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The castles by Celeste Lozano


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Published in: Education
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The castles by Celeste Lozano

  1. 1. CastleS are big, strong buildings. People built castles inthe past to protect everyone inside the castle fromattack.Many castles have legends. Legends are stories aboutpeople and places in the past. There are legends ofghosts , wizards , kings and queens , and heroes. Readabout some of these in the next few pages.
  2. 2. Windsor Castle is on of theplaces where QueenElizabeth II of Englandlives. It is the biggestinhabited castle in theworld.William the Conqueror(1028 – 1087) invadedEngland in 1066 and builtthis castle.It is 45kilometres west of London.
  3. 3. Balmonar castle isanother of the Queen ofEngland´s castles.The royal family usuallygo Balmonar onChristmas.And can sleep in peace inBalmoral !
  4. 4. Glamis Castle is in theeast of Scotland nearDundee.It is over 600years old and it has got alot of beautiful talltowers.
  5. 5. Richmond Castle is inthe north of England.It isover 900 years old .It ison a big hill next to ariver. It has got two bigtowers .These are calledkeeps.It is the only castlein England with twokeeps.
  6. 6. Dover Castle is a very big, old castle in England.Itis on the south – eastcoast of England. It is ontop of the famous whitecliffs Dover. The castle has got anextremely big keep. Youcan visit the castle andthe secret tunnels, butdon,t worry-there are noghosts here
  7. 7. Blarney Castle is a veryold castle in Ireland. It iseight kilometres fromCork. The King ofMunstre built the castlein 1446.
  8. 8. The Tower London is inthe centre ofLondon,next to the RiverThames.It is over 900years old and it was afamous prision and placeof execution.
  9. 9. Warwick Castle is nearCoventry in England.It ismore than 600 years oldand is the home of theEarl of Warwick.
  10. 10. Tintagel was a beautiful12th-century stonecastle.Today it is a ruin onthe coast of south-westEngland with views overthe sea.Tintagel is a famous for itslegends of magic andmystery.
  11. 11. Cadbury Castle is in thesouth-west of England.Some people belive thiswas the site for Arthur´sfamous castle,Camelot,where he lived with hiswife,Queen Guinevereand the Knights of theRound Table.