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CreativeUnderworld Workshop

  1. 1. Sense and Cinema Creative Underworlda brand called entertainment [CU] Workshop Introduces Trespassers Welcome
  2. 2. Customized Casting [CU] Workshop Innovative Strategies & Brand Therapy To Give Your Product A Brand Potential ForEntertainment Sector Advertising Sector Education Sector Corporate SectorNGOs & Civil Society
  3. 3. [CU] Concept “Key to understand the world is to Brief Intro : understand the Creative Underworld.” Creative Underworld Workshop is a vertical of Sense and Cinema. The Main outfit was formed in the year 2007 & is a Member of AMPTPP. Relax…now think of Napoleon Hill’s famous As the name speaks ‘Sense and Cinema’ is an statement “Whatever U can conceive and believe Ideologically driven Entertainment Outfit & is the U can achieve.” Brain child of Raaja Jaffrey. Our broader agenda is to establish the self as a Mother Brand in Entertainment sector by The physical being & living, is a Mind Game. The introducing & implementing ‘Cinema b4 Cinema Mind which is yet an unexplored Creative format. Underworld. So how to unlock the mystery ?.. This Our Science of Entertainment says i.e. Cinema is the Key Concept of [CU] Creative Underworld Primarily is the Business of Emotions & to Shelf Workshop Techniques. the Product a Very Mandatory Secondary Stage is Marketing & Calculations. Discover, liberate and live the Self, by creating As an Entertainment Brand Strategist we create awakening moments of spiritual transcendence. full proof dynamic strategy for your cinema & TV CU Workshop is based on the very balancing shows. We aim to build your product a Hot activation of Mind & Body. thus surpassing the Property & talk of the trade & TG, so you get back limits of Conditioned Mind and Revealing the Self a sure ROI. to the Self !
  4. 4. Customized Casting & Grooming : Customized Casting : क्मा औय क्मों? A Customized Principal Casting for Cinema, TV  Being a writer director I myself have faced the and TVCs. problem of unwanted junk candidate rallying in & around the office. [CU] Creative Underworld Workshops for Cinema, TV, TVCs, Corporate, NGO’s and Education  Having an expertise in creative, technical and Sector. actor coaching, I thoroughly understand the casting process & its importance. Personalized Grooming & Coaching in Acting, Voice Culture & Theatre Therapy.  In my casting process I use the ‘RCFT’ right candidate filtration technique. Specific use of Urdu dialect, Poetic Speech & Poetry in physical motion.  After taking the brief, I personally interact with the suitable candidates. Take a manual & then camera audition. Finally I conduct a brief Innovative Strategies & Brand Therapy : workshop session to coach them & prepare them mentally, as you require & then deliver the final Pre to Post Creative Strategy for Cinema, TV & video to you. TVCs.  For film & TV show I conduct exclusive & Campaign Writing & Direction TVCs, Radio, Print, customized workshops through [CU] Creative OOH, Web etc. Underworld workshop techniques In film & Post Film Branding & Tie-ups. Alternative Advertising Campaign Through On Ground activations & In-Vi-Mercials.
  5. 5. Somewhere along the line, there is some thing Customized Casting : क्मों? कसे? ै more…, my job is to find it & get the people accustomed to it. From the very inception of the final draft (shooting script) I prefer to get involve For a 1st hand brief of principal casting requirements for the entire project. having a in-depth practical knowledge of the creative process & character designing my expertise allows me to contribute prominently. My casting process truly fulfills the job of a qualified & experienced casting director, i.e. from filtering the right candidate, auditioning & designing the characters and finally coaching them through unique CU workshop techniques. I aim to deliver the crafted characters which is certainly your vision & a perfect demand of the script.
  6. 6. Creative Underworld A Salute To The Genius [CU] Workshop Trespassers Welcome The Inspirations
  7. 7. [CU] Workshop : The Objective Break Away To uncover the MASK we wear & live in our daily & social life. Prepare the participant to confront the truth & discover the SELF. prepare the participant to find and realize their very own medium of expressions & coach them to Express. Prepare to understand & channelize your Emotional Energy. Prepare you to unlock your condition mind by bringing you in the state of passive readiness. Prepare one to u[CU] Workshop : The Objectivenderstand, realize & delete his/her junk & bias programmings (believes) and renew the system. Prepare U as a new U. confident, open, humble , focused, unbiased & a calm human, sure to win the race today! Unlock! Confront! Discover! Liberate! and Meet a New U!
