San Antonio Talons 2012 Media-Kit


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San Antonio Talons 2012 Media-Kit
"Year One" - Full Media and AFL Outline

Credit: D. Cree Crawford

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San Antonio Talons 2012 Media-Kit

  2. 2. San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural “Season One” San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  3. 3. AFL- ARENA FOOTBALL MISSION STATEMENT “To serve our community with pride and passion as a quality example of individual and team excellence on the field, in the office, at the arena and within the community by consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations by demonstrating the highest character, appreciation and respect for our game, customers, teammates and partners as a cost-effective and visionary organization providing a total entertainment experience.” San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  4. 4. WHAT IS ARENA FOOTBALL AFL - 101 San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  5. 5. What is Pro Arena Football SA Talons & AFL Fast Facts The AFL is the second longest running professional football league in the US, after the NFL 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of arena football. Home-games for The Talons are at The Alamodome. AFL arena configuration will seat 30,000 fans.San Antonio Talons starting quarterback, Aaron Garcia, was the AFL’s Offensive Player of the Year for the 2011 season. He is the AFL’s record breaker of ALL TIME records for passing yards (50,019), passing touchdowns (1,078), and total touchdowns (1,124). The team’s name, Talons, takes its name from the sharp piercing claws of a bird of prey. Eagle, Falcon, Hawk…. The San Antonio Talons team colors are blue, silver, and black. The San Antonio Talons standard season has nine home games and nine away games, plus one potential home playoff game. High profile AFL owners like Lynn Swann and Mike Ditka add awareness and appeal to the league. After every AFL game, players and coaches sign autographs on field. All game balls that end up in the stands are kept by fans San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  6. 6. NFL / AFL Comparisons AFL / NFL – FIELD & GOALSField: Field:Width: 85 feet Width: 160 feetLength: 50 yards Length: 100 yardsEnd-zones: 8 yards each End-zones: 10 yards eachTotal field length: 198 feet Total field length: 360 feetSidelines: 48 inch high, foam padded “Dasher Board” Sidelines: 6 foot painted borderGoal Posts: Goal Posts:Width: 9 feet Width : 18 1/2 feetHeight of crossbar: 15 feet Height of crossbar:10 feetGoal-side rebound nets: 30 feet wide on both sides Goal-side rebound nets: No one kickoffs or punts and of goal posts,32 feet high, bottom is 8 feet from passing plays out of the back of the end-zone are the ground, kickoffs and passing plays may out of play bounce off the nets and still be legally in play These differences make the AFL a much faster paced game with generally higher scoring and keep the NFL a game dominated by strategy where defense wins championships. San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  7. 7. NFL / AFL Comparisons SCORINGTouchdown: 6 points + Touchdown: 6 points +• Place-kick - 1 point • Place kick - 1 point• Touchdown – 2 points • Touchdown - 2 points• Drop-kick - 2 pointsDefense returns PAT attempt Defense returns PAT attempt for touchdown: for touchdown:2 points for defense No score - play dead at change of possessionField Goals: Field Goals:By place kick - 3 points Place kick only - 3 pointsBy drop kick - 4 points San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  8. 8. NFL / AFL Comparisons AFL / NFL – TEAM & PLAY Team Size:Team Size: 50+ man active roster21 man active rosterOffense: Offense:8 players on the field 11 players on the fieldDefense: Defense:8 players on field 11 players on fieldMotion: Motion:One offensive player may be in motion in any direction One offensive player may be in motion either parallel to the (including forward) at snap line of scrimmage or backwards at snap San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  9. 9. NFL / AFL -Comparisons AFL 101EQUIPMENT:• Official AFL football is the same size and weight as the NFL ball.