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Crawford Technologies Overview January 2011


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Crawford Technologies Overview January 2011 - A presentation from Crawford Technologies Inc. -

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Crawford Technologies Overview January 2011

  1. 1. Crawford Technologies Overview2011<br />A presentation fromCrawford Technologies Inc.<br /><br />Follow, Like and Join us at<br /><br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br /><ul><li>Introductions
  3. 3. Crawford Technologies Corporate Intro
  4. 4. Product Overviews
  5. 5. Enterprise Solution Scenarios</li></li></ul><li>CrawfordTech Overview<br /><ul><li>Founded in 1995 and based in Toronto, CrawfordTech is a privately held global software and services company
  6. 6. Core competency is in transactional customer communication solutions:</li></ul>Alternate Format services<br />Automated Document Factory solutions<br />Document manipulation & re-engineering applications<br />Print stream conversions/transform applications<br />Transaction document archiving & retrieval solutions<br />Integration/WorkFlow solutions<br />
  7. 7. CrawfordTech Overview cont’d<br /><ul><li>Since 2003, year-over-year double-digit revenue growth continues through both direct sales and partners, with over 700 customers globally, including:</li></ul>4 of the world’s top 5 auto manufacturers <br />4 of the USA’s top 5 banks<br />4 of the USA’s top 5 P&C insurance companies<br />3 of the USA’s top 5 L&H insurance companies<br />50% of direct sales are into service provider environments<br />Recognized in 2010 by PROFIT Magazine as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Canada<br /><ul><li>Partners include OCE, InfoPrint Solutions, Oracle, Kern, LRS, EMC, IBM and more</li></li></ul><li>CrawfordTech Differentiators<br />Outstanding post-sale customer support<br />Significant ongoing investment in R&D – building products and solutions based on customer requirements<br />Active members of AFP Consortium, PDF/A & PDF/UA Competency Centre and ISO standards board<br />Focused on core competencies<br />Software is designed to easily integrate within existing workflows/processes via API’s or flexible command line<br />Operating system, hardware platform and database agnostic<br />We have all major O/S’s running in our facilities including a mainframe<br />Sophisticated automated QA system 115K + nightly regression tests on all O/S platforms<br />Flexible and easy to work with<br />Competitive pricing<br />
  8. 8. CrawfordTech Support<br /><ul><li>Support staff average 15+ years in the industry</li></ul>60% EDPs / Master EDPs<br /><ul><li>Online knowledgebase
  9. 9. 24x7 support available
  10. 10. Phone/fax/email support
  11. 11. Onsite severity 1 problem response if required
  12. 12. Incident tracking system
  13. 13. Documented escalation process</li></li></ul><li>Product Overview<br /><ul><li>Print Stream Transforms
  14. 14. Document Manipulation & Re-engineering
  15. 15. File Concatenation
  16. 16. Duplicate Checking
  17. 17. Archiving & Retrieval
  18. 18. Integration/Automated Workflow Products
  19. 19. Enterprise IMB
  20. 20. Document Accessibility Services - Alternate Formats</li></li></ul><li>PRO Transforms: Problems Solved<br /><ul><li>Load balancing across multiple print platforms
  21. 21. Convert to supported format for downstream processing in other software
  22. 22. Extend life of legacy assets/applications
  23. 23. Increase utilization of existing assets
  24. 24. Enable print output for online presentment
  25. 25. Extract billing information
  26. 26. Data/messaging verification & reporting
  27. 27. Repurposing data</li></li></ul><li>Print Stream Conversion:PRO Transforms<br /><ul><li>Convert Print Streams, Image & Line Data from one format to another</li></li></ul><li>PRO Transform Plus:Indexer & Splitter Features<br /><ul><li>Splitter:</li></ul>Intelligently split to individual statements<br />Intelligently split into multiple output files <br /><ul><li>Indexer:</li></ul>Extract information from print stream<br /><ul><li>For use in Filenames
  28. 28. Creating external Index files
  29. 29. Book Marks in PDF
  30. 30. Writing TLEs, No Ops, etc
