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How to become a great supervisor?


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The supervisor is the first managerial position in the organization. It is the employee who organises tasks, plans activities, provides the immediate feedback and motivates the small team.

The company trusts the new role will bring a significant productivity increase that pays the costs of the extra layer in the management of the company.

How can I become a great supervisor? It is a first question the first-time manager should ask herself.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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How to become a great supervisor?

  1. 1. How to be a great supervisor? How to succeed in the first managerial role? HR in the Box Presentation,
  2. 2. First Time Supervisor Dilemma
  3. 3. Content • Who is the supervisor? • What skills are required to be a great supervisors? • Download the presentation
  4. 4. Additional Information
  5. 5. Additional Information • You can download the presentation from HR in the Box! • You can find the additional information and presentation here. • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
  6. 6. Who is the supervisor?
  7. 7. The supervisor is: • The lowest managerial role in the organization • The first line manager of the small team • Key Responsibilities: • Planning • Organizing • Task Ordering • Performance Management • Issue Handling
  8. 8. The supervisor: Reasoning • The organization trusts the additional managerial role will improve the performance of the group … forming a team • The organization needs an employee focused on motivation and organizing staff in the team • The supervisor is the first point of contact to handle with employee requests
  9. 9. How to be a good supervisor?
  10. 10. Supervisor: Key Success Factors • Planning and Organizing Skills: Low level planning and task ordering is a must • Performance Management: Immediate performance feedback is a way how to keep team productive • Fairness: Fair approach to all employees (not equal)
  11. 11. Supervisor: Key Training • Communication and Presentation: Building the platform and engagement of the team • Performance Management: How to evaluate the performance of employees fairly • Labor Code: What you can do? What is illegal?
  12. 12. Download and more …
  13. 13. HR in the Box! Want to know more about the Human Resources Management? Visit HR in the Box!
  14. 14. Download the presentation You can download the presentation here (you will need to click like button).