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Unit 2 sensitivity and coordination dolores s


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Unit 2 sensitivity and coordination dolores s

  2. 2. STIMULUS: A stimulus anything you see, hear,touch, smell taste. Can be:  Internal: come from inside our bodies  External: come from outside the body. is or
  3. 3. RESPONSES: answer to a stimulus. There are two types:  Muscular responses: are the movements our muscles  Glandular responses: occur when glands produce substances in response Is the body’s
  4. 4. The sense: SIGHT The eye is the organ of sight. It’s made up of the eyeball and protected by the esyerbrows, eyelids and eyelashes.
  5. 5. The sense: SMELL The nose is the orgarn of smell. The receptors of smell are in the pituitary gland, inside the nostrils.
  6. 6. The sense: HEARING The ear is the organ of hearing. It has three parts.
  7. 7. TOUCH & The Skin is the organ of touch. It’s made up of three layers TASTE The tongue is the organ of taste. The receptors of taste are in the taste buds
  8. 8. THE NERVOUS SYSTEM: up of: Is made The Central Nervous System   Interpret the information Develop responses The Peripheral Nervous System :  Transmit the information
  9. 9. THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM Has two parts   The BRAIN Is inside the skull. Is made up of the – – – Cerebrum Cerebellum Brain stem   The SPINAL CORD Is protected by vertebrae Is made up of the many neurons
  10. 10. VOLUNTARY AND INVOLUNTARY MOVEMENTS The BRAIN produces response in the case of voluntary movements The SPINAL CORD produces response in the case of involuntary movements
  11. 11. THE PERIPHERICAL NERVOUS SYSTEM Is made up of SENSORY NERVES Transmit information MOTOR NERVES Transmit responses
  12. 12. The SKELETAL SYSTEM:  The SKELETON is made up of all the bones in the body.  The JOINTS are located where two or more bones meet. Can be: – Moveable joints – Semi-moveable joints – Fixed joints
  13. 13. The MUSCULAR SYSTEM:  The MUSCULATURE is the set of muscles in the body.  TENDONS are made of flexible and fibrous tissue. They connect muscles to bones.
  14. 14. THE END