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SharePoint Commerce Services


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SharePoint Commerce Services

  1. 1. THE POW ER OF P ERSPECTIVE SharePoint Commerce Services: Microsoft SharePoint Server and Commerce Server - Better Together! February 22, 2011 Jesus J Salazar, Joshua Grear, Vince Allison, Lane Shelton Twitter: @Credera Blog: Copyright © 2011 Credera. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Bios Jesus J Salazar is a Senior Manager with Credera. He has over 10 years of experience in delivering enterprise IT solutions for medium and large companies throughout the U.S. He is a member of the SharePoint Development Advisory Council and has presented on SharePoint at numerous conferences. Jesus current leads Credera’s Denver practice in providing technology consulting services. Joshua Grear is an Architect with Credera’s Dallas Office. He has over 11 years of experience in delivering IT solutions to companies throughout the U.S. He is a Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialist for Commerce Server and has been a part of numerous eCommerce implementations. Joshua is currently working on integrating Commerce Server with various back-end systems. Vince Allison is a Strategic Microsoft Specialist with Softmart. He has over 10 years of Microsoft licensing experience and holds over 300 certifications including: Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations; Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Small and Medium Organizations; Designing, Assessing, and Optimizing Software Asset Management. Lane Shelton is an EVP with Softmart and has spent the last two years helping customers from small to large businesses evaluate their Microsoft software investments. He and his team of specialists have developed an objective, fact-based analysis methodology that is now widely-used around the U.S.
  3. 3. Agenda Welcome & Introductions Current eCommerce Landscape Commerce Server 2009 SharePoint 2010 SharePoint Commerce Services – Better Together Demonstration Licensing: What You Will Need to Consider Q&A Next Steps
  4. 4. Current eCommerce LandscapeWhy this Topic? We are seeing a STRONG resurgence in eCommerce The ability to sell online has become increasingly critical for businesses In 2009, Forrester found that 42% of all retail sales were influenced by or executed online In 2014, that figure is likely to jump 53% Exponential growth of mobile technologies, social networking, and niche smart devices What is important in this new market?  Consistency of Branding across multiple channels  M-Commerce is king  Dynamic and viral campaigns are critical…creating buzz  Integration of “Social” data
  5. 5. Commerce Server 2009 What is Commerce Server? .NET based eCommerce platform Provides a complete, working eCommerce Solution OOB Catalog, Orders, Profiles (Customers, Addresses, Credit Cards, etc.) Reporting and Analytics, Business User Tools Robust multi-channel foundation, integration ready
  6. 6. Commerce Server 2009 Components
  7. 7. Commerce Server 2009 Logical ArchitectureAPI can be consumed by a variety of presentation applications or systemsThis business logic layer is exposed via a public API Data sources are leveraged in single business logic layerSQL Server and 3rd PartyServices drive the system
  8. 8. The Value of Commerce Server 2009 Greater Reach, Better Shopping Experience Customized Insight and User Flexibility Experience Reduced Support and costs in Site Extensibility Development
  9. 9. SharePoint 2010
  10. 10. Interacting with Content Contextual Office RibbonCross Browser Support Familiar Office Experience
  11. 11. Advanced Web Publishing Easy Ability to “Skin” website Editing Live preview of pages Embed Rich Media Silverlight AJAX Based Usability Interactions
  12. 12. Mobile Capabilities SharePoint Automatically redirects to mobile versions of its pages Data can be manipulated through Mobile Web Compatible forms Mobile works on publishing web sites as well - ideal for Mobile Commerce
  13. 13. Multilanguage SupportOOB Localizationand Multilanguage Support
  14. 14. The Value of SharePoint 2010 for Public Sites Mobile Capabilities Robust Multi- Content Language Management Support Reduced Enterprise costs in Site Search Development