  31. 31. Feeding other CrawfordTech functions</li></li></ul><li>Print Stream Conversions: PRO Transform Differentiators<br /><ul><li>Object to object </li></ul>Provides text-based output, not full page images<br /><ul><li>Speed
  32. 32. Output file sizes
  33. 33. High level command set
  34. 34. Platform independent
  35. 35. Excellent fidelity
  36. 36. Flexible resource management
  37. 37. Perform many functions in a single pass
  38. 38. Common approach and command set is consistent across all incoming print streams</li></li></ul><li>ACME Wireless<br />Customer Service<br />1-800-111-2222<br />*611 from you ACME Phone<br />Mr. John Doe<br />111 Main Street<br />Town, ST, USA<br />22222<br />Statement Date: October 5, 2009<br />Acct # 01001001001<br />Phone Number 123-456-7890<br />Account Summary <br />Minutes $50.00<br />SMS $10.00<br />Data $25.00<br />Subtotal $85.00<br />Tax $8.50<br />TOTAL $93.50<br />See page 2 for detailed usage<br />Please detach and send with your payment<br />Mr. John Doe<br />111 Main Street<br />Town, ST, USA<br />22222<br />Statement Date: October 5, 2009<br />Acct # 01001001001<br />Phone Number 123-456-7890<br />Amount Due $93.50<br />Due By Nov. 1, 2009<br />Page 1 of 3<br />Customer Service <br />1-800-111-2222<br />Free Call *611 on your <br />ACME Phone<br />ACME Wireless<br />Statement Date: October 5, 2009<br />Acct # 01001001001<br />Phone Number 123_456-7890<br />Mr. John Doe<br />111 Main Street<br />Town, ST, USA<br />22222<br />Special Offer <br />for our <br />valued <br />customers<br />Renew your <br />account new <br />qualify for <br />a free Iphone!<br />Account Summary<br />Usage Summary<br />Minutes $50.00<br />SMS $10.00<br />500 GB Data $25.00<br />Subtotal $85.00<br />Tax $8.50<br />TOTAL $93.50<br />See page 2 for detailed usage<br />Please detach and send with your payment<br />Mr. John Doe<br />111 Main Street<br />Town, ST, USA<br />22222<br />Statement Date: October 5, 2009<br />Acct # 01001001001<br />Phone Number 123-456-7890<br />Amount Due $93.50<br />Due By Nov. 1, 2009<br />Page 1 of 3<br />Document Manipulation and Re-engineering Solutions<br />
  39. 39. Operations Express: Problems Solved<br /><ul><li>Enabling and supporting an ADF Strategy</li></ul>Postage reduction<br />Ability to move work across different printer and inserter technologies<br />Improve productivity of printer, inserter, staff<br />Compliance with USPS IMB Strategy<br />Automated reprint<br />Improved mail piece integrity<br />Creating MRDF-like files for downstream applications<br />
  40. 40. Transpromo Express: Problems Solved<br /><ul><li>Rapidly and inexpensively insert marketing content & color on transaction documents without re-composition:</li></ul>Remove hardcopy-oriented objects for electronic presentation<br />Up-sell and cross-sell <br />Enable your one to one marketing strategy<br />Quickly and cost effectively adding color to legacy black & white applications<br />Reduce time to market and implementation cost of transpromo strategy<br />Retention and Regulatory communications <br />
  41. 41. Manipulating and Re-engineering Documents<br /><ul><li>PRO Document Enhancer - Operations Express: Optimizing Operations Processes</li></ul>Adding/Removing barcodes i.e., OMR, 2 of 5, 3 of 9, 2D, Postnet, IMB<br />Filtering pages for reprint or QA purposes <br />Extracting address blocks and other data<br />Sorting (e.g. Postage Optimization)<br />Streaming (e.g. Envelope size and weight breaks)<br />Adding slip sheets<br /><ul><li>PRO Document Enhancer - Transpromo Express: Enhancing Document Content</li></ul>Detecting available white space and adding text and image based marketing content there <br />Merging PDFs for marketing, regulatory or other informational purposes<br />Adding PURLS<br />Adding Color to Black & White applications<br />Optional module (QR Express) to add dynamic QR codes<br />
  42. 42. Document Re-engineering & Manipulation:CrawfordTech Differentiators<br /><ul><li>Speed
  43. 43. Support for all de facto print streams </li></ul>PCL, PDF, PS, AFP, Xerox LCDS/Metacode, Line data<br /><ul><li>Simple text based command language
  44. 44. Platform independent</li></ul>Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, z/OS, z/Linux<br /><ul><li>Common approach and command set is consistent across all incoming print streams
  45. 45. Development resource does not require detailed print stream knowledge</li></li></ul><li>Print File Concatenation<br />
  46. 46. Pro Concatenator: Problems Solved<br /><ul><li>Improved printer and inserter productivity
  47. 47. Reduce number of files to be managed in production process
  48. 48. Achieve item quantities for maximum postal discounts
  49. 49. Eliminate printer clutching due to number of resources
  50. 50. Sample scenario:</li></ul>250,000 individual confirms are created daily in PCL<br />Outsourcer requires single AFP file per day to manage <br />Concatenate the individual documents into a single file and convert to AFP<br />
  51. 51. PRO Concatenator<br /><ul><li>Combining multiple like type files or pages from various sources into a single file </li></ul>Intelligently concatenates any number of like type files from many sources into a single file<br />Can specify which pages are pulled from each file and the sequence to be placed in<br />Removes duplicate resources during concatenation<br />Input file support includes PDF, PCL, Xerox, AFP, TIFF, line data<br />
  52. 52. PRO Concatenator: Differentiators<br /><ul><li>Platform independent </li></ul>Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX, z/Linux<br /><ul><li>Wide range of supported input file types
  53. 53. Ability to merge at the page level versus file level
  54. 54. Resource management</li></li></ul><li>Duplicate Checker<br />
  55. 55. PRO Duplicate Checker: Problems Solved<br /><ul><li>Eliminate cost of duplicate printing, inserting and mailing of full or partial runs
  56. 56. Avoid the erosion of customer confidence and satisfaction of a duplicate mailing, particularly financial information
  57. 57. Reduce financial risk of mailing cheques twice</li></li></ul><li>PRO Duplicate Checker<br /><ul><li>Verify against a DB that a given mail piece has not already been processed
  58. 58. Take action based on user parameters to fail the job or continue running but write an error message for each duplicate piece
  59. 59. Updates the database of those that are processed that were not duplicates</li></li></ul><li>PRO Duplicate Checker: Differentiators<br /><ul><li>OS and DB platform flexibility
  60. 60. Tightly coupled with Operations Express via API
  61. 61. Integrate with 3rd party applications via API</li></li></ul><li>PRO Mail TrackerandPRO Unique ID Manager<br />
  62. 62. Problems Solved<br /><ul><li>Avoid building/maintaining in-house custom programs
  63. 63. Enterprise level scalability
  64. 64. Use customer’s USPS IMB as opposed to vendor’s
  65. 65. ASP is cost prohibitive for high volume mailers
  66. 66. Shipment of sensitive customer data to ASP
  67. 67. Flexibility to customize reports and integrate with existing business applications
  68. 68. Avoids wholesale environment change</li></li></ul><li>IMB Solutions<br /><ul><li>Enterprise IMB provides a set of products to enable organizations to quickly and cost effectively be compliant with the USPS IMB strategy. </li></ul>Enterprise IMB Unique ID Manager<br />Enterprise IMB Mail Tracking Facility<br />
  69. 69. PRO Unique ID Manager<br />Client/Server implementation that generates unique IDs on demand for a single application, multiple applications, a site, or enterprise<br />Supports multiple mailer IDs<br />Time period of uniqueness is user defined<br />Integration is achieved via API, batch utilities, the GUI-based UID dispenser<br />Tightly coupled with Operations Express via the API <br />
  70. 70. PRO Mail Tracker<br />Facility for tracking both inbound and outbound full service IMB encoded mail through the USPS in conjunction with their ACS and OneCode Confirm services<br />Supports multiple mailer IDs<br />Includes standard reporting capabilities such as:<br />Production Run Status Report<br />SLA (Service Levels Agreement) Status Report<br />Lost Mail Pieces Report<br />Includes a report generator to allow user to define custom reports<br />Allows for user defined fields to be included in DB<br />Is tightly coupled with Operations Express via the API<br />
  71. 71. Differentiators<br /><ul><li>Software license versus ASP
  72. 72. Enterprise scalability
  73. 73. Manage multiple mailer IDs
  74. 74. Either integrated with existing 3rd party products or in-house applications
  75. 75. Either stand alone or tightly integrated with Operations Express
  76. 76. Platform flexibility
