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Q1 2014 Report - Create Columbus Commission


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Through strategic community building efforts and a targeted YP grants program, the Create Columbus strives to make Columbus the nation’s number one place for YPs to live, work, and play.

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Q1 2014 Report - Create Columbus Commission

  1. 1. Create Columbus Quarterly | 1 2014 Q1 Report
  2. 2. Create Columbus Quarterly | 2 From the Chair The Blue Jackets are in the playoffs. Columbus could host the 2016 Democratic National Convention. And the Create Columbus Commission has “80-large” to support awesome initiatives around the city. Columbus has experienced incredible progress in the past few months—and so has Create Columbus. Our inaugural grant cycle was a huge success and the incredible programs and initiatives we supported continue to have impact around the city. The 2014 grant cycle is set to begin and the applications are pouring in. Thanks to Mayor Coleman and Columbus City Council, we have more money to support Columbus’ brightest ideas. We are excited to see what the second class of grantees will be doing to change the way you live, work, and play in Columbus. We aren’t just about money though. We are being invited to not only represent young professionals in critical community conversations, but to also elevate the influence of our demographic in and around the city. Create Columbus Commissioner Kacey Brankamp has been appointed to the JET (Jobs, Expansion & Transportation) Task Force which will examine how Port Columbus can become a more comprehensive transportation center and economic development driver. Create Columbus Commissioner Elissa Schneider has been appointed to the Mid- Ohio Regional Planning Commission—an association of central Ohio governments and regional organizations that envision innovative directions in transportation, energy, housing, land use, and environment and economic prosperity. Our involvement is just getting started and we know our contributions will have a lasting impact on our city. 2014 is shaping up to be a great year for Columbus and Create Columbus. We are ready to initiate greatness. -Kevin Tyler, Chair The Create Columbus Commission is a board of young professionals appointed and funded by the Mayor and City Council President to serve as the community’s foremost thought leader on young professional interests, experiences, and priorities. Through strategic community building efforts and a targeted young professional grants program, Create Columbus strives to make Columbus the nation’s number one place for young professionals to live, work, and play. Kevin Tyler, Chair
  3. 3. Create Columbus Quarterly | 3 support initiatives by and for young professionals that help make Columbus the best place to live, work, and raise a family. Create columbus grant program • Encourage and support residents to launch innovative, community-based initiatives with a specific young professional component • Provide strategic financial support for one-time costs for events, initiatives, or programs that impact young professionals • Improve the young professional experience in the areas of live, work, and play
  4. 4. Create Columbus Quarterly | 4 2014 Create columbus grant cycle in full swing The 2014 Create Columbus Grant Program kicked off during the 1st quarter. This year, Create Columbus added two grant workshops to provide information on the program, application process, and best practices for completing the application. More than 50 local organizations attended. Grant applications will be accepted from non- profit organizations with 501(c)3 standing or any organization that is partnering with a 501(c)3 non-profit organization as their fiscal agent. Collaboration between and among young professional groups, community orgnizations, and non-profits is strongly encouraged. Application Deadline: April 28 Grant Funds Distributed: July 31 Progress Report Due: January 16, 2015 Final Report Due: May 29, 2015
  5. 5. Create Columbus Quarterly | 5 2013 Grant winners lighting up local media The 2013 Create Columbus Grant Program winners were in full-execution mode in the early part of the year. Projects kicked off, events were held, and local media took notice. The 8 grant winners were featured in nearly 40 different articles, across 20 publications, as well as featured on CD102.5 and Power 107.5. “The local media took note of the Create Columbus grant program because young professionals took notice. Hundreds of young professionals attended the grant winner’s events, and shared their progress on social media.” said Create Columbus Communications Chair Tyler Durbin.
  6. 6. Create Columbus Quarterly | 6 create a competitive young professional quality of life live COMMITTEE • Make Columbus an attractive place for young professionals to want to relocate and live • Strengthen well-established and grow up-and- coming Columbus neighborhoods • Maintain an affordable cost of living • Increase the vibrancy of Downtown • Diversify and improve public transportation
  7. 7. Create Columbus Quarterly | 7 competitive audit of U.S. cities attracting young professionals Columbus is quickly becomming recognized as a great place for young professionals to live, work, and play. To gauge our city’s progress, the Create Columbus Live Committee has kicked off an effort to study national trends to assess our community’s efforts to attract and retain young professionals. Over the coming months, Create Columbus will compile a high-level report outlining the preferences of young professionals, the opportunities for cities to build young professional friendly communities, and offer ideas to local organizations for attracting and retaining young professionals in Columbus.
  8. 8. Create Columbus Quarterly | 8 Young professionals represented in cota Transit System review Young professionals were well-represented throughout the community input phase of COTA’s Transit System Review (TSR). More than a dozen Create Columbus Commissioners attended and recruited dozens more of area young professionals to attend the TSR public meetings.