• Each ball is manufactured by Spalding.• Pads and uniforms are similar to NFL uniformsMOVEMENT OF THE BALL AND SCORING:• Four (4) downs are allowed to advance the ball ten (10) yards for a first down, or to score.KICKING :• Kickoffs are from the goal line. Kickers may use a one-inch tee.• Punting is illegal.• On fourth down, a team may go for a first down, touchdown or field goal.• The receiving team may field any kickoff or missed field goal that rebounds off the net.• Any kickoff untouched which is out of bounds will be placed at the 20-yard line or the place where it went out of bounds, whichever is more advantageous to the receiving team. San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  10. 10. NFL / AFL Comparisons AFL - 101PASSING :• Passing rules in Arena Football are the same as outdoor NCAA Football in which receivers must have one foot inbounds. A unique exception involves the rebound nets.• A forward pass that rebounds off of the end zone net is a live ball and is in play until it touches the playing surface.TIMING:• Four quarters: 15 minutes• Halftime: 15 minutes with exceptions• Between plays: 25 seconds• Overtime: 15 minutes with at least one guaranteed for each San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  11. 11. NFL / AFL Comparisons• An indoor padded surface 85 feet wide and 50 yards long with eight-yard end zones.• Goal posts are nine feet wide with a crossbar height of 15 feet• (NFL goal posts are 18-1/2 feet wide with the crossbar at 10 feet)• The goal-side rebound nets are 30 feet wide by 32 feet high. The bottoms of the nets are eight feet above the ground.• Sideline barriers are 48 inches high and made of high-density foam rubber called “Dasher Boards” See also: “NFL comparison AFL” San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  12. 12. Talons Organization San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  13. 13. Executive Front-OfficeJason Lohe, CEO/OwnerJason Lohe is the CEO/General Manager/ Partner of the San Antonio Talons. Mr. Lohe has a wide and well-rounded resume in theworld of professional sports. His experience includes: working with Michael Jordan and Nike Basketball. His background alsoincludes front office experience with the original San Jose Clash/Earthquakes a Major League Soccer Franchise, the Oakland A’sBaseball team, and for Octagon Football Sports Agency. His current focus remains in the sports world. Over the years he has helpedseveral owners to find partners for their ownership groups, and he continues to be a respected conduit for deal flow. He is one ofthe few financial advisors in the country who is a Registered Player Financial Advisor with the National Football League PlayersAssociation.Rob Yowell, PresidentMr. Yowell is considered one of the leading executives in the world of sports marketing, naming rights and sponsorship sales. He hasheld senior executive positions with WPP agency IEG, the Bonham Group and Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG/Envision). Duringhis career, he has been responsible for negotiating more than $750 million in corporate sponsorships and naming rights agreements,and collectively participated in over $2 billion in sponsorship. Mr. Yowell earned bachelor’s degree in English and Anthropology fromDuke University, and a Master’s degree in Sports Business Administration from Ohio University.Cree Crawford, Chief Operating Officer / Senior Exec. Vice PresidentCree Crawford has been involved in various aspects of the entertainment and music industries for over 25 years Founder and Partnerat Vegas Passport, LLC .Former Entertainment Casino Consultant for Progressive Gaming PGIC Mr. Crawford has also contracted withsome of the world’s leading business organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Government agencies. These include: TheU.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps. Mr. Crawford is a graduate ofGeorgetown University C.A.S. Washington, DC San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  14. 