  77. 77. DB flexibility</li></li></ul><li>Archival & Retrieval<br />
  78. 78. PRO Dynamic Document Archive: Problems Solved<br /><ul><li>Lowers the cost of storage
  79. 79. Enables rapid reprint/fax/email of archived documents
  80. 80. Provides call center and end customer presentment consistency
  81. 81. Enables move to desired OS/DB technologies
  82. 82. Reduces number of files managed
  83. 83. Lower cost of DB licensing and management
  84. 84. Maximizes service providers flexibility to support a wide range of input and output formats
  85. 85. Unlike generic archive systems, preserves print stream metadata to providing audit, regulatory and compliance support within the archive
  86. 86. Avoids incompatibility issues with Adobe PDF viewer versions and future industry formats</li></li></ul><li>PRO Dynamic Document Archive<br /><ul><li>Scalable, single-source transactional customer communication archive and retrieval platform
  87. 87. Enables high speed ingestion and retrieval
  88. 88. Compresses documents to reduce storage requirements (typically 50% to 90%)
  89. 89. Stores print streams in original formats including AFP, Xerox, PCL and PDF, PDF/A
  90. 90. Retrieves documents into PDF, PDF/A, AFP, Xerox, PCL, PS, HTML, TIFF, XML, PNG for print or presentment purposes</li></li></ul><li>PRO Dynamic Document Archive: Differentiators<br /><ul><li>O/S, file system and database agnostic
  91. 91. High speed ingestion and retrieval
  92. 92. Disk space savings (typically 50-90%)
  93. 93. Efficient resource management for common elements in each print file
  94. 94. Finishing, paper tray and plex information maintained
  95. 95. Fewer files to manage
  96. 96. Can be integrated with virtually any archival or content management system
  97. 97. Widest range of supported input and output formats
  98. 98. Delivers the original document back for reprint
  99. 99. Flexibly recovers from changes in Acrobat reader (e.g., V8.1 errors)
  100. 100. Unlimited scalability</li></li></ul><li>Integration/Automated Workflow Products<br />
  101. 101. Integration/Automated Workflow:Problems Solved<br />Eliminate need for JCL changes<br />Automate movement of work across different computing platforms<br />Utilize hot folder watching to simplify integration<br />Fully automate production processes to reduce human resource requirements and errors<br />Augment or replace in-house developed workflow solutions<br />Implement complete document and piece level tracking from composition through to printing and mailing<br />Achieve full end to end compliance and workflow reporting<br />
  102. 102. PRO Workflow<br />Simplify the integration and automate the production workflow of CrawfordTech, 3rd party and in-house batch programs:<br /><ul><li>PRO WorkFlow JES
  103. 103. PRO WorkFlow Server
  104. 104. PRO WorkFlow Connector</li></li></ul><li>PRO WorkFlow JES<br />Actively watches the JES Spool for jobs then extracts and executes defined processes on them<br />Examples:<br />Extract a Xerox formatted print job from the spool, convert it to AFP with a transform and place back on to the spool for printing/archiving<br />Selects AFP print job from the JES Spool and ftp’s it to another computing platform such as PRO WorkFlow Server or other workflow solutions for further processing<br />
  105. 105. PRO WorkFlow Server<br />Manages production workflows on open systems platforms, can receive and distribute work via LPR, FTP, and hot folder watching<br />Provides a GUI for queue management and to monitor active processes<br />Provides email notification of successful or failed jobs<br />Can manage multi-step workflows<br />Example:<br />Read a print file from a watched folder, remove address block with Operations Express, pass the file to CASS/PAVE software for sorting and address updates, then reprocess the original print file to put in postal sequence with updated address blocks, then LPR to a printer/print server<br />
  106. 106. PRO WorkFlow Connector<br />Used for transferring files along with any associated metadata across different computing platforms<br />Metadata can be used to populate prebuilt scripts, JCL, and other process invocation methodologies in order to dynamically define the specific set of processes for that file<br />Example:<br />Receive file and metadata from PRO Workflow Server (as per previous example) move to the mainframe, re-block and place in the JES Spool with appropriate JES metadata such as FORM, CLASS, DEST, JOB ID, etc.<br />