  15. 15. The Problem The natural progression of building an eCommerce Website:Build Custom Website•User builds a custom website using Commerce Server 2009 (without SharePoint)•User has built a robust custom .NET website from scratch or using OOB starter site Site Runs Great •Site is deployed, site run great. Changes Needed •Business starts requesting imminent changes…changes to content, quick merchandising (quickly put up a fancy page), ability to search the ENTIRE website (not just products), . Frequent deployments •heavy involvement on IT for changes Time Consuming & Expensive Maintenance •Now you must go down to road of finding/building all of these items through expensive 3rd parties or lots of custom code
  16. 16. SharePoint Commerce Services
  17. 17. SCS Logical Architecture SharePoint Sites,Templates, and Web parts boost productivityAPI can be consumed by a variety of presentation applications or systemsThis business logic layer is exposed via a public APIData sources are exposed in single business logic layer SharePoint Data Hooks into Commerce ServerSQL Server and 3rd PartyServices drive the system
  18. 18. The Value of SharePoint Commerce Services SharePoint Commerce Services .NET Framework Multi- Mobile Enterprise Content Management Language Capabilities Search Support Reduced Site Development Extensibility Costs Customized User Experience Better Reach Commerce Server 2009
  19. 19. The Problem - Revisited The IDEAL progression of building an eCommerce Website:1. User a website using Commerce Server 2009 and CSS 2. User leverages existing web parts and a SharePoint based starter to build the website on top of. 3. Site is deployed, site run great. 4. Business starts requesting incremental changes…AB testing, Page Layouts, New Pages, etc. 5. All of the advantages that SharePoint provides users can be leveraged to allow nontechnical users to make these types of changes
  20. 20. SharePoint Commerce Services Components Website Web Parts Fully functional eCommerce Website 30 out-of-the-box web parts Skin using Templates and SharePoint Marketing – Discount Ads, Reviews and Master Pages Ratings, Store Locator Key Capabilities Search – Search Dialog, Search results • Store Locator Orders – Supports entire checkout • Write a review for a product process • View order history and order Catalog – Catalog Browsing, Product status Details, Product Query • Enterprise search (products, Profiles – Supports customer self discounts, help, content pages, service etc.) Administration – WYSIWIG editing product info, Channel Manager
  21. 21. Content Management Demonstration To watch demonstration, please: 1. Pause slideshare presentation 2. Click on 3. When demonstration ends, return to continue slideshare presentation
  22. 22. Licensing: What You Will Need to Consider Commerce • Sold under Per-Processor Model Server • Standard and Enterprise Versions DependenciesSharePoint for • Sold as either Standard or Enterprise Server Windows ServerInternet Sites • No CAL requirements for web-consumers Windows CAL SharePoint • Required for all internal users and creators SQL Server/Client • Sold as either Standard or Standard +Client Access Enterprise CAL, depending on the contentLicense (CAL) being served up to the website • FAST Search Add-Ons • SharePoint Designer (Free)
  23. 23. Questions & Next StepsContact Credera … Email: or Phone: 972.759.1836 Follow us on Twitter: @Credera Content Management Blog: information on licensing, contact Softmart … Email: or Phone: 610.518.4146 (Vince) or 972.335.2181 (Kevin) Complimentary one-on-one licensing consultation available from Softmart
  24. 24. Content Management Appendix
  25. 25. About CrederaOur Company Our People – Full-service business and technology consulting – Credera’s professionals posses a unique firm combination of deep technical expertise with extensive business backgrounds – Provides business and technology solutions that offer measurable value to our clients – Backgrounds include business, technology, and management consulting with some of the most – Delivers value by leveraging our people’s well-known and respected consulting firms in the accumulated industry and management world experience with their deep technical expertise – Have served many influential corporations in a – Established in 1999 variety of industries over the past 20 years – Offices in Dallas, Austin, Denver Sample ClientsOur Services – Management Consulting – Technology Solutions – Business Intelligence
  26. 26. Content Management Demonstration To watch demonstration, please: 1. Pause slideshare presentation 2. Click on 3. When demonstration ends, return to continue slideshare presentation