Appreciative Inquiry


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An appreciation of the process when deciding to work with others

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  • I wonder how we complement each other, I wonder how we supplement one another, I wonder what wonderful things can come out of this, I wonder what new directions…
  • Appreciative Inquiry

    1. 1. APPRECIATIVEINQUIRYExploring Working Together Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    2. 2.  Consciously seeks to discover people’s exceptionality – their unique gifts, strengths, and qualities. Actively searches to recognize specialties, essence, contributions & achievements. Is based on principles of equality of voice – everyone is asked to speak about their vision of the true, the good, and the possible. Builds momentum & success through a belief in people. Is an invitation to a positive revolution. APPRECIATIVE Its goal is to discover in all INQUIRY human beings the exceptional and the essence. Motto: creating organizations that are in full voice! Exploring Working Together Cooperrider, D.L. et. al. (Eds) , Lessons from the Field: Applying Appreciative Inquiry, Thin Book Publishing, 2001, page 12. Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    3. 3. DISCOVERYOpportunities, Possibilities &Expectations of WorkingTogether Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    4. 4. PRACTICE 1INTRODUCTIONS Include a five-minute  Mission presentation of your  Purpose business and services. If  Market Served possible include  Strengths handouts.  Competencies  Potential for collaboration Individually you should  Potential for collective collaboration appreciatively assess each individual’s  Area’s for clarification business as  Area’s for future explorations presentations are made:  Other Assets Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    5. 5. BRIEFING HOW WE MADE IT TOGETHER?Reflect quietly on this before entering intoconversationWhat story would I like to be telling about how wemade it together.? Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    6. 6.  Scale of mission Scope of mission Passion in mission MISSION Definition? Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    7. 7.  What am offering? How do I want to make a difference? What do I represent? PURPOSE Definition? Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    8. 8.  Who am I offering to? How do I want to make a difference? What will change for them? MARKET SERVED Customers, Clients, Recipients of …? Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    9. 9.  What is unique? What do we have in common? Which strengths do I consciously grow? STRENGTHS An experience, philosophy, or story gives you an opportunity to present yourself. Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    10. 10.  What do you see as your …? The competencies I notice are…? The competencies we have in COMPETENCIES common? Definition? TIP: Tell a story or experience Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    11. 11.  Common? Unique? Philosophy? POTENTIAL FOR COLLABORATION Could we work together as separate services? Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    12. 12.  What could we do together? How can we make a bigger difference? Where can a POTENTIAL FOR merger be COLLECTIVE stronger? COLLABORATION Could we work together on joint service? Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    13. 13.  Complementary ? Supplementary? Creation & Innovation?TIP:Use, I wonder… AREAS FORsentences. CLARIFICATION Question Marks for further Inquiry? Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    14. 14.  What can we offer together? What would be fun to explore? Dreaming expansion? AREAS FOR FUTURE EXPLORATION Looking ahead, if all goes well… Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    15. 15.  Experience? Networking? Services & Resources? OTHER ASSETS ???????????????????? Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    16. 16. CAN IT BE FUN?Adding value! Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    17. 17. DE-BRIEFING WHAT WAS MY EXPERIENCE? Reflect quietly on this after the conversationWhat was the experience like and what is my nextstep? Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,
    18. 18. THE BEST OF BOTH & EVEN BETTER Compliments of Aneesah Bakker,