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Fernandacs presents ies


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Fernandacs presents ies

  1. 1. The new classroom @fefaromano
  2. 2. The word text derives from theLatin textura (web) which, in turn,comes from the Latin verb, texere(to weave).
  3. 3. @fefaromano
  4. 4. The more I studyThe more I knowThe more I knowThe more I forgetThe more I forget The less I know SO WHY STUDY?
  5. 5. @fefaromano
  7. 7. ONE-TO-MANY
  8. 8. MANY-TO-MANY
  9. 9. More time consuming media...Or what is called entertainment media.8-18 year olds devote over 53 hours/week to entertainment mediaMultitasking means they can fit 10:45 into 7:30 every dayTV+Internet+MobileTV leads, but SNS, Videogames and YouTube are the top activities asthey go “online”Elementary school boys spend twice as much time as girls - 5.5 vs13hrs/week - playing videogamesPreschoolers play for 28 minutes/day
  10. 10. Tell me something and I’ll forget, Show meand I may remember Involve meand I’ll understand.
  11. 11. Online educationIs a $34 billion industryThere are 25K online courses offered in the US aloneAlmost 2/3 of for-profits say online courses are part of their businessplaniTunes U offers more than 350K college lectures and videos from morethan 800 universities including Stanford, Yale and Oxford for free Source:
  12. 12. Internet enabled societyIs an ecosystemWith access to endless contentNo language barriersAnd cultural understandingWe will learn from one anotherWe are alreadyWe will (hopefully) form our own opinionAnd we will give lots back to the generations to come Source:
  13. 13. Obrigada.