How to Stay off Santa's "Naughty" List


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A slideshow with tips from the reinders for those marketing to boomers and seniors

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How to Stay off Santa's "Naughty" List

  1. 1. Tips for Marketing to Boomers and Seniors in 2014 from Eight Tiny Ways to Stay Off Santa’s “Naughty” List & Santa’s reindeer ©2013 Creating Results ©2013 Creating Results
  2. 2. Dasher: Upgrade the "visitability“ of your store or welcome center, then showcase improvements online. ©2013 Creating Results
  3. 3. Dancer: Use images and messages that reflect baby boomers’ desire to dance through life. ©2013 Creating Results
  4. 4. Prancer: Games (online or off) can encourage “spirited” interaction & nurture leads. ©2013 Creating Results
  5. 5. Vixen: 50 shades of 50+? Acknowledge sexuality by choosing and using images with a real spark. ©2013 Creating Results
  6. 6. Comet: Fa-la-la-la-long tail! Optimize for search (#2 activity of 50+ adults). What does the reindeer say? ©2013 Creating Results
  7. 7. Cupid: Play matchmaker! Foster connections & community between older customers and prospects. ©2013 Creating Results
  8. 8. Donder: (That’s how it’s spelled. Really.) Names matter – Tread lightly with generational labels. ©2013 Creating Results ©
  9. 9. Blitzen: Help your marketing sparkle! Lighten up photos and use colors that are best for aging eyes. Naughty Nice ©2013 Creating Results
  10. 10. Stuff Your Stocking … & strengthen your marketing with more insights into boomers and seniors. Read more at ©2013 Creating Results