14. Head CoachLee Johnson is entering his first season as the Head Coachof the San Antonio Talons.Recognized as one of the top defensive coordinators in the AFL,Lee joins the Talons after his most recent post with the OrlandoPredators.Head Coach Lee Johnson began his football career as a player,and holds a repertoire of championship titles including the SuperBowl, Arena Bowl and NFL Europe championship. In 1997Johnson took on his first leadership position, serving as adefensive line coach, and in 2000 transitioned into coaching in theArena Football League (AFL). Since then, Johnson hasrepresented teams such as Chicago, Cleveland and Colorado andhas come to be recognized as the best defensive coordinator inthe league.“We are a team dedicated to character, integrity and capability andI will make sure our players live up to those standards,” saysJohnson.“ As a coach, I have faced many of these teams before and I think Head Coach Lee Johnsonwe have a real advantage here, not only do we have many of thebest players in the league, but we are a new team that will comeout surpassing expectations of the city, and the league.” San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  15. 15. Starting Quarterback Aaron Garcia (6’1” 195 lbs.) played college football at Sacramento State. In Garcia’s 18 year professional career he has played for the Arizona Rattlers, Connecticut Coyotes, New Jersey Red Dogs, Iowa Barnstormers, New York Dragons, and the Jacksonville Sharks. In 2010, Garcia became the all-time leader in passing touchdowns in Arena Football history, with 932 passes thrown. Garcia, a true legend of Arena Football, holds the current professional arena football record for passing yards (50,019), passing touchdowns (1,078), and total touchdowns (1,124). He was awarded the title AFL Offensive Player of the Year in both 2001 and 2011. On August 12 2011, with two seconds remaining in the 4th quarter of Arena Bowl XXIV, Garcia threw the winning touchdown pass to win his first Arena Bowl championship title for the Jacksonville Sharks. San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  16. 16. 2012 Talons Roster1) DL Jerry Brown 6’5 265 10/20/87 Illinois AtSA11/11/112) FB Chad Cook 6’1 265 7/24/85 Murray State AtSA11/11/113) DB Eric Crocker 6’2 195 5/20/87 Arkansas Monticello AtSA12/22/114) DL Victor DeGrate 6’4 255 2/8/85 Oklahoma State AtSA12/22/115) DB Ken Fontenette 5’11 195 1/14/86 Houston AtSA11/29/116) QB Aaron Garcia 6’0 200 10/28/70 Sacramento State AtSA9/27/117) WR Brent Holmes 5’11 170 11/4/80 Texas A&M Kingsville AtSA11/11/118) DB Maurice Holmes 6’1 195 11/15/83 Charleston AtSA10/17/119) WR Shaun Kauleinoamoku 5’10 185 5/24/87 Western Oregon AtSA11/11/1110) FB Riley Kendall 5’10 260 5/14/82 CSU Sacramento AtSA11/11/1111) DB Brian Logan 5’7 185 5/2/88 BYU AtSA11/29/1112) WR Carl Moore 6’4 220 9/19/88 Florida AtSA12/29/1113) OL Van Nelson 6’5 330 9/8/80 Texas A&M Kingsville AtSA11/11/1114) OL Ty Nsekhe 6’8 325 10/27/85 Texas State AtSA10/17/1115) DB William Poole 5’9 170 7/24/86 USC AtSA12/22/1116) WR Robert Quiroga 6’2 210 2/7/82 Baylor AtSA9/28/1117) LB Jamar Ransom 6’0 235 7/1/84 Oklahoma State AtSA10/17.1118) DL Jones Seawright 6’6 305 4/12/82 North Carolina AtSA11/11/1119) DB Fred Shaw 6’2 220 11/30/83 Central Oklahoma AtSA12/22/1120) QB Steven Sheffield 6’4 210 3/4/88 Texas Tech AtSA1/12/1221) OL Albert Stinson 6’6 340 6/24/83 Jackson State AtSA1/12/1222) OL Derik Stotland 6’3 310 7/2/83 N/A AtSA11/11/1123) OL/DL Simi Toeaina 6’4 315 4/16/87 Oregon AtSA12/22/1124) LB Leslie Turner 6’1 235 10/17/87 Richmond AtSA10/17/1125) OL Jamar Ward 6’4 375 11/12/77 Morningside AtSA10/21/1126) LB/DL Mark Weivoda 6’2 295 11/29/80 Idaho State AtSA11/11/1127) WR/DB EJ Whitley 5’10 180 9/12/85 Abilene Christian AtSA12/22/1128) DB Darien Williams 6’0 190 11/28/84 Oklahoma AtSA11/11/1129) DL Jon Williams 6’3 270 11/2/81 Texas College AtSA9/28/1130) WR Jason Willis 6’1 200 7/26/80 Oregon AtSA12/22/1131) WR Jomo Wilson 6’0 200 9/22/85 Eastern Oregon AtSA10/21/11 San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  17. 17. AFL Teams Across the Country San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  18. 18. Home Game ScheduleAll Home-Games Played at Alamodome – 30,000 Seat Arena Config. March 10th 2012 vs. Utah-Blaze March 17th 2012 vs. Spokane-Shock April 13th 2012 vs. New Orleans-Voodoo “Halloween in April – Massacre at The Dome” April 28th 2012 vs. Chicago-Rush May 12th 2012 vs. Pittsburgh-Power May 19th 2012 vs. San Jose-Saber Cats June 16th 2012 vs. Iowa-Barnstormers June 30th 2012 vs. Kansas City-Command July 14th 2012 vs. Arizona-Rattlers San Antonio TALONS 2012 Media Guide
