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Project management denver meetup


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Published in: Technology
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Project management denver meetup

  1. 1. Oc t 23 20 12Agile Gymnastics and TimeboxTumbling - A Hybrid Approach Matthew Saunders CTO Trellon LLC
  2. 2. TWEET! TWEET @creech• Tweet questions to @creech.
  3. 3. Who am I?
  4. 4. Drupal since 4.6 Drupal since 4.6WESTAFpingVisionVintage Digital LLCExaminer.comTrellon LLC
  5. 5. MatthewS d.o j_matthew_s IRC - G+ @creech - twitterMatthew’s personal blog -
  6. 6. The Story of a Drupal Cuckoo
  7. 7. Why Do We DoWhat We Do?
  8. 8. We NEED Project Managementfor Successful Outcomes. b4b2 on Flickr
  9. 9. • I had a client a couple of months ago call me at 6:30 in the morning yelling and screaming because his site had been down for over an hour.. I drag myself out of bed, get to the computer and his site comes right up... I told him to try to get on Google. Guess what? According to him Google was down too. I politely told him to call his internet provider because that was down and once his internet came back up to use it to search for a new developer.• I had a project that had multiple decision makers. They wouldnt move forward unless they all agreed on any one point. And they couldnt agree on anything.• Drunk guy I met one time: "Oh, you make sites? Lets make something like Facebook and earn alot of money! Ill come up with ideas and you make it. Got any suggestions? Yeah, we need something like Facebook so well be rich! You go make it!"• The client doesnt know what they want, so they spend endless hours in meetings with you "throwing ideas around". Then, despite the warnings that they were consuming their contracted hours in this fashion, insist that they shouldnt have to pay for the time because the site still hasnt been built.
  10. 10. Lack of PlanningLack of Communication Lack of Process make for nightmares for Lack of Focus (internalus, our partnersDifferences in CULTUREand external), They bring us to an Open Sourced“Arkham”... and we feel...
  11. 11. make for nightmares forus, our partners (internaland external), They bring us to an Open Sourced“Arkham”... and we feel...
  12. 12. ... the “Call of Druthuhlu”
  13. 13. Bring Calm from Chaos.
  14. 14. star5112 on Flickr
  15. 15. daveknapik on flickr
  16. 16. Part I 3 SoftwareMethodologies
  17. 17. anyjazz65 on flickr
  18. 18. Cowboy or Extreme• Highly informal• Focuses on Stakeholders• Can be used in very unpredictable projects Roy Montgomery• Can be excellent for rapid prototyping on flickr
  19. 19. n.hewson on Flickr
  20. 20. Waterfall• Highly Formalised• Focuses on Requirements• Inflexible• Planning is Frontloaded
  21. 21. SheltieBoy on Flickr
  22. 22. Agile• Defined Timeboxes• Iterative Development Methods• Incremental• Collaborative Requirements and Solutions• Rapid and Flexible Responsive to Change• Self Organizing Teams
  23. 23. PART IIIThe Agile Hybrid Approach
  24. 24. Project Management Acts as Scrum Master Leads Pointing Stories Protects Dev Team from Distractions During CodingEnsures that the Team Doesn’t Make Mistakes Manages the Schedule
  25. 25. Product Owns Backlog Personas, Epics, and StoriesAnswers questions that Clarify Business Needs Demos Software at the End of Sprint
  26. 26. Developers Self Organizes Selected StoriesDecides What Can/Can’t be Completed in the Timebox DEFINES the Implementation of Business Needs Executes
  27. 27. This Next Model Works Well For Projects with a Long Timeline
  28. 28. A Sample Timebox Timeline60 days - Business Requirements40 days - User Stories, Wireframes,Comps20 days - Beginning of CurrentDevelopment cycle
  29. 29. These Three Overlap To Cover A Single Timebox
  30. 30. Demos and Retrospectives
  31. 31. Daily ScrumsWhat did you do in the last 24 hours?What are you doing today?What are your blockers?
  32. 32. Variations on a Theme
  33. 33. Well Oiled Machines on flickr
  34. 34. IRC
  35. 35. Google Docs
  36. 36. Faster, Better, More Awesome
  37. 37. THANK YOU Caros Lines on Flickr