HES2010 winning strategies for engagement in healthcare


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2009 was a year in which healthcare engagement took some giant leaps forward. By the start of the year, platforms for digital engagement had matured to the point where it was possible to reach and engage with a wider community of health stakeholders than ever before.

This document outlines the winning strategies for engagement in healthcare.

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HES2010 winning strategies for engagement in healthcare

  1. 1. HealtHcare engagement Strategy 2010 Winning strategies for engagement in healthcare www.engagementstrategy.com
  2. 2. Be inspired announcing the winners of the Healthcare engagement Strategy awards 2010 If you are in any kind of leadership role in a healthcare 2009 was a year in which healthcare improving healthcare through Finally, it is an absolute privilege engagement took some giant leaps engagement. for me to name the winners of the company or organization, you will know just how much is forward. By the start of the year, Healthcare Engagement Strategy Not surprisingly, it is in digital changing about healthcare engagement. It’s an exciting, platforms for digital engagement media that we saw the majority of Awards 2010. had matured to the point where it yet challenging time of opportunity for those who discover was possible to reach and engage nominations and finalists. But it’s Best Hospital or Clinic worth noting that the most effective how to make the most of today’s engagement platforms. with a wider community of health engagement – digital or otherwise Winner: Mayo Clinic stakeholders than ever before. – was from those who took a fairly Best Patient Community Daniel Ghinn that’s why we launched the Healthcare engagement It was also a year of much ‘old school’ approach of honesty Winner: TuDiabetes Strategy awards this year, and I’m delighted to be able to challenge in healthcare and straight talking. Credibility, it engagement. At the start of the seems, never goes out of fashion Best Health Issue Awareness introduce this rich collection of strategy insights from all year, the US FDA wrote to no amongst patients. Campaign of this year’s winners. Whatever your role in healthcare less than ten pharmaceutical Winner: Skcin’s Computer Tan When we designed the process companies warning them about the Campaign engagement, I hope you will be inspired and envisioned for the Healthcare Engagement way they were using paid search. Strategy Awards, we wanted to Best Integrated Engagement by these stories from hospitals, charities, pharmaceutical Some responded by becoming create a new kind of award. One very cautious about their digital Strategy companies and patient networks that are truly achieving engagement, whilst others took the that would recognise outcomes Winner: Get Real. Get a Prescription in improved healthcare through better health outcomes through engagement. opportunity to find credible ways engagement, and would leave Best Engagement Through Video of engaging online. The FDA’s behind a legacy of insights for Winner: Johnson & Johnson Health public hearing on social media in others to learn from. Our hope is November brought together some Channel on YouTube that by identifying and sharing of the most passionate debate these strategic insights, we can Changing Healthcare Award about social media in healthcare Daniel ghinn inspire others to build on them Winner: PatientsLikeMe Editor, HEaltHcarE EngagEmEnt StratEgy and the regulator’s role. and achieve even better outcomes dirEctor of digital EngagEmEnt, crEation HEaltHcarE daniel.ghinn@engagementstrategy.com Outside of the United States, whilst through healthcare engagement People in Healthcare Engagement some in healthcare complained in 2010. We have also named four people at the constraints placed on them who brought significant change to For each of the winners below, we by regulators, others brought healthcare engagement in 2009. have written a brief report on what together their legal, medical and Watch these if you want to learn makes them special that I hope will engagement specialists to find new how to make a real difference! serve not only as a celebration of opportunities to engage in the ever- their achievements, but as a guide changing world of digital media. Winners: Lee Aase; Manny for others to learn from. For those So now, we are excited to who wish to learn more in-depth Hernandez; Marc Monseau; announce the winners of the strategic insights from analysis Andrew Widger Healthcare Engagement Strategy of our finalists, and to apply them Awards 2010. The selection process to their own roles in healthcare has led us all around the world, organizations, we’re running a from Australia to Asia, Europe to series of special events in the USA the USA. Our international judging and Europe.For those who prefer a panel, to whom I owe a huge debt more personalized analysis, we are of thanks for their intelligent and also running a number of in-house constructive analysis, has reviewed events where you can envision your and discussed campaigns from all colleagues with a seminar at your corners of the healthcare landscape. own premises. Please do get in It’s been an incredible journey of touch if you would like to set one of discovery that has led us to select these up. the winners for achievements in 1