  19. 19. Home-Field ALAMODOMESan Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  20. 20. AFL Alamodome Arena LayoutAll Home-Games Played at Alamodome – 30,000 Seat Configuration San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  21. 21. Ticketing Options WebsiteSan Antonio TALONS 2012 Media Guide
  22. 22. Season Ticket SheetSan Antonio TALONS 2012 Media Guide
  23. 23. Partnership BenefitsPartnering with a professional sports team like The Talons adds value to your brand. Sponsoring the San Antonio Talons football team will make you stand out and create a solid and memorable place in the consumer’s mind through loyal fans of not only The Talons but of FOOTBALL in San Antonio BRAND/CORPORATE AWARENESS: Fans will give your brand favorable recognition when exposed to other specific marketing messages. You’ll be associated with good times and family fun. BRAND/CORPORATE IMAGE: Your Talons sponsorship opens dialogue between companies, showing you as a team player who knows how to win. Sponsorship also gives you an impressive venue to conduct business with clients. EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: Your Talons sponsorship encourages company camaraderie and sets you as the employer of choice when attracting staff. COMMUNITY RELATIONS: Your Talons sponsorship shows you’re a part of the San Antonio community and invests in the lives of our citizens and the future of our city. San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  24. 24. UniformsSan Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  25. 25. National Television  The AFL is broadcast into the homes of millions of the NFL’s biggest fans through our partnership with the NFL Network  25th Season begins in March and runs through Arena-Bowl XXV in August  23 LIVE HD games via NFL Network  20 Regular Season games San Antonio Talons  2 Playoff Game and Arena Bowl Broadcast  Weekly Broadcast: Friday night 8pm ESTTalons vs. Voodoo – Friday April 13th Broadcast “Massacre at the Dome” Halloween in April theme  International Distribution:  Eurosport  Armed Forces Network San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  26. 26. AFL FAN DEMOGRAPHICS Over 18,000,000 AFL Fans Nationwide Over 2,000 LOCAL Talons FB Fans BEFORE 1st GameGender AFL Fans:• Male: 71%• Female: 29%Age AFL Fans:• 18-49: 63%• 18: 33%Income AFL Fans:• Under $50,000: 80%• $50,000-100,000: 33%• Over $100,000: 20% San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  27. 27. ARENA / FIELD SIGNAGE Dasher Boards:mmmmmmmShow off your company during every big hit with a full-color dasher board sign. 8’-Foot and 16’-foot options As low as $5,000 FULL SEASON Rebound Net: During every field goal and extra point, your company’s logo will be front and center on our towering rebound net. Inventory: • 30 - 16’ dasher panels Field Logos: • 4, 8’ door panels • 2, 5’ dasher panels Watch players dash past your company’s logo, 85’ X 200’ field set up (rectangle) which will be prominently displayed on the field in front of thousands of fans. San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  28. 28. ARENA / FIELD SIGNAGE PRIMARY SIDE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 NET 10 RUSSELL 20 5 10 15 20 25 20 15 10 5 13 6’x 9’ 6’x 9’ Turf 6’x 9’ 6’x 9’ Turf 14 Square Turf Arena/Field Turf Square Name40 Square Square Arena/Field Name Arena/Field Name 153938 16 LEAGUE LEAGUE3736 17 6’x 9’ 6’x 9’35 6’x 9’ Turf Arena/Field Turf Square Square 6’x 9’ Turf 10 NET Name 18 Turf Square34 Square 5 10 15 20 25 20 15 10 533 19 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 2012 FIELD LAYOUT (Regular Season) San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  29. 29. TALONS FIELD “NAMING RIGHTS” Field Naming Rights: Sponsorship: $220,000.00 (1 Available) Benefit / Exposure: • 1 Season Executive Suite – 16 Guest • 10 Season Tickets to all 9 Talons Home Games • Full page ad in Game Day Program • Web Link on Talons Web Site • Two (2) PA Announcements at Talons Home Games • Two (2) Player and/or Dance Team Company’s choosing • 100 Tickets to be donated to local charities in the name of your Company during the 2012 season • Two (2) 20’ x 3’ Ads with Company Name/Logo • Placed on both sides of the field between the 20 yard lines • All press releases and announcements will read, “…Talons football on [Company Name] Field at the Alamodome. San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  30. 30. PLAYING SURFACE FIELD SIGNAGE PLAYING SURFACE FIELD SIGNAGE Field Turf Logo Sponsorship: $30,000 (2 Available) Benefits / Exposure: Two (2) 8’ x 5’ Ads with Company Logo *placed on both sides of the field between the 5 and 10 yard lines or in the center of the field, on both sides of the 25, between the 15 and 20 yard lines 5 Season Tickets to all 9 Talons Home Games * FULL- PAGE AD in ALL Game Day Programs * Web Link on Talons Web Site * One (1) PA Announcements at Talons Home Games * One (1) Player and/or Dance Team Appearance * 100 Tickets donated in the name of your Company during the 2012 season * San Antonio TALONS 2012 Media Guide
  31. 31. ARENA VIDEO SIGNAGEAll eyes will be on your company when you advertise to Talons fans through the Alamodome Video Boards LED Video Options: ALAMODOME • Center Arena Score Board Display • Jumbotron • LED Ribbon Board Display SAN ANTONIO TALONS Sponsoring an instant replay, mini commercial, static message or interactive feature will give your brand tremendous attention and exposure Contact for details: San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  32. 32. Brand / Logo Placement Interview Backdrop As players and coaches step in for formal television interviews, your company will receive large exposure as the exclusive sponsor of the Interview Backdrop Football Branding (non - official balls) nothing quite like catching a football. When an AFL football goes into the stands, fans are allowed to keep the ball. Get your company’sUniform Patch & Helmet Logo logo on the ball for those close-up action shotsThis is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for your and great to physically become part of theSan Antonio Talons uniform when your logoor mark is prominently on a jersey patchand/or the helmet. Our players becomeambassadors of your brand, and the mediaexposure during local, regional and nationaltelevision broadcasts can have hugerewards for your company. San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  33. 33. IN-GAME PROMOTIONS Every Talons game will be an unforgettable experience.Join in the fun by being part of these exciting game day advertising opportunitiesPublic Address Announcements (PA’s) Single Game SponsorshipsYour company’s message will be broadcastedto Talons fans over our state-of-the-art public The exposure possibilities are endlessaddress system. Sponsor a song or our pre- when your company receives top billinggame warm-ups and let fans hear what you with Single Game Sponsorship of a Talonshave to offer. home game. This combination of hospitality, promotional opportunities andPromotional Item Distribution game day advertising will place yourPromotional items draw big crowds. Send fans company everywhere fans are looking.home smiling with team memorabilia and Game Day advertising will include placingkeepsakes adorned with your company’s logo. your logo on giveaway items, generous PA • Hats • Food announcements and premium Alamodome video board placement. Single Game • T-shirts • Product Samples Sponsors also receive national exposure • Mini footballs through Talons media • Bubbleheads San Antonio TALONS 2012 Media Guide
  34. 34. In-Game Arena Blimp Promotion Talons Blimp / Flyer Drop High above the arena, the Talons Blimp will showcase your company’s logo and isfeatured prominently during pregame activities. This floating billboard lets you distribute coupons and promotional materials to eagerly awaiting fans. San Antonio TALONS 2012 Media Guide