  107. 107. PRO Workflow: Differentiators<br />Designed specifically to manage the unique data files and the associated metadata relevant to high volume transactional production work<br />Support for mainframes as well as open systems, and can seamlessly move work across these different platforms if required<br />We provide support to work with 3rd party, in-house and CrawfordTech applications<br />
  108. 108. PRO Production Manager<br />Integrates the capabilities of our other workflow products into a single platform<br />Adds end to end process automation, tracking, process monitoring, statistics gathering and robust reporting capabilities<br />Monitors and tracks every document through each electronic and physical workflow process at the mail piece and page level – even when multiple documents are merged into a single mail piece<br />Provides detailed proof of process reporting for all of your compliance reporting needs.<br />
  109. 109. PRO Production Manager: Differentiators<br />Readily integrates into mixed vendor computing, printing and insertion environments<br />Costly system, printing, insertion equipment and other upgrades are avoided<br />Low acquisition, implementation and integration costs<br />Reusable libraries mean process changes and new projects are implemented quickly and efficiently<br />
  110. 110. Document Accessibility Services - Alternate Formats<br />
  111. 111. DAS: Problems Solved<br /><ul><li>Enable customers to be compliant with following legislation: </li></ul>USA<br /><ul><li>Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  112. 112. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
  113. 113. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
  114. 114. Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act – Access for People with Disabilities
  115. 115. ADA Title III: Public Accommodations</li></ul>Canada<br /><ul><li>Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA)
  116. 116. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  117. 117. Access to Information Act
  118. 118. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)</li></li></ul><li>DAS: Problems Solved (cont’d)<br /><ul><li>Improve customer service for visually impaired and print disabled clients by providing:</li></ul>Large Print<br /><ul><li>Properly formatted large print statements remove barriers (small print, multi-color, traditional layouts) for consumers that may be using enhancement devices</li></ul>Braille Grade 1 and 2 (un-contracted and contracted Braille)<br /><ul><li>Offering un-contracted and contracted Braille will meet the needs of your visually impaired consumers</li></ul>Audio<br /><ul><li>For visually impaired and print disabled consumers who do not read Braille, audio statements provide access via mp3 or WAV files</li></ul>e-Text<br /><ul><li>Formatted text files for consumers using assistive technologies such as Braille displays or screen readers, e-Text provides barrier-free access to the statement</li></li></ul><li>DAS: Alternate Formats<br /><ul><li>DAS (Document Accessibility Services) produces and delivers alternate format output from standard print files in our PCI compliant production facility
  119. 119. Industry standard print files produce alternate formats in English, French and Spanish</li></ul>Braille Grade 1 and 2<br /><ul><li>Embossed on 100lb, 8.5 by 11in. Braille paper using interpoint (duplex) technology
  120. 120. Per industry standard, statements over 20 sheets are cerlox bound</li></ul>Large Print<br /><ul><li>Printed on 70lb, 8.5 by 11in. paper
  121. 121. Per industry standard, statements over 30 sheets are spiral bound</li></ul>Audio<br /><ul><li>CD or DVD in MP3 or WAV, with both Braille and large print labels
  122. 122. Cassette, with both Braille and large print labels</li></ul>e-Text<br /><ul><li>ASCII-formatted text file on CD or DVD, with both braille and large print labels</li></li></ul><li>DAS: Differentiators<br /><ul><li>Supports the widest range of input formats
  123. 123. Standard software versus custom code for each client
  124. 124. Documented DRP policy and site security
  125. 125. PCI-DSS compliant facilities
