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  1. 1. Creative and Media: Level 2 Higher Diploma Unit 6: Festival Level 2 Higher Diploma Creative and MediaUnit 1: Scene6.1.1 Investigating festivalsStudent Book pp 176–85 Investigating festivals 1) Examine promotional materials (brochures and/or website downloads) from a number of contrasting festivals and complete the table below. You will need to: a) enter the name of each festival you are investigating b) note the type of festival e.g. film, music, general arts c) look for details of the aims and/or artistic policy of each festival d) give examples of the types of events included in the festival programme (include 2– 3 examples of specific events) e) consider who the target audience for the festival might be.Name of festival Type of festival Artistic policy or Programme Target audience aims contentThe V Festival Music festival Predominately Contains a variety There target rock music but a of performances audience is for wide-range of from different people who enjoy genres are music groups. live music accepted. performances from different genres.Glastonbury Contemporary To encourage and Pop music, dance People over theFestival performing arts stimulate youth music, jazz, folk age of 25 however culture from music, fringe younger around the world theatre, Drama, individuals are in all its forms mime, circus, welcome. cinema, poetry and all the creative forms of art and design including painting, sculpture and textile art.Baishakhi Mela Music and dance Celebrating the Contains musical It is aimed at the festival Bengali new year; and cultural Bengali to bring the events; also community in the Bengali there’s a UK however community procession that welcomes people © Pearson Education Ltd 2008. Copying permitted for purchasing institution only. This material is not copyright free. 1
  2. 2. Unit 1: Scene Creative and Media: Level 2 Higher Diploma Unit 1: Scene together to takes place which of other celebrate. includes dancing nationalities. and musicNotting hill Music and dance To celebrate the Consists of a road Their maincarnival festival Caribbean culture procession with audience is the and Caribbean music, dancing Caribbean Diploma Level 2  Information Technology people in general. and vibrant community but costumes which welcomes people starts on Great of other races. Western Road, Chepstow Road, Westbourne Grove and then Ladbroke Road.The Holi Festival Festival of colours To celebrate a Throwing of This festival is religious legend coloured powder aimed at Hindus as and to “rejoice in and coloured it is a religious the love and water and lighting festival but devotion of the of a bonfire. welcomes other supreme being.” people to them.2 © Pearson Education Ltd 2008. Copying permitted for purchasing institution only. This material is not copyright free.