  35. 35. FAN TEXT PROGRAMTalons Deal Of The Day:Every home-game The Talons marketing team will be collecting cell phonenumbers for Fans to participate in OPTIN Daily Direct Email / Texts for SanAntonio focused DISCOUNT DEALS.Leveraging The successful business marketing model of GRUPON andLIVING-SOCIAL The San Antonio Talons will send (1 DEAL DAILY) to theirgrowing fan-base.When Talons fans pick up their mobile phone, they can see you as part ofour interactive fan text.This deal of the day will send fans to your company or store, where they’llbe greeted by a Talons team member, mascot or Dance team member.Elements: • Flat FEE. • NO profit-split • Includes TALONS Team or SKY Dance Team member(s) at your business for autograph signing San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  36. 36. Social MediaSan Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  37. 37. Website Marketing Branding San Antonio TALONS 2012 Media Guide
  38. 38. Print Opportunities Printed materials are more than game-day purchases. They become keepsakes from a memorable Talons experience. Place your company’s custom print advertisement in one of these San Antonio Talons print opportunities:Talons “Game-Day Program”Game-Day Program printed special for each game. 9 Regular Season Games+ 1 Extra Play-offPotential. (10 games for price of 9) .. SEE GAME DAY PROGRAMPocket Schedule – SOLD OUTCreate season-long top of mind awareness when your company’s logo appears on Talons schedulecards. These pocket sized cards conveniently fit into fans wallets, so your message will be with themwherever they are.Ticket BacksIt’s not just a ticket stub, it’s a mini-billboard. Your company’s coupon or message can be placed onthe back every game ticket for the 2012 Talons season.• Pre-Season Game Feb. 29th – 50,000 special edition tix printed for Exhibition Game.• Season Ticket Package Backs Avail. For FEB 29th Pre-Season Game San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  39. 39. Game-Day Program Every fan gets their hands on our Playbook.Place an ad in our high-quality printed full-colorbooklet distributed at each Talons game.Free to every fan, placement in the Playbook puts youfront and center with every Talons fan.• 40,000 Printed Per Game –exiting fans who want extra• 32,000 Arena Configuration• 9 – Regular Season Games• +1 Potential Play-off Game – (Included gratis)For San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  40. 40. Talons “Journal” Limited Edition Annual Autograph Book Celebrate the “Year One” inaugural Talons season by being the EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR for this commemorative keepsake.This high-end produced and printed magazine/book will containspecial edition interviews and Special Limited Edition AutographPages for:• Talons Players• SKY Dancers• “Swoop” Talons’ Mascot• Coaching Staff• ExecutivesIncludes full Talons Team Photo and SKY Dancers Team Photos Contact for details: San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  41. 41. Talons Personal Appearances Drive Traffic to your Business Leverage Talons Brand/Team Fans with TalonsAppearances . Autograph Signings . Media Interaction San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  42. 42. Talons Team MembersAppearances by The Talons Football Team Members Quarterback, O-Line, D-Line, Full Squad Celebrate a Grand Opening, Promotion, Special Event • Autograph Signings • Photo-ops • Media Interaction • Promo-Give Away’s • Children’s Events • Hospitals • Charity / Philanthropy San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit Contact for details:
  43. 43. Talons’ “SKY Dancers” Appearances by The Talons’ Dance Team 16 Member Professional Dance Specially Selected in Major 2 Day Audition Poise . Talent . Professional . Civic FocusedCelebrate a Grand Opening, Promotion, Special Event• Autograph Signings• Photo-ops• Media Interaction• Promo-Give Away’s Contact for details: San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  44. 44. “Swoop” Talons Mascot Appearances by The Talons’ Mascot “SWOOP”Celebrate a Grand OpeningPromotion, or Special Event• Autograph Signings• Photo-ops• Media Interaction• Promo-Give Away’s• Children’s Events• Hospitals• Charity / Philanthropy Contact for details: San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  45. 45. TALONS PLAYER DINING PROGRAM Have The Talons Team dine at your restaurant. Fans will flock to see their favorite players at your restaurant.Benefits of being a dining partner of the Talons include:• Dasher Board (on field)- As a Dining Partner your establishment logo/name on a field side dasher-board• Team / Player Appearances – Times TBD • Individual Players Dining at your Establishment Ongoing • Full Team Dinners with Players available for Autograph Signings / Radio Remotes / Interviews• Autograph signings – Scheduled AND autograph cards on hand when player dines• Social media promotion by the team and players • Ongoing Facebook and Twitter Mentions of your Establishment as Players Dine with you.• Game-Day Program “Talons Play Book” Ads in 9 Home Games• P.A. – Promotion Announcements During Games - Depending on offer Value PLAYERS ISSUED: Dining Card with Value / Gift Certs. / Full Dinners TBD San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  46. 46. TALONS EXECUTIVE SUITESGive your Clients, Family and Friends the ultimate game day experience from one of our luxurious suites in The ALAMODOME!Executive Suites – Luxury Inside/Outside with Great VantageWatch the action from these comfy suites that have seating for up to 12, 14, or 16.Featuring comfortable furniture and HD TV, these spacious suites are perfect forentertaining while catching all the action. Slip out the glass sliding door to yourprivate balcony with theater-style seats for great views of the on-field excitement.Field Suites – ON FIELD Suites: Uniquely Developed by TalonsYou’ll never forget the experience of sitting right next to the playing surface. OurField Suites are a “one-of-a-kind” experience in the AFL, with seating for up to 24guests. These suites will leave a lasting impression on your valued clients,employees, family and friends - especially when a player might land in your lap! San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit Contact for details:
  47. 47. OVERVIEW PROMOTION OPPORTUNITIES 25 Second Clock  Introductions – Visiting Team Autograph Session  Coupon Drops Blimp /Catwalks  Jumbo-tron Elements  Tailgate Party / Area Autograph Session Chairs / Tables  Dasher Boards  Kick-Off  Team Posters Away Jersey Patch  Delivery of Food  Kids Club  Team Travel Bags Back Pad of Helmet  Products To Stands  Lanyards  Team Warm-Ups Ball Boys  Down Box  Mascots  Ticket Backs Ball Logo  Drive  Merchandise  Time Outs Top of Dasher Boards Ball Out of Bounds/Play  Eating Contests  Newsletter  Touchdown Bandanas  End Zones  On Field Promotion  Towel on Player Belts Behind The Bench  Extra Point  On Field Signage  Towels / Bench Area Bench Doors  Fan Club  PA Drops  T-Shirt Cannon Blimp - Signage  Field Goal  Party Areas  T-Shirt Worn Under Pads Logo Blimp – Coupon Drop  Field Naming Rights  Penalties  Tunnel Banners Cheerleaders / Dance Team  First Downs  Photo-Op Frames  Turf Logos Dance Team Calendar  Game Ball Delivery / Presentation  Player of the Game Award  Turnover / Defensive Stop Dance Team Posters  Game Night Sponsor  Pocket Schedules  TV Inventory Chinstrap  Game Pants Logo  Post Game Kicking  Upper Level Seat Banners Coaches / Player Hats  Game Day Publication  Post-Game Party / Area  Video Board Ads Coaches / Players Bench Wear  Game Schedule Poster  Pre-Game Party / Area  VIP Passes Coaches / Team Travel Wear  Giveaways – Entering The Building  Pre-Game Pyro / Laser Show  Wall Banners – In The Arena Coaches Clipboards  Giveaways – Leaving The Building  Press Conference Backdrop  Wall Banners – In The Concourse Coaches Corner /Before The Game  Gloves  Quarter Breaks  Water/Squeeze Bottles Coaches Headsets  Halftime  Radio Inventory  Website Homepage Banner / Link Coaches Shirts  Helmet Club  Roster Insert  Weekly Coaches Coin Toss  Helmet Sticker  Score Announcements  Player Radio / TV Show Concourse Tables  Helmet Sweat Band-Front  Scoreboard Signage  Weekly Team Dinner Coolers / Ice Chest  Home Jersey Patch  Social Media Blast – FB / Twit  Meet & Greets  In Stand Promotions  Starting Line Up  Wrist Band Logo  Injuries  Sweat Band Logo  Yardage Markers  Introductions – Home Team San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit
  48. 48. TALONS MARKETING PROGRAMS For Program Options / Pricing / DetailsCree Crawford, Chief Operations Officer / Senior Exec. Vice-PresidentSan Antonio Talons – Professional AFL Franchise130 E. Travis St. Suite 525San Antonio, TX 78205Cree.Crawford@SanAntonioTalons.comwww.SanAntonioTalons.comC. 512.917.8180O. 210-399-3533 Toll Free: 855-728-2566 San Antonio Talons 2012 Inaugural Season Media Kit