CREAFEM FOOD CONSULTING® in the "Food and Beverage International" march issue


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CREAFEM FOOD CONSULTING® in the "Food and Beverage International" march issue

  1. 1. INGREDIENTS Bakery ingredients – formulating for health Health and pleasure can go hand in hand in baked goods thanks to the development of several ingredient solutions. Muge Debrun, founder-consultant, Creafem Food Consulting explores some of the options for the formulation of healthy baked goods In response to increasingly indulgent and healthy baked decrease water activity and help stressful lifestyles, pleasure goods has become an important microbiologic resistance. Many and the pursuit of pleasure has challenge for manufacturers recipes for biscuits and snacks become an important consumer and represents an opportunity (bourbon biscuit, gingersnap, trend globally. Bakery and pastry for growth. There are several crackers, wafers and panettone) market segments in particular potential routes to meet include salt as well. The industry offer an excellent opportunity consumer’s expectations, is seriously looking at how to for the creation of new products with substitution of undesired keep the taste of traditional that answer the consumer ingredients, introduction of recipes and help to protect demand for pleasurable and ingredients delivering a health consumer health at the same indulgent foods. benefit, vegetarian, and natural time; and to this end, many ingredients being the most alternative smart ingredients However, in parallel with pleasure frequently explored routes. have been introduced. comes consumer awareness of the impact food has on health. One Many traditional authentic For example Soda-Lo by Tate fourth of the world’s population bakery recipes contain and Lyle uses patent pending Muge DeBrun claims to consider health when relatively high levels of fat technology to create hollow buying food products and many (especially butter), sugar and crystalline microspheres that been developed particularly for consumers look for reliable and salt and it is in these three efficiently deliver a salty taste in bakery applications. clear information about ingredients areas that alterations to foods by maximising the surface C-Salt developed by Balchem content, origin and manufacturing formulation can be made to area relative to volume. is a choline chloride based in a processes. As a result, they are create more healthy offerings. The LomaSalt product range by molecular synergy with sodium increasingly scrutinising claims Dr Paul Lohmann offers different chloride for taste enhancement. and ingredients declarations Salt reduction sodium reduction solutions It is a GRAS component which on packaging. Bread or pizza dough requires adapted to a wide range of is thermo-stable for bakery Balancing the expectations salt to activate yeast during the food applications. LomaSalt RS products. In formulation, C-Salt of consumers for both fermentation process and to 50 classic and RS 50 Extra have can be used to replace 25-50% © 2013 FoodBev Media Ltd. Reproduced with the permission of FoodBev Media – www.foodbev.com18 Food & Beverage International April 2013 foodbev com
  2. 2. INGREDIENTS Click here to subscribe Healthier bread project The HealthBread project is a preference. The HealthBread two-year collaborative project is run by a consortium of EU-funded project to develop European organisations including and market whole grain and from the world of research: TNO white breads with an improved in The Netherlands and VTT nutritional quality. At the end from Finland, plus eight bakeries of the project, a HealthBread from Austria, Germany, Italy and Manual will provide know-how The Netherlands and seven to bakers on how to produce companies charged with linking and market healthier breads science and craftsmanship and to a growing customer base for supplying new materials and across Europe. technologies to bakeries. The project will explore the use A number of the partners were of whole grain breads, which also involved in a previous are known to be rich in fibre, European project - HealthGrain. vitamins, minerals and anti- For more information contact oxidants, to create a range of Jan Willem van der Kamp, commercially available, healthier Senior Officer International bread options in both white and Projects, TNO - Netherlands whole grain variants. Any viable Organisation for Applied products will also be consumer Scientific Research. tested for acceptability and THAT’S FIVEof the salt without preventing range between two and 10. It is BRILLIANTgluten development. approximately 50% as sweet as sugar, and has a zero glycemic REASONS TO USE CORRUGATED.Sub4salt from Jungbunzlauer index - so it does not raiseoffers another method of reducing plasma glucose or insulin levels.sodium. It consists of three mineral In most countries it is approvedsalts that are all approved as food as a low calorie sweetener.or food ingredients and have nolimitation in use. Danisco has created another sugar reduction solution forAll these sodium reduction bakery applications. Zivia is aingredients help to produce sustainable Xylitol, which has thetasty products with a 25-50% sweetening power of sugar withreduction in sodium content. less than 40% of the calories and a low glycemic index.Less sugar High-intensity sweeteners suchSugar reduction is another as stevia and sucralose, whileimportant trend driven by a growth reducing sugar content, mayin the number of diabetics as well require the use of flavour enhancersas growing demand for lower in formulations and several flavourcalorie diets, which have both companies have developed flavourfuelled the market for enhancers specifically to masksugar alternatives. sugar-reduction solutions.Smart ingredients like the For further information abouterythritol product, Erylite, from the solutions mentioned hereJungbunzlauer, is heat stable contact Muge Debrun at:up to 180°C and stable in a pH I’ve got the five easies covered© 2013 FoodBev Media Ltd. Reproduced with the permission of FoodBev Media – for retail ready packaging. foodbev com April 2013 19 Who am I?