  8. 8. [CU] In Action : Inside The Workshop [CU] Workshop : The Applications Mathematical-logical The ability to organise thoughts sequentially and Educate To Liberate Workshop logically. A Brand Called U Workshop Verbal-linguistic The ability to understand and express ideas through language. Bodily-kinaesthetic the gaining of knowledge through feedback from [CU] Workshop : The Technique physical activity. Musical sensitivity to tone, pitch and rhythm, and the abilityCreative Underworld [CU] has developed & crafted its to reproduce them.own workshop applications & methodology. Visual-SpatialSimultaneously [CU] imbibes the selective techniques the ability to learn directly through images and todeveloped by the Genius theatre activist and think intuitively without the use of language.philosophers such as – French theatre genius ‘Antonin Inter-personalArtaud’. Polish Theatre genius ‘Jerzy Grotowsky’. the ability to notice and make discriminationsRussian Theatre genius ‘Constantine Stanislawsky’ & regarding the moods, temperaments, motivationsGerman tinker, philosopher & rebel ‘Fredrick and intentions of others.Nietzsche’s selected teachings. Intra-personal having access to one’s own feelings.
  9. 9. [CU] Creative Underworld [CU] : The Leanings  Communication in the mother tongue Educate to Liberate Workshop  Learning to Learn  Interpersonal, intercultural and social competences, and civic competenceWe understand & communicate to the world through  Entrepreneurshiplogical thinking & narrative thinking. The traditional  Cultural expressioneducation system is tied to the former and treats thenarrative arts as a filler rather than a necessity.In Educate to Liberate workshop we prepare a nontextual real self. Theatre and drama in Educationcultivates the imagination, utilising our uniquelyhuman capacity to imagine the real and envisage thepossible. ”...moments of direct experience,transcending mere knowledge, enriching theimagination, possibly touching the heart-soul & over-simplified terms, is the precise function ofEducate to Liberate Workshop”.
  10. 10. [CU] Creative Underworld [CU] : The Leanings A Brand Called U Workshop Reason | will | Imagination | Memory | Intuition| PerceptionRemember that you are a magnificent being with Seeing + Listening + Doing + Experiencing x Repetitionthe most powerful Nervous System that has = Beliefsincredible potential. Potential, beyond measure,that leads me to believe that EVERYTHING is Beliefs + Behavior x Repetition = Habitspossible for U, and that’s what ‘A Brand Called UWorkshop’ deals with!Using the free imagination as a tool for learning &involving higher thought processes that can bring abouta deep penetration of any subject matter underexploration, enriching the acquisition of new knowledgeand concepts. Theatre & Drama is the imagination inaction, the act canalizes the emotional energy inmotion, Identifying & exploring ‘A Brand Called U’!
  11. 11. The thoughts that you hold in your mind affect your body [CU] Workshop : The i Factor Information [its power, gather it] [CU] Workshop : Mind & The Matter Incubation [let your subconscious mind think Our thoughts are real! It’s not just a thought; it’s a about it] material thing, made of energy [they are Illumination [see the answer] Bioelectrical & biochemical impulses] and better yet, Integration [marry it to your circumstances] they are the most potent energy known to us! Illustration [show to the self & others that how the Idea will work] [CU] : Intellect & Theatre Therapy Through Theatre Therapy we rigeroussely work out to [CU] Workshop : The Communication explore & channelize all the possible Emotions. 7 % Words – Verbose In this section [CU] works on Happy-e-Motion [Emotional Intelligence] & Self healing, and we 38 % Voice Culture – Tones, Diction, Punctuation, cover the following areas : Pause, Base, Rhythm, Breath Pattern, Sound Graph, Poetry in Motion. Aggression | boredom | disgust | fear | happiness | Loneliness | rejection | anger | confidence | Enjoyment 55 % Body Culture – Gestures, Postures, Grief | hate | love | sadness | anxiety | depression | Alertness, Relaxation, Command, Aura, Style, Movement. envy | guilt | joy | pride | shame