  3. 3. Best Hospital or clinic Best Patient community mayo clinic tuDiabetes Treating more than half a million Mayo Clinic. Since the podcast was collaboration amongst the extensive At the heart of the vision behind patients a year from its clinics published, it has been heard 20,000 team of specialists allows teams to TuDiabetes is a simple goal: to across the US, you might times and Mayo Clinic has received be created around patient needs. provide a platform for people expect Mayo Clinic to know letters from people who have touched by diabetes to connect. And if you wonder whether Mayo something about patient needs. visited from all around the US, after The social network websites at Clinic might just rest on its laurels What impressed us especially listening to the podcast and finally www.tudiabetes.org and Spanish for a moment, forget it. Lee told about Mayo Clinic’s healthcare finding somebody who recognises version at www.estudiabetes.org, run me of a current pilot aimed at engagement is that it has gone and will treat their condition. by The Diabetes Hands Foundation, improving the outcomes for far beyond the natural reach of its do just that – with almost 20,000 Lee explained that patient patients from their first visit to a physical clinic locations to improve members between them spanning engagement has moved from specialist. He said that physicians healthcare for patients all around the globe, they form a highly active short-form audio content used for had found that they often spend the world. community of people joined by a radio broadcasts to longer, podcast a lot of time with patients on Mayo Clinic takes a proactive content. In the last 8 months, the their first visit going over the common medical condition. approach to engaging patients on Clinic has launched an online radio same information. In the pilot, In a recent conversation with Manny healthcare issues that matter to show, Mayo Clinic Medical Edge video content is used to provide Hernandez, Founder of TuDiabetes, them. Examples of engagement Weekend, combining specialists information to dental patients he told me why TuDiabetes is across a mix of integrated channels talking on radio with input from before their first visit, so that more all about connecting people. A include shows on Mayo Radio, a patients via email and Twitter. Lee specialist care can be achieved diabetes patient himself, his vision radio show streamed online, where said that this approach simply on that first visit. This pilot is for the social network emerged after people can tweet in questions that builds on something that started ongoing and Mayo Clinic will be he personally experienced the value are answered on air. twenty years ago as a call-in show, assessing how this helps patient of being able to share experiences but the Internet platform now and provider satisfaction. I asked Lee Aase, Mayo Clinic’s with others through a support group allows engagement with patients Manager for Syndication & Social Lee’s advice for others setting out for an insulin pump he was using. anywhere. Planned show topics Media, about this innovative to engage more effectively using He saw the benefit of being able to are announced via a blog, and channel for two-way engagement. emerging channels is to develop share experiences and learn from questions are submitted by patients He explained how the Clinic’s a personal familiarity with social others, and was able to help others from all around the world via engagement has evolved step by media before applying it in the who had only just started using the Twitter. The radio show then goes step, building on the availability of workplace. He encourages taking pump he had been using for a year. out online, again available to an expert content: the time to understand the ways international audience. “We knew that it was valuable to patients have when connecting with improved treatment or ultimately of social media “so that you don’t “It is really helpful when you have connect with patients, and when a healthcare professional, Hernandez better health. He talks about Expert content is used extensively end up with faux-pas that would be some of world’s leading experts on you insert a social networking says it’s complimentary: examples where patients have to support other online engagement embarrassing to your organization a particular condition. If you can platform like Ning underneath that, been misdiagnosed as having type channels too. Specialist therapeutic and hinder adoption.” “Communities like ours are not out have them talk for 10 or 20 minutes you multiply the ability to make 2 diabetes and discover through area blogs, such as the Clinic’s stress there to substitute but rather to on a topic, that is highly valuable Lee also points out the value connections possible between management blog which is packed TuDiabetes that they may in fact to patients or their families who of training your subject matter compliment the interactions with with content from Mayo Clinic’s patients, and eliminate the physical have type 1 diabetes. This enables are looking for the kind of in-depth experts to engage effectively, and your medical team. No amount of oncologists, are open to – and barriers“, says Hernandez, going on them to ask for specific tests from information that previously was not empowering them to do so. It is patient advice can be a substitute receive – comments from readers. to explain how TuDiabetes makes their doctor or to be referred to a possible to get.” surely this combination of social for [the advice] you receive