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Unit 1 health lola


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Unit 1 health lola

  2. 2. HEALT AND ILLNESS  Health is a state of physical and mental well- being  Illness is the opposite of health  Symptoms like coughs, pain or fever, tell us that our bodies are ill
  3. 3. HEALTHY HABITS 1. Sleep 8 or 9 hours every night and rest when we are tired 2. Eat a balance diet 3. Eat five meals a day 4. Wash our hands before meals 5. Breathe fresh air
  4. 4. TYPE OF ILLNESS An illness can be: Non- infectious Infectious caused by harmful bacteria or viruses can be:  Contagious  Non-contagious
  5. 5. BACTERIA Bacteria are a unicellular micro–organisms There are two types of bacteria:  Beneficial bacteria  Harmful bacteria : CAUSE IlLNESS
  7. 7. OTHER MICROORGANISM They can be unicellular o They can cause illness. multicellular. PLASMODIA AMOEBAE CANDIDA (Yeast) FUNGI
  8. 8. VIRUSES A virus is not a micro-organism. It is not a living thing but it needs cells to carry out its life processes.
  9. 9. PREVENTING TREATING ILLNESSES AND INFECTIOUS Pathogenic micro-organisms can enter our bodies in different ways:  Through the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM  Through the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM  Through WOUNDS and CUTS in the skin
  10. 10. HOW CAN WE PREVENT INFECTIONS?  Disinfect wounds.  Wash your hands before eating or handling food.  Wash uncooked food.  Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze  Do no share eating utensils.
  11. 11. VACCINES Vaccines introduce into our bodies the micro –organism or virus that is making us ill. The body reacts to the virus and produces substances to destroy it.
  12. 12. HOW DO WE TREAT INFECTIONS?  Infections caused by BACTERIA are treated with ANTIBIOTICS.  Infections caused by FUNGI are treated with ANTI-FUNGAL MEDICINES  Infections caused by VIRUSES are treated with medicines that help to reduce symptoms.
  13. 13. FIRST AID KIT             Bandages Alcohol Hydrogen peroxide Antiseptic Cotton wool Creams for insect bites and burns Sterile gauze Disposable gloves Cloth adhesive tape Round tip scissors Plasters Thermometer
  14. 14. THE END