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Eleven things to know before selecting a higher education software


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Published in: Education
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Eleven things to know before selecting a higher education software

  1. 1. Top 11 things to know before selecting a higher education software
  2. 2. WILL IT BE HOSTED ON CLOUD ? 1 So there no extra cost for expensive hardware and IT hiring to manage it locally. No fear about data backup and security. WWW.CREATRIXCAMPUS.COM
  3. 3. DOES IT HAVE MOBILE APPS ? 2 WWW.CREATRIXCAMPUS.COM Downloadable iPhone and Android apps for students, professors and admin. View data and reports on the go. Use the mobile to track location map direction and collect data (ex. attendance)
  4. 4. CAN IT BE CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR NEEDS? 3 WWW.CREATRIXCAMPUS.COM The college / Higher Education ERP should have ability to meet your unique requirements. It should allow you to set your own Process, forms, workflow and reports.
  5. 5. 4 WILL IT INTEGRATE WITH OTHER SYSTEMS? The student information system should able to integrate with your existing systems or any other third party systems. It should provide web services and have ability to read web services. WWW.CREATRIXCAMPUS.COM
  6. 6. 5 WHAT IS THE SYSTEM ABILITY TO PROVIDE DATA ANALYTICS ? Big data tool higher education. Dashboard views, customizable reports, charts and more. Ability to create reports and charts on demand without having a programmer involved. WWW.CREATRIXCAMPUS.COM
  7. 7. CAN IT MIGRATE DATA FROM EXISTING SYSTEM? 6 WWW.CREATRIXCAMPUS.COM The system should have ability to import data from existing legacy system without spending lot of time. It should be able map existing fields and migrate data without compromising data integrity .
  8. 8. 7 WHAT KIND OF DATA BACKUP AND SECURITY POLICY IN PLACE? Make sure the system backs-up all your data in a frequent interval. The system should have powerful data security policy in place. It applies to both software and hardware. WWW.CREATRIXCAMPUS.COM
  9. 9. HOW EASY THE SOFTWARE UPGRADE? 8 WWW.CREATRIXCAMPUS.COM The system should upgrade new versions, add new modules without a big down time. Ability to enable and disable modules.
  10. 10. 9 WHAT TYPE OF SUPPORT POLICY IN PLACE? WWW.CREATRIXCAMPUS.COM It is better to understand the type support available in place to avoid surprises. Email, Phone and Ticketing systems. Forums where support questions answered.
  11. 11. Administrators Recruiters IS IT DESIGNED FOR ALL TYPE OF USERS? Management Teachers Professors Faculties Guardians Human Resource Teachers Parents Event Managers Accounts Librarians Staff Placement officers Managers Payment collectors Students Marketing 10
  12. 12. Communication Enrolment Event Management CAN IT HANDLE ALL? Registration Manage Attendance Intelligent reports User based dashboard Views Manage resources Human Resource Leave Management Data Security Mobile Apps Cloud Health Records Discipline records Report Cards Fee Management Assignments SMS Library Transport Hostel Inventory Complaints Exams 11 Website CMS Campus Management
  13. 13. Anubavam LLC For more information please visit Creatrix Campus on Facebook Creatrix Campus on Twitter Creatrix Campus on Pinteresst