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Touristes Créatifs Barcelone


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Touristes Créatifs Barcelone

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Creative tourism:Tourism which offers visitors the opportunity todevelop their creative potential and get closer tolocal people through active participation ininteractive workshops and learning experienceswhich are characteristic of the holiday destinationwhere they are undertaken. Greg Richards
  3. 3. “Creative tourism" is a furtherdevelopment of tourism towardsmore experiential forms ofconsumption, which emphasizespersonal development. Crispin Raymond & Greg Richards
  4. 4. Barcelona Creative Tourism program proposes to « humanize » the relationships between visitors and inhabitants, by using creativity, a universal attribute, as the motive of collaborations between travellers and locals.
  5. 5. “A good way tolearn about acity’s historicalbackground is bydrawing it”. Leah, Broker from NYC. She didn’t want just to visit Barcelona. She registered a drawing class.
  6. 6. “A human castlleis like a family andalso reflects thesociety”Jürgen, a German translator that comes everysummer to be part of the human castles withinthe Catalan traditional festivals.
  7. 7. “It is very enriching to learn from local artists. For first time I’ll bring back more than a “souvenir”, … my own creations!! Alysson (Nevada) and Sarah, (Saudi Arabia) have both come to Barcelona to study the catalan tradition of painting with a local artist.
  8. 8. “ I devote myself professionally to music, in France. In Barcelona, where I regularly stay for long periods of time, I enjoy the music as a source of entertainment and learning opportunities.” Marc, a French musician, discovering new music styles with local musicians.
  9. 9. “out of the seven days thatI’m here, I’m spending five ofthose in ceramic classes. (...)Doing an activity of this kindin a foreign country gives youthe privilege of getting toknow the inhabitants Sussana (The Bahamas), devoted her first stay in Barcelona to make a pottery course.
  10. 10. Modernist buildinginspire us, althoughwe are fully awarethat once back inSweden, our glasspieces won’t shine inthe same way as,unfortunately, it lacksMediterranean light!! Jimmy (Sweden), come to discover the art glass “Modernism” tradition.
  11. 11. “Gaudi and swingdancing were twopowerful reasonsto visit Barcelona!”Olga (Russia), mathematics teacher, she cameto Barcelona to follow a lindy workshop.
  12. 12. “We spend part of our stay sightseeing, as other tourists do, but we also make part of cultural programming of the city, and that’s very exciting! ”
  13. 13. It’s amazing toperform inmonuments youalready know throughpostal cards. Chinese choir
  14. 14. “ it’s a cosy gallery with balks that remind Siberian house villages. My work feel at home here!”Sebastian, siberian priest, cameto Barcelona to exhibit his workand be inspired by Barcelonacreative atmosphere.
  15. 15. • Barcelona urban “it was also a good opportunity to discover Barcelona. It’s a city that has stood out for its great street art artists (…) and urban culture remains very alive.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. For creative visitors eager to ...
  18. 18. ... perform in a great venue,with a great audience ...
  19. 19. ... meet local artists ...
  20. 20. ... Join a cooking, painting or dance class, etc. in Barcelona
  21. 21. Take part in traditionnal festivals
  22. 22. Exhibit inBarcelona
  23. 23. Taylor-made tours,activities and projects.
  24. 24.