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Cc pcb 14_final

  1. 1. The Cricket Revolution
  2. 2. our work ecosystem cricket revolution revenue stream presentation snapshot
  3. 3. our work
  4. 4. Cricket Companion – Profile Indian Premier League & Champions League T20, Web, WAP & Mobile Official Score Card Of IPL 2009, 2010 & 2011 Downloadable Directly From Official Website IPL Content Distribution Through Mobile DLF IPL (WAP) Community ( Design & Development Hosting & Maintenance DLF IPL WEB 2009, 2010 & 2011 Design, Development, Hosting & Maintenance Content Management Through A Single CMS Receiving More Than A Billion Hits Each Season Up To 100,000 Concurrent Session Created Each Day Cricket Companion provided architectural design Catered cloud computing with security & scalable solution Provided 24/7 live support Integration with leading vendors like WILLOW TV & ACMAI Hosted first ever live coverage on YouTube integrated with role out & pulse CTO’s of Facebook & Yahoo Worked With us as consultant.
  5. 5. Cricket Companion – Key References & Partners Mr. Lalit Kumar Modi Architect of The Indian Premier League T S Ramakrishnan VP Product Engineering Facebook & CTO IPL Chintamani Patwardhan Engineering Lead and Manager Yahoo Chandresh Narayanan Media and Communications Officer at International Cricket Council Mr. I. S. Bindra Has been associated with cricket administration since 1975 and has donned the hat of Punjab Cricket Association president (India) for over three decades Mr. Faisal Sharif Faisal has served as the Director, Digital and New Media at the Indian Premier League. Faisal has also been Sports Editor at and also, Sports Editor at India’s premier news television station, Times Now and Neo Cricket. He has also worked at BBC World Service in London Mr. Sandeep Bhammer The founder of the SLPL Partner Firms
  6. 6. Technology Outsourced
  7. 7. 1.2 Million Unique Users Sessions each Month Highest Market Share in Feature Phones Cricket Companion Global Footprint stretches from USAto China INDIA 7.9+ Million Downloads BANGLADESH 6.5+ Million Downloads 23.5 million downloads and counting PAKISTAN 2.5+ Million Downloads AUSTRALIA 1.2+ Million Downloads SRI LANKA 0.5+ Million Downloads 2.5 Million New Downloadseach Year First Choice of Cricket Lovers for Cricket updates on the GO
  8. 8. Cricket Companion has won various awards & recognitions Best Mobile Application 2012 & 2013 Best Mobile Application 2009 Top Sports Application by reach 2011 Cricket World Cup Awards &Achievement
  9. 9. ecosystem
  10. 10. Cricket Companion Ecosystem Mobile Application Crickedin Cricket’s Facebook Cricket Guru Learn Cricket the Fun Way Dream XI Mobile Fantasy League League Management System Advertisement Engine On-Devise Portal (ODP) - Content First Slip Scoring Solution OTA Server Licensing, Device Database Content Management System - B2B SpeedGun
  11. 11. Cricket Companion User Segments Fans & Followers Cricket Clubs Cricket Players The Digital Eco System for Cricket
  12. 12. cricket revolution
  13. 13. Roadmap LAUNCHING IN MAY 2014 LAUNCHING IN DEC 2014
  14. 14. Bringing you the unique concept of enjoying your favorite sport socially.
  15. 15. Now get connected with friends in style and bring your favorite sports to a new level of engagement. Cricket Companion provides you a true social connectivity and intelligently picks the people within your contacts which are more significant in your daily life.
  16. 16. Cricket Companion lets you feel like sitting in a stadium and stay updated.
  17. 17. Shout, clap, dance and laugh with Cricket Companion “crowd” and share your emotions with millions of other cricket followers in style.
  18. 18. Want to chat with close friends on a Cricket match? Create a group of friends and start exchanging your thoughts with Cricket Companion’s “Pavilion”.
  19. 19. Connect with your FACEBOOK or TWITTER login and start communicating on all media with single input. Isn’t it interesting?
  20. 20. Cricket Companion Phone
  21. 21. Cricket Companion Tablet
  22. 22. Role of PCB to open new horizons in the world of cricket through Cricket Companion PCB to endorse and promote Cricket Companion properties through existing marketing mediums: Periodical Press Release & Conference Player Involvement In- stadia, PCB website, PCB FB, PCB twitter Access to media partners & other mediums Tie ups with sponsors Tie ups with affiliate clubs