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The world in 1993, when Creating Results marketing was founded.


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Remember when? A look at pop culture, politics, economics and technology in 1993, the year strategic marketing agency Creating Results was founded.

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The world in 1993, when Creating Results marketing was founded.

  1. 1. Remember When? What life was like in 1993, when Creating Results was founded.
  2. 2. #1 at the Box Office: Jurassic Park #1 at the Oscars: Schindler’s List
  3. 3. Average movie ticket: $4.14
  4. 4. 9 original Beanie Babies roll out to stores.
  5. 5. "Boy Meets World" premieres on TV. (In 2013, the Disney Channel will debut "Girl Meets World," about the teen daughter of the original characters.)
  6. 6. Aug 1993: Dow Jones hits record high of 3,612. (Aug 2013: 14,863.79)
  7. 7. 1993: 1 gallon= $1.16 2013: 1 gallon= $3.38
  8. 8. A bomb goes off under the World Trade Center.
  9. 9. Israel and PLO sign a peace agreement.
  10. 10. Bill Clinton opens an email account. He will use it to send a total of 2 messages during his presidency. (In 2013, @billclinton has 1 million Twitter followers.)
  11. 11. CERN makes WorldWideWeb source code free for all. By year's end, there are 623 websites. (As of August 2013, there are 716,822,317.)
  12. 12. The MultiMedia Compact Disk, a precursor to DVDs, is created for super-storage. The PDF is created.
  13. 13. A concert by CA band “Severe Tire Damage”becomes the first live streaming video.
  14. 14. "Got Milk?" The first ad in the now iconic series premieres.
  15. 15. Future CR marketing coordinator extraordinaire, Sally O'Donnell, tackles a design project in her preschool class.
  16. 16. A Super Bowl ad costs $850,000. (30 seconds during the 2013 Super Bowl cost $4 million).
  17. 17. Become a part of Creating Results’ next 20 years: