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Infographic: Secrets of our favorite senior - Santa


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Statistics related to seniors 65 years or better ... like Santa Claus! Helpful insights for those marketing to seniors.

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Infographic: Secrets of our favorite senior - Santa

  1. 1. Naughty and Nice. Salut, Santa!We can thank Mrs. Claus for the twinkle in Santa’s eye. Could it be the sherry that make Santa so merry?15% of men over 70 have sex at least once a week; Seniors shell out $124 on wine every year and1 in 5 men of this age have sex at least once a month. are the largest proportion of daily wine drinkers.Source: University of Chicogo’s National Social Life, Health and Aging Project Sources: Wine Spirits Daily 2011, US Wine Market Council 2011Chimney Challenged.Time to lay off that bowlful of jelly, Santa! Shackin’ up!Baby Boomers (aged 47-65) and Silent Generation (65+) Santa and the Mrs. are still going strong, butspend more on food and drink than the “coveted” 18-25 year many of the elves have likely begun shacking up.old demo – $6,992 and $5,211 respectively. Co-habitation for people over the age of 65 hasSources: 2010; American Time Survey - tripled in the past decade.Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011 Source: US Census Marital Status & Living Arrangements 2011Pain in the… It’s an iPad World.Years of going up & down chimneys have taken a toll on Santa’s 6% of iPad owners are seniors. Santa’s favorite apps? Ifbones. Like 50% of Americans over 65, he’s got arthritis. 8 in 10 where he surfs on the web is any indication, travel, health,Americans over 65 are managing at least one chronic disease. financial, news and weather content are popular.Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2011 Sources: Wall Street Journal; “Social, Silver Surfers” - Creating Results 2010 Hello, North Pole! Reindeer CAN Fly! Rural areas have larger proportions of elders than metropolitan Maybe … Santa and his Silent Generation buddies are areas. Santa keeps a timeshare in Scottsdale, AZ, where the less likely to believe in miracles than younger age groups. median age is 45.4 – 8 years higher than the national average. Source: “Religion Among the Millennials” – Pew Research Center 13% Sources: “Where Do Older Americans Live?” - Congressional Research Service 2007; US News and World Report 2011 of Americans are seniors over the age of 65. By 2030, this group of consumers will make up 20% of the US Population. For more stats on seniors like Santa, visit Copyright ©2011 ever ything mature consumers experiece branding | marketing | web | pr | displays | advertising