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HR Strategic Agenda


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HR has the strategic agenda today. HR needs to focus on strategic processes, which allows the organization to build the sustainable competitive advantage. As HR becomes the business partner, it needs to change the focus from being the service center to the true business partner, which shares the responsibility over the delivery of the business results.

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HR Strategic Agenda

  1. 1. Strategic AgendaHuman Resources Management CREATIVE HRM Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  2. 2. Human Resources:Current Challenges• The western organizations have to compete with the evolving stars from the East; they have to bring innovative products and services; keep costs under a control; they need to protect their know-how• Employees are less loyal, and the coming generation does not believe in career as the sign of the success (Generation Y)• The workforce becomes older, and young talents are not available on the job market• Products and services become more complex, and employees need to be skilled and gain new sets of skills and competencies• Organizations need to introduce new innovations on the regular and timely basis• HR has to add value by addressing challenges and bringing the strategic HR Agenda on the board table Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  3. 3. Strategic Agenda Human Resources CREATIVE HRM Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  4. 4. Human Resources:Strategic Focus Leadership Development Human Performance Sustainable and Advantage Resources Innovation Talent Acquisition Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  5. 5. HR Management:Leadership Development• HR is responsible for setting the framework for the development of new leaders for the organization• HR has to design and maintain succession plans and has to drive the development of successors• Leadership Development secures the position and existence of the organization in the future• Special leadership development programs give access of young talents to the top management; they participate and manage strategic projects of the organization• HR manages and facilitates strategic processes for the selection of the most promising successors• HR finds the best talents and leaders available on the job market Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  6. 6. HR Management:Performance and Innovation• HR has to design the modern performance management system – providing the instant feedback and collecting information for the further development of the organization• The modern PMS, which is not bureaucratic, does support the development of employees, improves performance, facilitates the goal setting process, and does support motivation• Innovations are a key success factor for the modern organization; they allow to beat competitors and gain the additional market share• HR has to influence the corporate culture, as it supports innovations. Innovations do come from heads of employees, and they cannot be paid by any salary Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  7. 7. HR Management:Talent Acquisition• HR has to design the recruitment strategy, which hits the right target groups on the job market.• HR needs to develop the graduate programs for the most talented young talents with no prior or relevant job experience.• HR has to be skilled in social media communication, and has to design the social media strategy for recruitment purposes.• HR has to cooperate with local universities as the best talents can be identified and the job opportunity can be offered.• The corporate social responsibility becomes the important task for Human Resources and the top management. The engagement is valued by young professionals. Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  8. 8. HR Management:Sustainable Advantage• HR has to design the unique system, which connects employees, corporate culture with the business strategy• The sustainable advantage is achieved through the proper implementation of the HR Strategy• Business strategy defines the key imperatives for HR in the organization: – Relevant processes for the talent acquisition – Cost Management procedures – Development of right skills and competencies and closing potential gaps – Building of diverse team, which deliver best ideas and innovations Visit Creative HRM for more information.
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