Transpromo on a Budget


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Transpromo on a Budget - Xplor 2011 presentation - A presentation from Crawford Technologies -

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Transpromo on a Budget

  1. 1. Transpromo on a Budget<br />A presentation fromCrawford Technologies Inc.<br /><br />Follow, Like and Join us at<br /><br />
  2. 2. Introducing Crawford Technologies<br />Founded in 1995 and based in Toronto, CrawfordTech is a privately held global software company<br />On PROFIT 100 list of fastest growing companies in Canada<br />Core competency is in transaction print stream and document production software, including:<br />Automated Document Factory and Integrity solutions<br />Document Re-engineering solutions<br />Print stream conversions/transform solutions<br />Document Archive Solutions<br />Document integration/workflow solutions<br />Document Accessibility Services<br />
  3. 3. Why Transpromo?<br />Direct Mail campaigns are becoming less and less effective and can cost up to $2 per piece –75% of some direct mail isn’t opened. Response rates are typically 0.5% to 1.5%<br />Outbound calling campaigns are more expensive and legislative barriers are coming to bear - cost is approx. $5 per connection. Response rates are typically 2% to 4%<br />Branch or agent promotions cost approximately $8 per effort <br />Enhancing existing transactional documents costs only pennies because the paper and postage are already paid for<br />People take between 1 and 3 minutes to review their transactional documents and 99% of bills and statements are read<br />
  4. 4. Traditional Transpromo<br />90% of the applications that produce transactional documents were written back in the 80s and 90s and earlier<br />A lengthy IT project, that goes back to the composition stage is required including changes to supporting applications<br />Hardware upgrade and/or reconfiguration may be required<br />Bottom line:<br />MajorCapEx<br />LengthyTime to Market<br />SignificantIT involvement<br />
  5. 5. How can Transpromo on a budgetbe accomplished?<br />Through document re-engineering – which means enhancing existing content at the print file level<br />Some Transpromo enhancements require going back to the composition phase versus via document re-engineering such as:<br />Text and section reflowing across pages<br />Highly variable page layouts - dynamic content placement from customer to customer<br />
  6. 6. How document re-engineering can meet most Transpromo requirements<br /><ul><li>Examine content within the print file:</li></ul>Extract name, account number, points balance, geography<br /><ul><li>Use rules-based logic to determine how to enhance that print file, such as:</li></ul>Determine available white space<br />Add an additional page to make space available for Transpromo use<br />Move content to make room for Transpromo<br />Enhance existing text – changing it to full color<br />
  7. 7. How document re-engineering can meet most Transpromo requirements<br />Use rules-based logic to determine how to enhance that print file, such as:<br />Remove content for eDelivered documents - Bar codes<br />Ingest external files to use information not available in the print file:<br />CRM segmentation data<br />Database of graphical or other content for inclusion into available white space<br />Add PURLs for eDelivered documents<br />Add QR Codes for mail delivered documents<br />
  8. 8. Transpromo investment strategies<br />We see two camps, each requiring different<br />investment approaches:<br />Those that are happy with their current transactional documents and printing hardware, but want to add one to one messaging<br />Those that feel it is time for a full redesign that requires composition engine capabilities, high speed full color and are looking for the Transpromo ROI to justify it<br />
  9. 9. Camp One:Transpromo investment strategies<br />By taking a document re-engineering approach, ROI is maximized due to:<br /><ul><li>Implementation time of weeks versus years
  10. 10. Minimal CapEx (for around $100K)
  11. 11. Minimal IT involvement</li></li></ul><li>Camp Two: Transpromo investment strategies<br />A pilot document re-engineering project will cost –<br />effectively validate ROI assumptions before<br />investing:<br /><ul><li>Multiple millions of dollars
  12. 12. Implementation times measured in years</li></ul>Pilot costs will be $100k to $150K depending on:<br />Size of pilot<br />Is full color required for the pilot<br />Is a full color device available<br />Cost of full color device for pilot volumes<br />
  13. 13. Solution Snapshots<br />
  14. 14. Electronic Transpromo<br /><ul><li>Australia/PacRim’s largest Service Bureau
  15. 15. Problem: Salmat’s banking client wanted to turn off paper based statement yet continue to market to its customers without changing the current application or their use of CMOD archive
  16. 16. Solution: Customer implemented a Crawford Tech document re-engineering solution to:</li></ul>Index existing AFP files with additional fields for retrieval purposes <br />Load indexed AFP file into CMOD supporting the existing archiving, viewing and reprinting processes<br />Upon retrieval from CMOD, CrawfordTech’s software is invoked to merge in full color paper stock backgrounds, terms & conditions text, and full color PDFs representing the inserts that would have been in the client’s envelope. Customer is adding PURLs in next phase of project.<br />Convert to PDF and deliver to client screen for presentment<br />
  17. 17. Paper-based Transpromo<br /><ul><li>Problem: Salmat’s Financial Services / Travel client wanted to add targeted messages to their customers based on loyalty point values and geography – to their existing application
  18. 18. Solution: A CrawfordTech document re-engineering solution was used on the existing production print stream in a two-pass implementation
  19. 19. First pass: Determination</li></ul>Extract customer name, address, rewards point balance, postal code and account number <br />Determine area of white space available on each bill<br />Write to external file, which is used as input for further processing:<br /><ul><li>Name, address information and customer number
  20. 20. Page number where white space appears
  21. 21. Amount of white space available on the page
  22. 22. Location of where white space starts </li></li></ul><li>Paper-based Transpromo<br />The customer developed procedures process the file and returns it:<br />These procedures could engage any external business rules, databases, CRM process, etc <br />Second pass: Execution<br />The print stream is re-processed along with the returned and updated external file and the requested images are placed on the appropriate pages<br />Index records are also imbedded into the print file, identifying the added images for audit purposes<br />The new file is then printed and loaded to the CMOD archive<br />Eight weeks elapsed to implement including 6 weeks of testing<br />Salmat’s client is now evaluating migration to full color devices and bringing on other applications and print stream types<br />
  23. 23. Summary<br /><ul><li>An effective Transpromo strategy does not necessarily mean spending:</li></ul>A lot of money on new software and tools to execute the project<br />A lot of time to rework existing applications and systems<br />A lot of time to actually execute the project –12 to 18 months are not unusual<br />A lot of money to modify existing hardware and production processes <br /><ul><li>There are document reengineering solutions that enable you to leverage your existing assets, therefore: Transpromo on a budget is a realistic proposition</li></ul>Go from this . . .<br /> . . .to this, in weeks<br />For a fraction of the traditional cost, with nominal IT involvement and without disrupting existing production processes<br />
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