  9. 9. Create Columbus Quarterly | 9 Assessment of Public Wi-Fi in Columbus Cities across America are assessing and implementing plans to provide wireless internet access in public areas. The Create Columbus Live Committee will explore how other cities are using wi-fi in public areas, assess the need and opportunity in Columbus, and will recommend a course of action to city stakeholders. Bike to Work Day The Create Columbus Commission will be sponsoring the North Route for the Bike to Work Day festivities on May 16. Young professionals from across the city will meet at Whetstone Park of Roses and will bike to downtown via the Olentangy Trail. To sign up, visit A LOOK ahead to the 2nd quarter
  10. 10. Create Columbus Quarterly | 10 create an enriched Young professional career experience WORK COMMITTEE • Retain and attract top young professional talent that will grow our economy • Cultivate young professional entrepreneurship and small business ownership • Encourage technology and innovation • Increase internship and job opportunities • Foster greater quality and access for career development experiences
  11. 11. Create Columbus Quarterly | 11 A LOOK AHEAD TO THE 2ND quarter Young Entrepreneur Mentoring Program The Create Columbus Work Committee will be kicking off development of a program for students to interact with successful small business owners in the Central Ohio area that strongly demonstrates the value and importance (personal & professional) of starting your business in Columbus. Small Business Resource Guide Columbus is currently one of the cities in the U.S. with the least number of new small businesses. The Create Columbus Work Committee is working to bridge the gap between the dreams of small business entrepreneurs and the reality of opening up a business. One of the ways we hope to provide help is by creating a young professional focused ‘road map’ to starting a business in Columbus. This road map is a simple, step-by-step process that identifies resources that can help with every detail a small business owner would need in order to start up.
  12. 12. Create Columbus Quarterly | 12 create a more vibrant young professional lifestyle PLAY COMMITTEE • Improve the accessibility and affordability of entertainment for young professionals • Improve the accessibility and impact-model of community service opportunities • Cultivate a more healthy and fit lifestyle • Close cultural divides within the young professional demographic • Strengthen the young professional arts community • Expose the authentic and cool parts of Columbus to build community pride among young professionals
  13. 13. Create Columbus Quarterly | 13 COLUMBUS YOUNG PROFESSIONALS CLUB & A Date 2 Remember A Date 2 Remember is one of the premier social fundraising experience of the year for young professionals, the Columbus community, and local businesses. Create Columbus Commissioners Ben Buckner, Julie Wilkes, and Derek Grosso (CYP CLUB founder) served on planning committees for the event. Several other Commissioners provided support for the event through their employers. The event combines an exciting live auction experience with a high-energy fashion show – all for charity – featuring fully-loaded “experience packages” that give attendees an all-out taste of Columbus. The CYP CLUB donates event proceeds from A Date 2 Remember to charity every year.
  14. 14. Create Columbus Quarterly | 14 A LOOK AHEAD TO THE 2Nd quarter Building Relationships With Local Organizations The Create Columbus Play Committee will focus on meeting and building relationships with local art, sports, and entertainment organizations with the goal of identifying opportunities to partner to foster a more vibrant young professional lifestyle in Columbus. Entertainment District Legislation Ohio Senate Bill 116 proposes loosening Ohio open container laws in municipal entertainment districts. The bill could have an effect on areas like the Short North Arts District and Park St. District. The Create Columbus Play Committee will be reviewing the legislation and making a recommendation on whether the legislation will have an impact on the young professional experience in Columbus.
  15. 15. Create Columbus Quarterly | 15 Create Columbus COMMISSIONERS The Create Columbus Commission is a board of young professionals appointed and funded by the Mayor and City Council President to serve as the community’s foremost thought leader on young professional interests, experiences, and priorities. Through strategic community building efforts and a targeted young professional grants program, Create Columbus strives to make Columbus the nation’s number one place for young professional to live, work, and play. Lindsay Arnett, 614 Media Group Beth Berkemer, Berkemer PR Robert Bickis, Jr. (Grants Chair), Kacey Brankamp, Capital Crossroads SID Shawn Broadus, Suite78 Marketing & Advertising Benjamin Buckner, Nexus Academy Schools Christina Christian, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Jordan Davis (Membership Chair), The Columbus Partnership Tyler Durbin (Communications Chair), GSW Yaves Ellis, Radio One Columbus/Sling Shot Media Group LLC Tim Fulton, Small Business Beanstalk Derek Grosso, Columbus Young Professionals Club (CYP CLUB) Andy Hutter, Building Five Habiba Kamagate, The Ohio State University Noel Klay, Cardinal Health Ashley Lester, Columbus Downtown Development Corporation Steve Michalovich, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company Jesus Ovalle, Columbus Public Health Diana Pagan, CAPA Alison Pegg, Blue Jackets Foundation Robert Perryman, Isaac Wiles Burkholder & Teetor LLC Chris Rutter, Uptivity Amy Schmittauer, Vlog Boss Studios Elissa Schneider, Mid-Ohio Foodbank Timothy Wolf Starr, Small Business Beanstalk/Gateway Film Center Steve Swift, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Jacob Taylor, CivitasNow Yohannan Terrell, Interactive One Kevin Tyler (Chair), Ologie Josue Vicente, Ohio Hispanic Coalition Julie Wilkes, Seven Studios/Accenture Stakeholder and non-voting members of the Create Columbus Commission: Priyam Chokshi, Columbus City Council Ty Harden, Mayor’s Office