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Discipline, behaviours, incident and merit tracker for students


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Tracking the behaviour of the students is a such an important thing to improve their behaviours. The Creatrix Campus student incident tracker allows the schools to manage incidents and issues that takes place effortlessly. The smart mobile app for discipline tracking assists in logging issues and behaviours, bullying, vandalism and other incidents that takes place within and outside the campus.

The smart behaviour management system is well designed to work off of cloud and supported by iPhone and Android behaviour tracking apps.

The merits are tracked based on various input and attendance and good behaviours. Marks can be set for good and bad incidents. The template system allows the staff to send messages to parents easily via email and text messages.

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Discipline, behaviours, incident and merit tracker for students

  1. 1. Discipline, behaviours, incident and merit tracker for students Solving school discipline problems is not an easy work but it can be done and should be done.
  2. 2. An intelligent software to track… discipline… behaviour… incident… merit … Conduct… and more…
  3. 3. The discipline tracker module is carefully designed improve the behaviour of students…
  4. 4. It allows teachers to track incidents through web based system or a smart mobile app
  5. 5. School counsellors and external consultants can run various reports to see incidents and provide The required trainings for students
  6. 6. Alert parents about an incident via email, mobile apps and text messages
  7. 7. Set intelligent rules to gather merits from regular attendance and timely assignment submission
  8. 8. Create email and text message templates use the automatically when there is an incidents.
  9. 9. Mobile app for discipline tracker (iPhone and Android) to track location, take pictures and see past records and so on.
  10. 10. Smart discipline tracker dashboard for teachers, management, counsellors and trainers.
  11. 11. Anubavam LLC For more information please visit Creatrix Campus on Facebook Creatrix Campus on Twitter Creatrix Campus on Pinteresst