it easier for people in rural areas or specialist so that they can get the And the Clinic does not only media experience and expert from your medical professionals. Making this kind of content available countries with access difficulties to correct treatment. engage through its own platforms. subject knowledge that has made However, there can be a number as podcasts provides a resource that reach out. Mayo Clinic’s Facebook page, Mayo Clinic so successful at of experiences by interacting with This kind of real health outcome goes far further in reach than the with over 11,000 fans, is full of engaging patients in an educational, Hernandez explains that diabetes other patients that even the most for patients is what we love about Mayo Clinic would have before. This comments from, and dialogue with, relevant way. And it is this approach tends to be a ‘closet condition’ and committed medical team will not be TuDiabetes. Hernandez says there is especially effective in engaging facebook users. that earns Mayo Clinic the well people often find it difficult to be able to offer.” are many examples of patients’ lives patients about rare diseases. Mayo deserved Healthcare Engagement open about it. By making it easy for being improved through what they gives an example of a podcast about Lee also told me about Mayo Hernandez explains that there have Strategy Award 2010 for Best patients to connect with thousands of learned as part of the network: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Clinic’s use of social media been many cases where members Hospital or Clinic. other people they can relate to easily, Syndrome (known as ‘POTS’) – a internally, where employees have learned new things about their “We have a lot of testimonials from TuDiabetes has enabled patients condition primarily affecting teenage are engaged on how to apply condition through TuDiabetes, have people who describe specifically to open up. Asked how he feels 2 girls, which is often misdiagnosed as stress by doctors outside the the Clinic’s strategic themes to their role and work, and where this compares with the experience gone on to read more, ask their doctor, and gain a better diagnosis, how they’ve been able to reduce their haemoglobin A1C number 3
  4. 4. from a higher place to a number in the 6’s or sometimes in the 5’s – that’s practically normal, non- exercise for 14 minutes, test again, and report on the experience. According to Hernandez, approximately Best Health Issue awareness campaign diabetic A1C… by simply participating with others Skcin’s computer tan campaign 80% of the 2,000 people who participated reported a with diabetes who are doing things differently, then drop of around 20 points, just with 14 minutes of activity. going back and discussing with their doctors and He says that many people were shocked to discover incorporating new things into their therapy.” that was possible: “It was a very powerful community If you’re a patient with diabetes using the Internet, it’s moment, and a way to emphasise the value of exercise highly likely you will at least stumble across the work of through the community.” TuDiabetes somewhere online. That’s because the social In contrast to many of the rich In the run up to World Diabetes Day, TuDiabetes ran network activity is not limited to TuDiabetes’ own website, engagement strategies we’ve the Making Sense of Diabetes program, which was highlighted in the Healthcare but integrates with other social media platforms too. sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. Engagement Strategy Awards, Whilst this affects membership of the central network, Each week of October was dedicated to a different computertan.com is a very simple, Hernandez says that interactions between people sense. Members were invited to submit a video of directly engaging campaign. The touched by diabetes on TuDiabetes’ other platforms concept is straightforward: raise such as Facebook or Twitter have also grown: life with diabetes through that sense, with winners awareness of the dangers of skin announced for each week. At the end of the process, “Interactions between people that are seeking cancer through overexposure to in time for World Diabetes Day, a compilation video of information or support – in this realm or with other UV rays; reach those most at risk of winners was launched. UV overexposure by luring them to kinds of conditions, chronic or not – is going to All these great community moments are the highlights take a free trial of ‘a revolutionary happen wherever it is most convenient for the person. of a lot of hard work that goes in to running TuDiabetes. new online tanning service’. Then And it may be as part of a comment in a video, or I asked Manny Hernandez what advice he would give instead, give them hard truths about in a conversation between people in Twitter, or in a skin cancer. comment wall on a Facebook page. It’s important to others looking to create a successful patient community online. His advice was highly practical: It’s all delivered in a highly creative, acknowledge that, in order to not beat yourself over fun and engaging way. The website trying to drive traffic in a certain direction. We now see it • It’s critical to have at the helm of the community, at computertan.com reassures in a more holistic way.” running the community, people that are directly with this. The campaign was to reach a further 180 countries, visitors that this is a safe alternative impacted by it. Because