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Transforming The Malls Into Hi Tech Shopping Hub

Presently, shopping malls are in the need of evolving and re-inventing the shopping experience they yields. Embracing iBeacons, shopping malls can bring a huge transformation in the way customers shop and feel; brands sell & promote, take merchandising decision and increase their score board of revenues.

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Transforming The Malls Into Hi Tech Shopping Hub

  1. 1. Transforming Malls into hi-tech shopping hub
  2. 2. iBeacon Hit The Shopping Malls
  3. 3. The technology is still in CRADLE, but it’s a BIG THING
  4. 4. Is there anyone, who could tell me WHAT IBEACON IS?
  5. 5. iBeacons is a location sensing technology that built on Bluetooth. Beacon is a hardware that transmit the information to the Smartphones on Bluetooth connection.
  6. 6. Standard iBeacon Range is 70 Meter, but it varies depending on different beacon. When a user enters the proximity of the beacon, the messages are triggered on their mobile phones.
  7. 7. In simple words, iBeacon is a super accurate version of GPS services that work in indoors impeccably.
  8. 8. How iBeacons work like? Define the response or message to be triggered by beacon. It is hardware that connect with Smartphone. Receive the information when come in the proximity of the beacon. App owner Beacon Customer App
  9. 9. Why Shopping malls should consider iBeacons?
  10. 10. Take a moment to think…… Do people really ENJOY shopping at malls?
  11. 11. Today, shopping isn’t what it used to be SHOPPING HABITS AND CONSUMER EXPECTATIONS ARE CHANGING Retail Foot traffic is down by 50% in three years from 2010 to 2014.
  12. 12. Today, Customer resists to step inside the mall because • Shopping Experience is monotonous • No Entertainment for all age group of Visitors • Assisted Guidance lacks • Clumsy parking • No way to navigate the indoors
  13. 13. These facts dropping the footfall at shopping outlets
  14. 14. iBeacon can be a game-changer here….
  15. 15. It completely changes the way people shop!
  16. 16. Let’s see how it works in the shopping mall……
  17. 17. Grab Your customer at the entrance & Give them a reason to come in
  18. 18. Offer indoor Navigation functionality to help the customers to locate you
  19. 19. Assists customers to find their favorite Shop/Brands
  20. 20. Guide the customers to get a way around
  21. 21. Provide Right Information at Right time & at Right Place
  22. 22. What else?
  23. 23. The preference of every customer is different
  24. 24. Customer mind is hardwired to seek Happiness, BUT They are super bad in recognizing and predicting what they actually need.
  25. 25. Here Retailer’s Role Comes Into Play To provide what customer actually need, even they have not realized it.
  26. 26. How shopping malls can do it?
  27. 27. Fortunately, Beacons has the answer!
  28. 28. With beacons, You can Measure
  29. 29. The Section where Customers spent most of their time
  30. 30. How long would customer wait In line during checkout?
  31. 31. Quantum Of Customers Accessing the App.
  32. 32. Conversion Ratio of your Mobile Marketing
  33. 33. THERE IS SOMETHING MORE…. An amazing solution that change the way customers shop.
  34. 34. The Beacon Mobile App
  35. 35. Smart parking slots • Handy to find and locate available parking space • Navigation to the nearby parking space
  36. 36. Hungry? Get Venue For Food At Fingertips • Easy to Search the Restaurant or café inside the mall • Either directly Call or find them through navigation
  37. 37. Know About the Latest Offers Every time customers get notified for the recent offers, when they are passing by the different outlets of the Mall
  38. 38. Explore Retail/Fashion Outlets effortlessly • Browse & Search for shops Category wise • Locate the shop through Navigation
  39. 39. Film Shows At Theatre • Locate the Theater through navigation seamlessly • View the Movie shows with schedule • Get the messages regarding the available seats
  40. 40. Get update about Events & News Display Current & upcoming events detail with Date & time. Even, events can be shared on Social Media
  41. 41. The Entire Map Layout Of The Mall In Customer’s Hand An Indoor map shows the route from one Shop to another shop and also displays other point of Interest through this sections.
  42. 42. Let’s make shopping more fun with iBeacons
  43. 43.