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12 pam problem analysis module


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Published in: Education
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12 pam problem analysis module

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  5. 5. Credits<br />PAM is derived from a concept of problem analysis originally developed by John Eck. Graeme Newman has helped apply the concept to an interactive environment and link it to the Problem-Oriented Guides to Police. Jon Shane has helped keep the tool as close as possible to the practical concerns of policing. The web-based version was created for the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing by the Instructional Technologies Unit of the Professional Development Program at the University at Albany. <br />John E. Eck, Ph.D.<br />Graeme R. Newman, Ph.D. <br />Professor, Division of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati <br />Distinguished Teaching Professor, School of Criminal Justice, University at Albany<br /><br />
  6. 6. Bob Heimberger<br />Michael S. Scott<br />Director <br />Center for Problem-Oriented Policing<br />Sergeant (retired) <br />St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department<br />