the kind of passion you have particularly aimed at a younger and that there has been a “huge This kind of integrated social media approach is evident to sunbeds, and offers the free audience, and teenagers, who use response” from traditional media in in some of the most effective engagement activities when you live with it on a daily basis goes a long way. trial. Shortly into the trial session, and interact with the web. They those countries too. TuDiabetes carried out in 2009. When members of the screen changes to reveal the • It’s quite a bit of work, running a community. It’s not seem to be less knowledgeable or message “DON’T BE FOOLED. UV Key lessons learned by Skcin the English and Spanish communities were invited to just about setting up a website and letting it run – you concerned about cancer in general, EXPOSURE CAN KILL followed by ”, through the campaign were related participate in a mass blood sugar testing event – testing need to be on top of it. You need to nurture it, and and are really unaware of the five gruesome images of skin cancer to the success of their approach. their blood sugar and then sharing the result via Twitter, make sure it stays on track. dangers of UV tanning.” and a statement that five people Clifford feels that the creative ’spoof’ over 10% of members worldwide took part. Clifford says that the campaign’s approach was what gained the huge • You need to define what ‘on track’ means for you. You per day die of skin cancer in the UK. “It was a huge community moment because testing need to define what the guiding principles are for your Users of the website are then invited extensive reach was helped by reach, and says they were very your blood sugar is a very personal moment, a very to send the spoof to their friends. the way that traditional media lucky to have had creative agency community (and they may be very different from one Clearly, many people accepted the responded to the campaign: McCann Erickson working with them, individual moment“, says Hernandez. “And it was community to another). The first time that you need to invitation – to date the site has been who came up with the spoof idea. interesting to see people’s reaction to the initiative. take a hard decision, it helps if you have some clear “The press absolutely loved it, visited over 1.5 million times. Diabetes removes control, and we saw lots of people rules that you are expecting people to follow. jumped on it straight away. It went She also says that the Internet is share – the majority in the normal range, but some high I asked Kathryn Clifford from Skcin, hand in hand. It was televised so a great way to achieve this kind • Have a clear vision of how you want the community the charity behind the campaign to much; it was in [UK newspaper] The of exposure. “The web is a great values and some low values. And we saw people very to be. It is extremely gratifying when after a few raise awareness of skin cancer, who Sun, with 8 million readership. In way of doing it. It’s far more cost- respectfully saying, why do you think you might have years, you see that the community has continued to the campaign aimed to engage. fact, because of that we’ve formed effective, and it’s quantifiable; you that high value, or, go treat that low as soon as you can, blossom and help others. She explained why the channel and a fantastic relationship with The know how many people have got and people sharing.” creative format was perfect for their Sun now, who in their words are your message. And it’s the way to TuDiabetes, for your outstanding work achieving On World Diabetes Day on 14th November, TuDiabetes target audience: on a ‘crusade’ with Skcin to raise go when you’re trying to reach a real outcomes for patients with diabetes and your awareness of skin cancer. So that’s a younger audience.” ran ‘the Big Blue Test’ and invited several other constant innovation in social media, we award you “[We were engaging] people who diabetes communities to participate through their own direct result – without this campaign Healthcare Engagement Strategy Award 2010 for love to be tanned; in particular “Skcin was formed to significantly members, on their own communities. People with we would not have had that. UV tanning, and in particular raise awareness, and that’s what Best Patient Community. Because of the spoof and the very diabetes were asked to test their blood sugar, then sunbed users, and those with little this campaign did“, concludes nature of it, it really did get talked knowledge of the dangers of being Clifford. We agree. And for that, we about and raised more awareness, overexposed to UV, and those who award the Computer Tan Campaign, which is still going on now.” are prepared to go to any lengths Healthcare Engagement Strategy to get a tan. You can get through to Media response extended well Award 2010 for Best Health Issue a lot of these people through blogs beyond the UK too. Clifford says Awareness Campaign. and websites because people are that the worldwide nature of the 4 really heavily connected online Internet allowed the campaign 5
  5. 5. Best Integrated engagement Strategy get real. get a Prescription One of the things we like about “It should be remembered that while Finally, Widger offers three pieces of advice that others can learn from the ‘Get Real. Get a Prescription’ this campaign seems simple – a Pfizer’s strategy: campaign is the way health ’shocking’ visual representation 1. “Be brave – if a message is worth delivering, it is worth investing in the stakeholders concerned about of the dangers, as a hook to time to be creative. patient safety in the UK worked in encourage people to find out more – partnership to educate consumers it is firmly rooted in evidence from a 2. “Be prepared – if you want people to take notice, and discuss your about the risk of buying medicines variety of sources, and validated by campaign and its messages, you need to be prepared to let them do online through unregistered in-house medical colleagues, legal so, and you need to be ready to offer further guidance, or respond to pharmacies. counsel, and partner regulatory enquiries, or offer support to people and groups who want to join in – for organisations. This provided an example, we didn’t expect a local police force to adopt our materials. The result of this collaboration important basis for the campaign 3. “Be future proof – develop resources that can grow, change, or be between Pfizer, UK government to push boundaries, in terms of repurposed as your campaign gains momentum. For example, our web regulator the MHRA, the Royal memorable creative and the use assets have all been designed for future growth; while the video advert Pharmaceutical Society of Great of new channels and techniques, has been created in such a way that it can quickly be translated and Britain (RPSGB), and patient groups while being assured that any repurposed for other markets. Consequently assets from the Get Real like HEART UK and the Patients’ criticism could be met with robust, campaign have reached audiences in the Netherlands and Israel to date, Association, was a hard-hitting evidence based justification.” and plans exist for use in other countries.” advertisement shown first in cinemas and then, after an initial analysis of Widger also explained that the For its integration of multiple online and offline communications channels, effectiveness, on UK television. campaign had to embrace two- an excellent partnership between a pharmaceutical company, regulators, way engagement. “We learned and patient groups, and for the results of intelligently tackling an Internet- The advertisement was backed that such a campaign could not based patient safety issue online, ‘Get Real. Get a Prescription’ is by digital resources to intercept illicit medicine purchases are of people polled on the campaign simply be ‘one way’ – and factored awarded Healthcare Engagement Strategy Award 2010, Best Integrated consumers’ response. Online, the conducted via the web, and through website said that the campaign had in time and resource to respond to Engagement Strategy. campaign tackled the counterfeit the web site we were able to direct improved their understanding of the enquiries from the public, and other websites head-on with a paid search consumers in the way we set out to, issues, and would change the way interested parties as the campaign campaign that intercepted searches explain more about the campaign, they buy medicines. kicked off. This in itself can often for online pharmacies and directed and employ a variety of strategies The campaign was supported by be seen as a challenge in the Internet users to a website where to try and intervene directly in that extensive offline advertising using highly regulated pharmaceutical they could find resources to help online illicit ‘patient journey’ and TV, press, outdoor, and through industry, but is an essential part them buy medicines online safely. ultimately try and change behaviour.” a far-reaching media relations of maintaining and validating our In a year when pharmaceutical The UK-focused campaign has campaign. Meanwhile, online engagement strategy.” companies were treading very reached stakeholders across every advertising included a partnership The campaign’s integration carefully when it came to digital aspect of healthcare, providing with The Sun, and search with social media channels also advertising, we like the way Pfizer resources for patients and carers, advertising designed to intercept required flexibility, as Widger innovatively used paid search to healthcare professionals, and patients looking for medicine online. explains: achieve an important patient safety pharmacists, as well as integrating Overall, Widger says the online outcome in the UK. with resources from the MHRA and activity has reached 8,796,858 “We learned a lot about how RPSGB. Widger says that campaign unique users. different tactics can be used, I asked Andrew Widger, Associate elements have also been adopted and which are more effective at Director, Communications UK/ I asked Andrew Widger what lessons and distributed by NHS Trusts, delivering different messages and Europe at Pfizer, about the online have been learned through the regional Police Forces in the UK, results; and that it is important to component of the campaign. He campaign. He said there are many and major pharmacy chains as well be flexible, and appreciate that the told me why it was important: learnings, including the way that the as independents. community may ‘run away’ with campaign was supported by Pfizer “Working online itself was an your campaign – such as through The campaign has some great medical and legal colleagues, and important element, as evidence discussing it and sharing it through tangible outcomes, too. In the first partner regulatory organisations: shows that a high proportion of Twitter, copying and reposting the three weeks of the campaign, 62% 6 video to YouTube.”
