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How to market your android apps online?

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Android app marketing

  1. 1. Android App Marketing StrategyPresented by: Sonali Srivastava Rachita Nanda
  2. 2. ASO-App Store Optimization ASO is considered as mobile SEO for applications. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the first step to succeed in mobile app marketing. It improves discoverability of the app in an app store.
  3. 3. ASO Goals Being found better by users in the app stores, due to the fact that App Store Search is the No. 1 source for people to discover new applications. Rank higher compared to competitors. Rank higher for specific keywords (mainly due to keyword density). Rank higher in Google´s semantic search for applications.
  4. 4. Bigger yet cheaper….  For sheer size, the Android platform has no equal.  Android has 48 percent of the smartphone market,  Android also provides more advertising inventory, and at a lower cost.  Google indicates there are 8,50,000 Android device activations per day and total Google Play app downloads have reached more
  5. 5. Percentages of popularcategories
  6. 6. 3 Pillars of Android AppSuccess CHECKLIST 1. Is there a market for my app? 2. Is app well written? Bugs=bad reviews 3. Have I done marketing?
  7. 7. Outcomes of an app-Big Win .Steady Win or No win To create a winning sales and marketing strategy , its important to understand the dynamics of the Android Market and understand that there are several strategies you can employ. There are actually three possible outcomes: the Big Win app, the Steady Win app, and the No Win app. All apps fall into one of these three categories. Over time, and without marketing or product updates, all apps will eventually slide from one category to the next one below it.
  8. 8. The Big Win—Grand Slam Generally characterized by explosive sales from their launch Games, by far, make up the majority of the Big Win apps Aim is to achieve quick sales on apps that are priced in the games sweet spot—from $0.99 to $2.99 The longevity of this type of app may be short, lasting only a few weeks or months. They are usually simplistic in their premise. Low on learning, high on enjoyment is the rule of thumb for the quick win Big Win games Often get a big break from the press as being an app to look at.
  9. 9. The Steady Win—Base Hits These apps rely on Android app reviews, positive blog posts, and making it onto the Android Market‘s ―wall of fame,‖ These apps also rely on good old- fashioned, consistent marketing. Generally command a higher selling price and can have more predictable revenue streams.
  10. 10. The No Win—Strikeout Large number of apps on the Android Market are DOA(Dead on arrival). Sometimes, even very well written apps end up unnoticed and ignored.
  11. 11. Our Before Launch Marketing1. Keywords(ASO)2. Good Name and Description3. Find competitors and compare4. Choose right category5. Create amazing icon6. Great screenshots7. YouTube videos before launch
  13. 13. Our Organic marketing1. Signup for app store analytics .eg App Annie,Mobile DevHQ.2. App Review Sites(just started)3. Social sharing –fb, twitter etc(lack of target audience)4. Encourage user to rate .(not very effective in getting good reviews).5. Forum and blogs6. Guest blogging .7. Linking to your other app list.(more app)8. Building email list of target audience .
  14. 14. Our Paid Promotions App reviews.(just started) Admob in app advertising Mobile app tracking websites – calculates downloads generated by each paid source. Press Release-PRMac, Prweb, StandardNewswire etc(avg $80/pr)
  15. 15. Possible Paid PromotionsOptions Advertise on AdMob ($50) Advertise on AppBrain ($100) Pay per install providers ◦ Paying for the user to download and open an application ◦ Providers include: Getjar, Everbadge, Appbrain Incentivized Pay per install: ◦ The end user who downloads your app still has to install your app but they got some sort of incentive for doing so (normally virtual currency in a game they were playing) ◦ Providers include: Tapjoy, Flurry, mdotm
  16. 16. Possible Paid PromotionsOptions (contd..) Incentivized Pay per action / acquisition ◦ Incentivizing the user to engage with an app rather than just download and open it. ◦ Providers include: Tapjoy are the only company to offer this Social SDK‗s ◦ For gamers ◦ Allows gamers to discover new apps through what their friends are doing and whats popular ◦ Providers include: Openfeint, Scoreloop, Papaya, HeyZap
  17. 17. Possible Paid PromotionsOptions (contd..) Adnetworks ◦ Billing an advertiser on CPC (cost per click) basis ◦ Tracking the conversion is the key success factor ◦ Tight management ◦ Providers include: Admob, Millenial Media, Jumptap, Smaato, Adfonic Include more internet medium as part of your mobile application marketing strategy like – ◦ Revver (video), Viddler (video), Appsfire, Zwapp (apps which your best friend is using)(free)
  18. 18. Possible Paid PromotionsOptions (contd..) Google adwords and banner ads Yahoo adwords and banner ads Affiliates ads-banner e.g. - Shoogloo, DGM, NDTV, Star TV etc Email/SMS Marketing But having a user database is the key Present a Youtube and publish it before app release. Linkedin company page Twitter/Facebook ads
  19. 19. Constrains Discoverability-5000 new apps in android market every month. Funding issues.(Budget for paid promotion). Lack of target audience on fb,twitter etc. Stronger and more competitive standard of applications and games.(some apps not at par with other competitors).This will be sought out as company grows its expertise and will happen gradually. Some U I design not at par with other competitors. Intense pricing pressure-most developers drop low –offer low price for great app.
  20. 20. Where are we lacking?Shoot Bubble Deluxe(City Games LLC)Avg Rating -4.5 stars(1,23,736 reviews)Downloads- 10,000,000 - 50,000,000Graphics- AvgCategory :Action
  21. 21. Our similar app with at pargraphicsBubble Shooting Game Free(Fundoo apps centre)Avg Rating -3 stars(32 reviews)Downloads- 5,000 - 10,000Graphics- at par with a successful appCategory :Casual-WHERE ARE WE LACKING?-Marketing and promotion
  22. 22. Unique apps not doing wellLost in Camera : Treasure Hunt (Creatiosoft)Avg Rating -5 stars(6 reviews)Downloads- 500 - 1,000Graphics- not at par withcompetitorsCategory :Arcade & Action-WHERE ARE WE LACKING?-Marketing and Graphics
  23. 23. Successful appsLove at Night Live Wallpaper(GalaxySoft)Avg Rating -4.5 stars(1,446 reviews)Downloads- 100,000 - 500,000Graphics- AttractiveCategory :PersonalizationWHY SO SUCCSSFUL?-Attractive graphics
  24. 24. Time to experiment We are doing everything in non paid marketing acc. to information available in books and on internet . We should start paid promotions. Other app developers are definitely doing some thing extra apart from what we are doing to find out that we need to experiment. We need to experiment with various paid & non paid marketing strategies in order to devise the PERFECT strategy. Need of refreshing new ideas and their proper implementation.
  25. 25. What needs to be done?1. Improve graphics for attracting android users.2. Bug free apps for getting better reviews.3. In budget paid promotion for good apps.4. Attracting target audience via fb, twitter by posting competitions etc.5. Encouraging users to write better reviews .6. Maintaining a email list of target
  26. 26. ANY QUESTIONS ??
  27. 27. THANK YOU