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CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF CLASSICAL TAMIL (செம்மொழித் தமிழாய்வு மத்திய நிறுவனம்)


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CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF CLASSICAL TAMIL (CICT) is a competitional project for central institute of classical tamil won by us project belongs to Ministry of HRD. The concept blossomed from tamil culture. ‘KOLAM’ – a positive is a symbolic welcoming imprint according to tamil culture. It’s sequential organization of lines to form a sacred pattern around a focal Dravidian architecture, the central focal point was considered as a source of energy.thus an interesting pattern is evolved when you see over all site plan.
This project evolved with totally 5 campus blocks Library and Museum block ,Academic block ,Auditorium block ,Studio and theatre block ,Administration block And separate boys and girls block and staff quarters block.This design was incorporated with most of the new technologies in field of design with preserving and protecting nature.

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