  6. 6. Best engagement through Video Johnson & Johnson Health channel on youtube Rob Halper, Director of Video corrects itself. If somebody says, Communication for Johnson ‘bipolar doesn’t exist, you’re all & Johnson, knows just how crazy!’ then somebody will say ‘yes important video is in engaging it does, and if you had a loved one people about health. in this situation then you would understand’”. “YouTube is the second largest search engine“, he says. And it’s Rob says that an important aspect true: YouTube has been the second of the Channel’s healthcare largest search engine in the US – engagement is its ability to help surpassed only by Google – for patients and their caregivers know over a year now. So it’s no surprise they are not alone. that the Johnson & Johnson Health “Based on the comments, some Channel has achieved almost 1.5 people are in a situation let’s say million video views since its launch where they are a caregiver for in August 2008. someone with Alzheimer’s… there’s And it’s not simply the number an appreciation just to know that of views that impressed us. The there’s other support out there, J&J Health Channel is used for as people are looking for other proactive engagement – it follows patients or people who have shared others, and makes regular updates their experience.” and comments. Now, it’s easy I asked Rob what advice he to use video for broadcasting would give others embarking on messages – we see this all the a YouTube Channel healthcare time amongst healthcare and engagement strategy. His response pharmaceutical organizations. was to share the most useful But this channel is also open to lessons he he’s learned from his comments, and some videos do experience so far: have a lot of comments! 1. Keep the content fresh There are many in the world of healthcare who are still wary of 2. Monitor comments every day, on engagement in the kind of open, a regular basis two-way dialogue seen in the 3. Be open and honest. If you make J&J Health Channel. And that’s a mistake, or offend somebody, understandable – the Channel take responsibility for it. includes some down-to-earth and blunt comments. Rob Halper 4. Don’t try to sneak in a says he reviews them all, and has commercial message without had to remove some of the more being transparent about it. offensive comments, but he says 5. Remember it’s a living organism he does not necessarily delete – it’s not something that’s static. comments that disagree with what You have to get your hands dirty. the company is publishing: And it’s fun! “It’s an open forum, except Johnson & Johnson, we are for inappropriate or off-topic delighted to award you Healthcare comments”, he says. “And what Engagement Strategy Award 2010 I’ve found is that the community for Best Engagement Through Video. 8 9
  7. 7. changing Healthcare award People in Healthcare engagement Patientslikeme lee aase, manny Hernandez, marc monseau, andrew Widger “One of the things we are attempting information that can be gained These were the most exciting people in healthcare engagement in 2009 – people who brought significant change to to do is to put the patient back in the when thousands of patients share healthcare engagement. centre of healthcare“, says Heywood. information about their experiences We haven’t ranked these four winners – they’re here for different reasons but they’re all making a real difference and “The first thing that means is giving and treatments. they’re already inspiring those around them. Watch these if you want to learn how to make a real difference! them the information that they need Heywood is cautiously optimistic – not the information that’s defined about how this information might Lee Aase Manny Hernandez Marc Monseau Andrew Widger by the healthcare industry… but the change healthcare in the long term. information that the patient needs Lee Aase’s down-to-earth Not only the visionary Marc has led much of Nominated by a “This isn’t a controlled clinical trial; to answer their question: ‘Given my attitude to social media founder of TuDiabetes Johnson & Johnson’s colleague “for embedding this is an evolutionary platform that’s status, what’s the best outcome I has allowed him not and the Diabetes Hands pioneering use of social media deep into continuously trying to measure can hope to achieve, and how do I only to lead the way with Foundation, Manny plays digital engagement the heart of comms better and better, human health”, he get there?’