  12. 12. [CU] Workshop : TGEducation Sector | Entertainment Sector [Film, TV]Advertising Sector | Corporate Sector | NGOs |BPOs | Jail Inmates | Clubs | Civil Society |Communities | Individuals | [CU] Workshop : The RelevanceLet it be any culture & any form of life, Theatrecomes to us as a 1st language the ‘NaturalCommunication’ & is an essential part of our upbringing & education system. in [CU] Theatre workshopthere is no cast, culture, section, division, age, sex,language, barriers & bias. [CU] workshop is the pureside of Imagination in Action! Its an easy to adopt &learn process & is open for all. [CU] Workshop : Age Group 12 Years to 120 Years
  13. 13. Entertainment Sector [CU] Workshop : Modules & Fees  7 days PPW – 2 sessions- 8 hours- Rs 15 thousand Education Sector per day- for principal cast. 7 days basic workshop – 2 hours per session –  15 days POW- 2 sessions- 8 hours – 14 thousand group of 12 to 15 participants - Rs. 20 thousand per day - for principal cast & imp cast. only  POW on Set - Rs 18 thousand – per shift- script 15 days PO Workshop - 3 hours session – base- for entire cast- [outdoor –travelling- loading Saturday-Sunday - 7 hours – 2 session – group –food extra] open – Rs 50 thousand. Excluding Production. 20 days professional PO workshop – 4 hours Corporate Sector session – Saturday-Sunday – 2 sessions – 8 hours -  Saturday-Sunday [CU] Basic workshop – 3 hours- 2 group – open- Rs 11 thousand per participant. sessions – group open- Rs. 18 thousand per 3 month activity workshop –Saturday-Sunday - session. 2 sessions- 6 hours – group-open – Rs 9 thousand  7 days [CU] Special workshop- 2 hours- 2 session- per participant Saturday-Sunday 5 hours- 1 session- group open- 15 days winter-summer- activity – community 14 thousand per session. project workshop- 4 hours session- group open- 9  10 days [CU] premium workshop- 3 hours 1 thousand per participant. session- Saturday-Sunday 3 hours- 2 sessions-Note – [CU] organizes in-house activity club, theme group open - Rs 20 thousand session picnics & the entire year activities. We expertise in Note - [CU] organizes in house functions, cultural designing & directing annual functions, youth events, on ground activations, theme parties, festivals, drama competitions and professional product launch & innovative brandings. theatre shows.
  14. 14. [CU] Workshop : Venue & Props[CU] organizes its activities & workshops within your premise. We require empty hall, conference room or mini auditorium to conduct programs. as per the module & requirement of the workshop we utilize, develop & create properties & masks.[CU] Workshop : Opportunities & AvenuesIn certain workshop modules [CU] provides ‘Senseand Cinema’s’ prestigious certificate to theparticipants. The trained candidates are providedwith free career counseling sessions and can availopportunities in film, TV, Advertising and Stageshows. [CU] provides customized casting to variousproductions and personalized audi-shows, these arethe rare opportunities open for only [CU] workshopparticipants.
  15. 15. Innovative Strategies & Brand Therapy "The best stories dont come from “good For vs. Bad” but from “good vs. Good.” [Leo Tolstoy] Film & TV Sector Let it be any sector, Companies spend considerable resources to ensure that people recognize their films & brands. But the real payoff is achieved when people connect with a brand at a level that transcends recognition and enters their cultural consciousness at an iconic level. And this is what Sense and Cinema stands for. We exist to explore ‘possibilities’ in entertainment brand communication & innovate consistently.
  16. 16. Sense and Cinema : नुस्खे भामा नगयी : Facts at a Glance  How to break-away from star led system & build a self sufficient cinema model. Star System  How to grab the end user’s mind space, रयश्ते भें तो हभ तुम्हाये फाऩ रगते हैं ! where the stars rule. Corporate System  How to experience & sell a never beforeभुनीभ जी, सफ गगयवी यख दिमा अफ अॊगठा ू experienced fresh perspective of cinemaकहाॉ रगाऊ? ॉ  How to make a sensible film project hot Formula Making & salable. हभ अॊग्रेजों क ज़भाने क जेरय हैं. े े  How to reduce the excess cost burden to make your project commercially viable. Change is Knocking  How to create a stopper ad campaign &चर धन्नो… मे तेयी फसॊती की इज्जत का promos to pull the audience in theatresसवार है .. and more.. End User, The Victim Yes!अनाय करी, सरीभ तुझे भयने नहीॊ िे गा औय We Expertise to Deliver the Challengesहभ तुझे जीने नहीॊ िें गे. In Entertainment Sector.
