK.org ✤ Create solution page on www.rhok.org/solutions ✤ Link contributors and problem page to solution page ✤ By tomorrow afternoon ✤ Put code under source control ✤ e.g., GitHub, Google Code ✤ Put brief presentation online and link from solution page ✤ e.g., Slideshare, Google Docs, Prezi, SlideRocket ✤ Ongoing ✤ tweet, blog, vlog, flickr ✤ #RHoKBos