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About Creighton Career Counseling


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CCC career counseling enables you to gain clarity on what motivates you at work, your transferable skills and when you function ‘at your best’. The unique CCC Job Template guides you to seeking work opportunities most likely to suit you.

Job search and career management in the 21st century require more thorough preparation than ever before.

Professional career counselors are available to assist you with a range of career-related issues on an individual basis.

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About Creighton Career Counseling

  1. 1. College & Career Counseling Services For more information contact: Or visit:
  2. 2. College & Career Counseling Professional career counselors are available to assist you with a range of career-related issues on an individual basis, such as:  Choosing a major  Developing career plans  Looking for a job/internship  Planning for graduate school  Changing careers  Develop resume, cover letter, cover vitae  Learn interview etiquette Together you may decide to use career assessments, use resources in our career libraries, or explore information online. These activities will help you make good career decisions. The number of appointments scheduled with a counselor will vary depending on the career issue(s) needing attention. Top Reasons for Making a Counseling Appointment with a Creighton Career Counselor         Get help with choosing the best major for you. Decide whether a job or graduate school is the best choice at this time. Take career, skill, interest, and value assessments in consultation with a career counselor. Build connections to the world of work. Develop your resume and cover letter, or personal statement for graduate school. Learn how to network with alumni and how to contact alumni mentors. Get help with interview skills and finding a job/internship. Evaluate job offers and learn negotiating skills and strategies
  3. 3. Fees Introductory conversation Face-to-face or on telephone - about half an hour FREE Initial Single consultation Includes preparatory exercises, one and a half hours, plus preparation time £200 Career Counseling Programme: Finding Career Fulfillment Four meetings plus psychometric questionnaires and self assessment exercises £800 Career Counseling Programme: Boost your Job Search Four meetings, plus CCS job search guide and networking companion and email and telephone support between meetings £800 Further consultationsCharged on an hourly basis £100 Transition Coaching Six meetings £1000 Note: The above fees apply when sponsoring yourself. If you are sponsored by your employer, a different fee structure operates. All fees are subject to VAT.
  4. 4. Questionnaires and Self-Appraisal Exercises At CCC, we make use of several questionnaires and self-appraisal exercises to stimulate and focus discussion. No single questionnaire or exercise can produce the ‘right’ answer. However, it may contribute significantly to the overall picture. Your Career Counselor will help you identify recurring themes from the different exercises, thereby increasing your clarity and confidence in the results. This acts as a sound basis for developing a picture of your future direction. Interest Questionnaires  These act as a basis for discussing what really motivates you. Your interests are the key to your energy, and your likely commitment. Personality Questionnaires  Personality questionnaires can be important as they give you ideas on your suitability for a variety of work environments, your strengths for coping with different people in differing situations, and whether you are likely to work better in a team or in a more self-sufficient role. Self-Appraisal Exercises and Other Questionnaires  These exercises may reveal important themes relevant to career choice, change or development. They include: Transferable skills  Life achievements  When do I thrive?  Work values  Career anchors  Job satisfiers.
  5. 5. Introductory Discussion Introductory discussions are free of charge, and last up to half an hour. You may have this in person or on the telephone. They give you an opportunity to talk to a CCC Career Counselor, ask questions, and hear more about our approach to helping you in your career. They also enable us to match you with an appropriate career counselor. And to recommend the best programme for you. Name: ___________________________________________ Email:* ____________________________________________ Telephone: ___________________________________________ Which CCC programme are you interested in?* _____________________________ Please submit your inquiries to:
  6. 6. For more information on the following:  Transition coaching  Making a Success of Your Next Job role  Boost your Job Search  Ensure You Get What You Want  Finding Career Fulfillment Please visit: