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Evaluation of my development


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Evaluation of my development

  1. 1. During the whole process of creating a music video, I have gained anddeveloped a lot of skills. I have developed my organisational skills as I came to realise thatorganisation is a key skill that is needed no matter what you are doing. Ithink I have gained some skills and knowledge with regards to working acamera and the different types of shots and white balance and howimportant each of these things are in order to create a successful piece.I have definitely developed my research skills as I undertook a lot ofresearch throughout the project. I feel as if I have gained a lot ofknowledge about the history and development of record, the differenttypes and forms of record and recording technology and just thingsabout record generally. My editing skills have also developed as I did alot of the editing for the music video and leant some new techniques. I feel as if my team working skills have developed immensely because Ihave had to do this all as a team and have had to compromise so thateveryone was happy with the outcome. Also I have come to understandthe planning process when producing something like this and havelearnt the importance of documents such as an actors contract andbooking forms, because they play a big part of it. I think that I challengedmyself to think more ‘out of the box’ in order to create a unique andcreative piece of work. It is things like this that make you stand out.Not only that but I have learnt to self-evaluate and to take onconstructive criticism and opinions so that my work can be improvedand pinpoint the good and weaker points of my work.