. That defines what we do.” Mayo Clinic’s healthcare a hugely proactive role in healthcare, and he strategies across the says. He sees potential for the data PatientsLikeMe is a patient to be used in the clinical research engagement in his role as in engaging diabetes always seems happy to business”, Pfizer’s Andrew community like no other. In space, but says there are barriers Manager for Syndication patients and members share what he’s learned Widger is an advocate It’s not the fact that PatientsLikeMe fact, it is a collection of patient to overcome. “We know there’s a and Social Media, but to of the TuDiabetes and with others. Amongst his for the company’s has a community of 50,000 patients communities. Heywood says that hurdle as a healthcare professional, inspire many others in his estudiabetes social peers in healthcare, he increasing success with that wins it this Award. It’s not the as PatientsLikeMe grew since its coming to… this information field to learn from him. networks. We consider is considered a leading digital engagement, incredible way it grew a community launch four years ago, he and his that’s collected through shared him to be single- light in the battle to move proactively encouraging In his spare time, Lee runs of almost 10,000 Fibromyalgia team learned that there was really experiences. …We have a long way handedly the most the industry forwards in the embedding of Social Media University patients in 2009 – with over 850 not much in common between the to go to achieve full acceptance of influential and engaged the use of the Internet to digital strategies into Global – a resource blog more joining in just the first three information needs or measurement this data.” patient advocate in this engage people. communications where he educates others weeks of 2010. It’s not even the fact paradigms of patients with diseases digitally-connected world. initiatives and inspiring his Advice for others? Heywood has two by sharing knowledge that 10% of US patients diagnosed as diverse as Parkinson’s, MS and colleagues to do the same. key points: about social media. Through his passion with MS, and 20% of ALS patients, depression. 1. Health data is individual, so doing for social media and in join PatientsLikeMe. “I think our platform is significantly particular the Ning social something meaningful with it is a PatientsLikeMe wins the Changing better than it was when we started, but network tool, authoring challenge. It’s not simply about Healthcare Award for being the really we’ve just only started on that Ning for Dummies, Manny adding IT to healthcare. engagement strategy most likely journey“, says Heywood, referring to has influenced many to change healthcare. In fact, don’t the changes that had to be made to 2. Start by aiming to solve an both inside and outside take it from us. Ask one of the keep all patients at the centre. individual patient’s problem; then healthcare to create and members who responded to a solving two patients’ problems; Amongst the direct outcomes for grow social networks. recent PatientsLikeMe user survey: before solving the whole PatientsLikeMe’s members are the 21% of them said they had changed community’s problems. Otherwise, effects of enabling patients to find their physician as a result of being it becomes too big a challenge. others with similar conditions. on PatientsLikeMe. PatientsLikeMe, for taking the power “For patients and caregivers, we “We’ve probably got more attention of a patient network and using it to are there every day, making a than we deserve, for where change healthcare for patients right difference. I can see it every day – we’re at“, says Ben Heywood, now, we award you the Healthcare we have this stream internally of PatientsLikeMe Co-Founder and Engagement Strategy Award 2010, anecdotes of people talking about President. It’s not the only time Changing Healthcare Award. And how it’s changed their lives“. In during my conversation with him we know there’s more still to come! PatientsLikeMe’s recent member that he plays down the scale of survey, 85% of respondents said that what PatientsLikeMe has achieved. they felt better about themselves “We’ve only just barely scratched because of recognition from others the surface of the journey“. These that their condition is real. are the words of a man who has And the potential long term seen the immense possibilities that outcomes for healthcare are emerge when healthcare becomes incredible. Browsing any of truly patient-centered, but knows PatientsLikeMe’s communities there’s still a huge task ahead. provides a glimpse of the 10 11
  8. 8. What will you do next? If you would like to improve your health outcomes through engagement, creation Healthcare can help. Our ‘Discovery’ approach enables you to develop an informed engagement strategy, envision colleagues, plan for outcomes and measure results aligned with business objectives. It’s easy to get started. For a confidential discussion about how we could help you, call us on +44 (0)207 812 6474 and ask for Daniel ghinn. Or find out more about what we’re doing in your part of the healthcare world, at www.creationhealthcare.com. 12 13
  9. 9. Discover how digital engagement is changing healthcare. Subscribe to the e-journal for healthcare business leaders and communicators at www.engagementstrategy.com Healthcare engagement in a digital world Healthcare engagement Strategy is published by creation Healthcare, the engagement consultancy for healthcare organizations worldwide. www.creationhealthcare.com