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Meet Crayon Data : Asia's Hottest Big Data Startup


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Meet Crayon Data : Asia's Hottest Big Data Startup

  1. 1. 1 Meet Crayon Data Big Data. Made Simple. March 2014
  2. 2. 2 Crayon data is one of Asia’s hottest big data start-ups with a vision of simplifying the world’s choices 1 2 Crayon brings Amazon and Netflix-like algorithmic power to simplify decision making for consumers and enterprises Search is giving way to Guided choice which has been shown to be tremendously successful in driving value for enterprises: - 35% of Amazon sales are recommendations - 75% of what people watch on Netflix are through guided choices Crayon is simplifying the world’s choices
  3. 3. 3 Our Choice Engine, SimplerChoices™ brings the power of big data & analytics to enterprises through a SaaS platform The Foundation Taste Graph (of consumers) o  Mapping consumer tastes & preferences across 9 categories including dining, shopping, travel, entertainment etc. o 550 Million Graph Connections o 8.5 Million distinct products o 2.2 Million User Preferences Interest Graph (of enterprises) o 600 Million data points for over 2.5million companies including firmographic, jobs, network and news data Cutting edge technology & data science The design approach is a blend of: Graph Theory techniques Stochastic Models + Distributed Computing Domain Heuristic Models Front End Applications Ready-to use front-end applications that deliver analytical algorithms into a simple UI for the business o  Personal Choice Guide o  Pricing, Channel and Sales Optimizers
  4. 4. 4 SimplerChoices™ is applied to address various business challenges across verticals for B2C businesses… Hotels Increase TRevPar & % of repeat visits with Ultra-personalized travel experiences for guests Banks Drive higher spends with personalized spend choices to bank customers Optimize booking paths across Optimise merchant network channels, and shift more bookings based on customer taste and to direct improve bottom-line on cards Maximise yield by optimizing pricing decisions for each guest Retailers Telcos Drive higher spends with personalized shopping choices to retail customers Drive higher AMPU with personalized content choices to subscribers Provide personalized offers to loyal customers and increase share of wallet Optimize prices based on ‘willingness-to-pay’ for specific services Monetize customer insights for sharper ad-targeting To learn how we do this, watch our video: http:/ /
  5. 5. 5 …and B2B businesses Payment Services Identify total addressable market for products & services across geographies Build qualified top-of the-funnel prospects based on response models & look-alike algorithm for enterprises Technology Target top enterprises likely to be interested in your product / services based on their pain points, business needs, & interests Higher Sales & Marketing efficiency & ROI thorugh personalised engagement of target companies & stakeholders Online Advertisers Identify high potential advertisers from scattered mid-market & long-tail of diverse enterprises Personalised content & sharper adtargetting based on business interests & needs To learn how we do this, watch our video: http:/ /
  6. 6. 6 Our lead clients are using early access to SimplerChoices™ to create a competitive advantage for themselves A hotel chain in Europe using our engine was able to: 3X A global payments company in APAC has increased both quantity and quality of demand generation activities 5X Drive ROI from personalised travel eperiences Increase in repeat customers Discovered number of leads compared to traditional lead generation models Convert guests from Increase guest spend Improved qualification rates by compared to standard lead providers indirect to direct channel booking 50-100% Similar pilots are currently being delivered for other lead clients in online advertising, banking & retail
  7. 7. 7 Recognition for the algorithms underlying our platform CODE_n finalist @ CeBIT 2014 §  CeBIT - the world's leading business IT event - aims to recognise outstanding business talent and their ground breaking business ideas, paving the way for new trends in the marketplace. §  CODE_n: an international initiative for digital pioneers, innovators and groundbreaking startups. §  CODE_n contest: identifying startups that are "Driving the Data Revolution” § 50 finalists from 16 countries shortlisted § Crayon Data is the finalist from Asia!
  8. 8. 8 We are a team who have ‘been there, done that’ and want to ‘do it one more time - just bigger’ Founders/ Leadership Team Who have done it before Suresh Shankar Analytics evangelist, CEO of RedPill Analytics (sold to IBM, 2009) Global Analytics leader IBM GPS (2011) Srikant Sastri Digital Media Guru, Built & exited ventures in marketing services (Solutions Integrated / Publicis) (Team4U/RandStad) Ex-Vivaki Country Chair, India Dr. Ananth Raman Advisors who are at the cutting-edge of their field UPS Foundation of Business & Logistics, Harvard Business School. Kwan Chong Wah 30yrs + market research across SEA in Retail, F&B and Banking Ivaturi Vijay Kumar (IVK) Ex-CTO Wipro .. and a full hand of top big data talent, (team of 80+) Vivek Ravindran ADB Scholar, Serial IT Services & Analytics Entrepreneur Ex-GE & MNC experience Data Science & Data Mining UI / UX /Design Technology Business & Domain Experts Cheah Kim Lean Founder Director @ Acorn - Asia's Largest Independent Market Research Agency Hari Pothera NCR 32 yrs, Held positions in Global R&D, Manufactuting, and Operations
  9. 9. 9 What next? Meet us @ CeBIT! •  Crayon will be presenting at CeBIT in Hannover (Deutsche Messe Exhibition Centre), from March 11-15 2014. •  Hall 16, Stand D30 Interested? Contact us for a Demo! •  Webex and conference call to understand how we can help you: o Online demo of key modules o Needs Assessment & Scoping o Proof of Concept / Pilot for a nominal fee Subscribe to SimplerChoices™ •  Deploy SimplerChoices™ modules relevant for your enterprise using our S-a-a-S platform Stay up-to-date on Big Data environment at: http:/ /
  10. 10. 10 Thank You For more information, please visit: