Aladdin and the magic lamp lucia martin and patricia


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Aladdin and the magic lamp lucia martin and patricia

  1. 1. Aladdin´s a poor boy. His father is dead. He lives with his mother, they eat only bread.  One day a man visits. Hello, how d´ you do? My boy, I´m your uncle, and I can help you! 
  2. 2.  Aladdin dear nephew, you need cloths and food. You can have what you want. I´ve got lots of glod!  But Aladdin, my boy, I want somethings, too. There´s a very small thing I want you to do!
  3. 3.  That man´s not his uncle! He´s not a good man! He´s a wicked magician! I need a old lamp.  It´s dow in a dark cave, far under the ground. I´m old and I need you.  I cannot climb down.
  4. 4.  You see, my dear nephew, it means everythings. And if you can help me, I´ll give this ring.  He them gives Aladdin the ring from his hand. The young boy is sillent; he stares at the man.
  5. 5.  You must help your uncle, he´s got and he´s kind.  Of course I will, Mother. I really don´t mind.  Let´s go now, Aladdin, the cave´s far away.  It´s high in the mountains, but I know the way!
  6. 6.  Here is the entrance. Aladdin, climb down. Go to the bottom and look all aroun.  Look! Rubies, esmeralds, and diamons, gold!  The lamp is here also, it looks very old!
  7. 7.  This cave is like magic! Aladdin watch out!  Oh no! Roks are falling! I cannot get out! Please help me, dear uncle!  First throw me the lamp!  Here, catch it; no help me!  I don´t think I can!
  8. 8.  Now Aladdin´s alone in the cold and the dark. As he´s rubbing is hand, he sees a bright spark!  You called me, my master. Your genie is near!  But where did you come from? And why are you here?
  9. 9.  The ring on your finguer is magic, you see. I am here to help you.  Oh, please set me free!  Whatever you wish for will be my command. I´m talking you home now. Hold onto my hand!
  10. 10.  The genie stays with them and changes their life. Aladdin is rich now, but he needs a wife. He sees a young princess one day in the street.  That young girl is perfect! So pretty and sweet!
  11. 11.  He goes to the Sultanand asks for here hand.  My name is Aladdin, and I´m a rich man! Please say that your daugther can be my dear wife.  Then promise to love her the rest of your life!
  12. 12.  The princess runs to him and gives him the lamp. But then the Magican grabs hold of her harm!  Let go! I ´m a princess! Don´t touch me I say!  I´m talking you with me, we´re going away
  13. 13.  Aladdin remembers the ring on his hand.  Dear genie, please help me. We must search the land!  I can´t find my princess. Please find here for me!  Don´t worry, I´ll find here as quik as can be!
  14. 14.  We´re outside a castle! Where is this strange place?  Look! Up in the tower! Your wife´s pretty face!  I´m locked in this tower! Climb up if you can!  Aladdin climbs up and he holds out his hand.
  15. 15.  This powder can make someone sleep for all time. Put this in his dinner, then can call me inside!  So later that evening, they sit down to eat. And soon the Magican falls down, fast asleep.
  16. 16. A genie? Aladdin, how clever of you!  Now all of your wishes can really come true!  Our life will be perfect with you as a friend!  Now everyone´s happy