  17. 17. Innovative Viral Commercials  In-Vi-Mercial is a new terminology which defies our nature of work, the actual product we deliver. This is Sense and Cinema not a typical Viral video. From the very ideation to execution, we have packaged it as a futuristic a brand called entertainment format, thus we call it the In-Vi-Mercial.  In-Vi-Mercials are designed & produced to meet your futuristic requirements. They are shot on the high end Digital or film cameras (as required). ItAlternative & Cost Effective begins from web, social media, 3G mobile as a Viral, as soon as it catches the momentum it is converted Advertising into the relative format to make the same a national campaign on TV & Cinemas. Activation & Viral : ApproachInnovative Viral Commercial  To seize Consumer’s attention we use Artistic Gorilla approach, when and where they least expect The Approach it and holding them captive until they’ve absorbed the message. Viral BaBa Gang  Freshness of Idea, appropriateness of medium and the Captivating nature of contents are Sense and Cinema’s mantra to involve the consumer and generate quick ROI and a larger ‘mind equity’.
  18. 18. Viral BaBa Gang Sense and Cinema [CU] ServicesViral BaBa is an interactive advertising & onground activation wing of Sense and Cinema. Branded EntertainmentIt has a highly skilled & well equipped gang of in film & post film branding | film & TV campaignmass communication performers & specialized strategy | film & TV content bank | customizedsegment such as : casting | artist management [CU] WorkshopViral Mustandey | Viral Babes | Viral Amma [CU] workshop & activity club for EducationViral Taoo | Viral Bhabhi | Viral Chhotu | Viral SectorAunty & so on. NGOs, jail inmates | skill workshops for corporate theme picnic tour | school contact programs Activation on ground activation | interactive brand shows | live commercials | lunch break theatre | product launch | cultural event | corporate event Media & AV ad film | corporate film | docudrama | news capsules | packaged news | entertainment news fillers | In-Vi-Mercial
  19. 19. Casper साये भच्छय छ. GKB ससप नज़य नहीॊ,नज़माा बी. ू ा Mahindra CRX हय सफ़य हय सड़क, फेधड़क. SAB TV अम्भाजी की गरी & Brand Campaign. Classic Basmati रम्फा िाना, रज्ज़तिाय खाना. And many more.. rj has written more than 100 ad films for various [CU] : Mentor & CoachHuman. Reader. Observer. Writer. Director.Strategist. Brand Therapist. Poet. Actor. Theatreactivist. Acting Coach. A Creative Leader with 10 + Producers & Brands. As a director he got few knownyears of Expertise & Proven Brand Credentials in ad films in his credential.Advertising, Entertainment and Media. Entertainment - President UTE-India. Member- Film writer’s association. Associate Producer- Sense andAdvertising - Ex Creative Chief - mx advtg. Creative Cinema. Ex Actor- DAT Musical rep, Habib Tavir’s NayaDirector- Swayam & Span communications. Brand Theatre, NSD rep etc.Therapist- GKB Optolabs. Creative Consultant- written, adopted & directed many academy awardO’Positive & Saints & Warriors. winner shows. Conducted workshops in various statesCampaigns - Birla Plus हय ननभााण की जान. for different sectors for educational & social reformation.
  20. 20. Script Bank – Sense and Cinema provides idea led freshcontents for film & TV sector. rj has written 20 filmscripts, 7 ready to execute TV Shows.recently he has penned screen play & dialogues forMuzaffar Ali’s fun comedy. And 2 feature films indifferent genres for K Ravi an Acting Coach & drama instructor rj has beentraining to many new comers & bollywood & TV stars. Media- raaja jaffrey began his career from India Today he is Ex art & culture columnist of Sunday Mail NW. Sense and Cinema [CU] : Connect as a leading journalist he has contributed for – ht ,TOI, Observer, Express & Sahara group. 9172815232 | 9322087479 Presently he is writing his own directorial debut film 2B / 204 Hamara Ghar, Model Town‘Jhumroo Ka India’ . 4 Bungalow, Andheri- w Mumbai- 53