Creation Healthcare and Creation Pinpoint - An introduction


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Creation Pinpoint is a unique service developed to provide insight into the conversations and concerns of healthcare professionals around the world. In this presentation, learn about the history of Creation Healthcare, the company behind Creation Pinpoint, and find out how this service may benefit your healthcare communication needs.

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Creation Healthcare and Creation Pinpoint - An introduction

  1. 1. Research Training Consulting Creation Healthcare An introduction to Business Intelligence from HCPs online With Creation Pinpoint®
  2. 2. The research & training consultancy for healthcare in the digital age.
  3. 3. Creation Healthcare in numbers Established 1998 16 years in healthcare engagement Working with UK HQ Team 10 seasoned experts Global HCPs studied in 30 123 Healthcare brands in 2013 Countries International consultants 20 with local cultural & language expertise The only 1 with Creation Pinpoint®
  4. 4. What to expect from Creation Healthcare Research Unique insights into HCP ‘Digital Opinion Leaders’ and the views of doctors expressed in public social media. Analysis of digital patient & stakeholder behaviors and practical application to pharma brand & corporate communications strategies. Consulting Seasoned expertise in engagement strategy development & digital compliance for pharma. Leadership & team coaching for the digital healthcare age. Training Development & facilitation of healthcare engagement training for communicators, marketers & business leaders.
  5. 5. Creation Pinpoint® for HCP insights • The world’s only comprehensive service for analyzing HCP interaction in public social media channels. • Provides market research intelligence to pharma brands. • Historic landscape studies to identify ‘Digital Opinion Leaders’ & their virtual networks of influence in a therapy area. • Ongoing tracking studies to instantly identify HCP activity around brands and therapy areas. • Integrates with comprehensive analysis of activity among patients & consumers. • Complete research service provides meaningful insights & strategic recommendations. • Only available from Creation Healthcare.
  6. 6. HCPs are in public social media • Independent research* shows that Healthcare Professionals use public social media to: • Collaborate on clinical cases • Discuss practice matters • Debate research • Learn • Share links • Comment on news
  7. 7. HCP online market research allows you to… MONITOR THE LANDSCAPE Observe competitive initiatives and approaches INFORM STRATEGY & TACTICS Identify emerging gaps and opportunities PLAN YOUR MESSAGING Understand how people perceive your products DEVELOP ONLINE ADVOCATES Know the key people with influence online MEASURE EFFECTIVENESS Evaluate how people respond to campaigns MANAGE REAL-TIME EVENTS Detect and respond to needs and requests
  8. 8. HCP social media analysis: Creation Pinpoint • Used by >30 brands, among leading pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations globally Global HCP Profiles Engine Actionable Intelligence Insights
  9. 9. Research Training PLANNING A STUDY Consulting
  10. 10. Benchmark & business intelligence tracking  12 months historic 12 months tracking  Insights & evidence: Key findings • Conversation topics & trends over past 12 months • Response to announcements; concerns; information needs • Virtual community of online HCPs with interest & influence product & indications • Profiles of key HCPs Insights & evidence: Key findings • Ongoing conversation topics & trends each month • Tracked response to key product & competitor events; concerns & information needs expressed • Impact of messaging • Development of virtual community, influencers & activity; emerging key HCP profiles Recommendations: Strategic significance • Opportunities for shaping messaging • Engagement channels • HCP influencer development approach Recommendations: Strategic & tactical refinements • Messaging implications • Channel opportunities • Response to external factors Application: Digital HCP benchmark insights workshop • Review new intelligence • Align with business • Refine study parameters Application: Reports & feedback • Monthly present-back with Q&A; & refinement of study parameters • Quarterly summary review / workshop with trends; key insights, evidence & recommendations; analysis of impact to date.
  11. 11. Working with Creation Healthcare Personalized engagement strategies Seasoned healthcare engagement expertise for each individual healthcare business, brand and goal, built on evidence-based strategies. Research Consulting Training Learn about customer needs & opportunities Develop strategies for customer engagement Equip your team for the digital age
  12. 12. Case study: Novartis