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5 misconceptions about video production


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In this current era, everyone has a Smartphone. And these smartphones now come with stunning video quality and it's still improving day by day. Further detail visit

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5 misconceptions about video production

  1. 1. 5 misconceptions about Video Production
  2. 2. In this current era, everyone has a Smartphone. And these Smartphones now comes with stunning video quality and it’s still improving day by day. It has become really easy to shoot, edit and post videos with the help of these Smartphones.
  3. 3. One video is enough Many marketers make the mistake of putting their entire budget into one video, believing that one good video will be enough and last several years. Instead, a much better option is to produce multiple angles and outlooks of shorter time. It is more intriguing and sustainable to have a couple of 30-90 second videos than to have one 10-15 minute video.
  4. 4. Too much Information, too long video Most people make long videos trying to demonstrate their product or service which is relatively bad idea considering people loses interest in videos that are long. The best videos are concise and short, that takes only 1-2 minutes. People lose interest very easily when the information in the video isn’t worth it. Their mind will begin to trail off after 2 minutes and they will already be considering their next video. So, you must focus on describing the product, its key features and how people can benefit from it and not the procedure on how it will work and what specification does it has.
  5. 5. Too much Information, too long video Planning is a time taking process but it’s always helpful. You need to figure out what the final product will look like and time will its production take. Consider brainstorming on your whiteboard, figure out what graphics will you show, and identify the link between the visuals and what audience sees and hear. You can script your overall video to help you manage all the visuals.
  6. 6. Thinking that Making video is easy It’s easy to record a video from your phones or webcams but it’s nothing compared to a compelling professional and productive video. A professional know the right way, keeps strict deadlines, and get their job done. Professionals have solutions to issues that arise all throughout the production. They are the experts with a creative and unique style that tends to generate and attract high viewer engagement.
  7. 7. Conclusion Video Production is increasing day by day and becoming critical for corporate marketing and businesses. Every second, an hour video is uploaded on YouTube. So, if you are considering making a video to promote your business, look into these 5 misconceptions about video productions before you make the same mistake.
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