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  1. 1. The project<br />8.1.3 PROJECT ACTIVITIES<br />Name: <br />Below is a list of some of the key activities that you will need to carry out to complete your project. Consider each one in turn and write down what this will mean for your project and how long you think it will take. Completing this worksheet should help you with Section 4 of your Project Proposal Form<br />ActivityHow I will do this for my projectHow long will I needGenerating IdeasIn order for me to generate more ideas for my project, I will look at other examples of survival guides and interpret some of their ideas into my own guide.To do this, I will need atleast a couple of weeks to come up with the steps.Action PlanningI will do this through brainstorms, spider diagrams etcThis will only take a couple of days to do so.ResearchI will use the internet and other primary sources to find out what I need to knowThis will only take a maximum of a week.Pre-ProductionThe planning process is important for the guide and I will be blogging all of my work for itThis may be a time consuming process so I will need atleast a month to do this in order to be prepared for production.ProductionI will do this through intensive filming sessionsI will need atleast 2-3 productive weeks for this.Post-productionThis will be done through editing using iMovie and the help of Callum MackintoshThis will take about a week.EvaluationI will do this by getting other people to watch my guide and give a brief review of it. I will also review my own workThis will take a couple of days to do so.<br />