  126. 126. Splits alternate format records from a complete print run if required
  127. 127. Can return large print for client to print and mail if required
  128. 128. End-to-end tracking and reporting of production process
  129. 129. Unparalleled production process and delivery quality control</li></ul>Each sheet is bar coded and electronically reconciled to ensure each document is complete <br />Option to utilize the USPS One Code Confirm service to track and validate delivery of the packages by the USPS via the IMB<br />
  130. 130. Crawford TechnologiesCustomer Solution Snapshots<br />
  131. 131. Large Service Bureau:Electronic Envelope<br /><ul><li>Problem:</li></ul>Bank customer wishes to turn off paper based statement yet continue to market to clients without changing the application or use of CMOD archive<br /><ul><li>Solution:</li></ul>Customer used Transpromo Express, PRO AFP to AFP w/Indexer, and PRO AFP to PDF Transform<br />Index existing AFP file for retrieval purposes <br />Load indexed AFP file into CMOD for standard archiving, viewing and reprinting processes<br />Upon retrieval from CMOD, Transpromo Express is invoked to merge in full color paper stock replacement, terms & conditions, and PDFs representing the inserts that would have been in the client’s envelope. Customer is adding PURLs in next phase of project.<br />Convert to PDF and deliver to client screen for presentment<br /><ul><li>Result:</li></ul>No change to applications or production processes, small archive files and high speed retrievals<br />
  132. 132. Large Service Bureau:Transpromo<br /><ul><li>Problem:</li></ul>Credit card issuer wants to present offers to select customers based on loyalty point threshold<br /><ul><li>Solution:</li></ul>Using Transpromo Express and PRO AFP Indexer, two passes on production print stream<br />First pass: Determination<br /><ul><li>Extract customer name, address, rewards point balance, postal code, account number
  133. 133. Extract the amount of white space, where is starts and what page(s) it was on
  134. 134. Write this information to an external file for use against CRM system</li></ul>Second pass: Execution<br /><ul><li>Add AFP metadata to pages as TLEs to enable audit of TIFF images added to AFP page
  135. 135. Per list of TIFFs provided by Salmat, add these to the page as AFP Page Segments
  136. 136. Result:</li></ul>Eight weeks to implement including 6 weeks of testing<br />
  137. 137. Financial Services Merger<br /><ul><li>Problem:</li></ul>Two large financial services companies merge, each producing 150 million impressions/yr<br />Both use similar printer hardware / models and run on MVS, JES2<br />One is AFP and the other LCDS/Metacode<br />Consolidate all the printing to one set of hardware and software solutions<br />No application changes or JCL changes permitted: IT teams are too busy with their own integration efforts<br /><ul><li>Solution:</li></ul>Using PRO Meta to AFP and PRO Workflow JES<br /><ul><li>Workflow JES “wakes up” when an LCDS / Metacode job hits the SPOOL
  138. 138. Invokes the Xerox to AFP transform with appropriate config for that job, based on JES2 metadata such as CLASS, WRITER, FORMS
  139. 139. Put the resulting AFP file back on the spool, passing through delivery information, FORMS, WRITER name, etc.
  140. 140. Result:</li></ul>Approximately 15,000 different jobs converted in <3 weeks with no JCL or application changes….removed 50% of printer fleet<br />
  141. 141. Large Financial Institution:Merging External Documents<br /><ul><li>Problem:</li></ul>Print application creates PCL file<br />Need to merge external hardcopy document (customer signed application) to create final document<br />Final document needs to be printed and mailed as well as archived<br /><ul><li>Solution:</li></ul>Using PRO PCL Normalizer, Splitting feature, PRO Image to PCL Transform, PRO Concatenator and PRO PCL to PDF Transform<br />Normalizing and splitting PCL files into individual statement files<br />Customer scans hardcopy signed mortgage applications to create TIFFs<br />Converting TIFFs to PCL<br />Merging documents and imaged mortgage applications<br />Converting to PDF for archive <br /><ul><li>Result:</li></ul>Substantial cost savings with merged documents and error free automated merging<br />
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