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Hospital Management Software


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Hospital Management Software

  1. 1. Crave InfoTech’sHospital Management Suite (HMS)
  2. 2. CRAVE INFOTECH - Overview Independent Software Solutions Vendor (ISSV) promoted by seasoned technocrats We are the authorized SAP and Sybase software & services partner We are a ISO 9000 certified company Headquartered in New Jersey, USA with Development Center at Nagpur, India We have presence and implementation clientele in North America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. We provide standard, add-ons and specialized custom solutions for your business. Dynamic team of highly skilled, and motivated software development professionals with expertise in  Enterprise Computing  Healthcare  Utility (Electric, Gas, water, sewer)  Public Sector  Manufacturing  Trading  Mobile Workforce Management  Asset Tracking using GPS technology
  3. 3. CRAVE INFOTECH – We Offer • Rigorous QA procedures • Dedicated support team • Reduce operational • We enforce industry cost development standard • Maximize ROI • ASAP+ implementation • Increase client core methodology competency Quality Cost Reliability Consistency • Well defined process of • Pioneered and proven Requirements, Analysis & unique service model Design that delivers optimum • We standby our results well within deliverables budget. • Dedicated support team • We follow ISO9001- 2000 procedures
  4. 4. CRAVE INFOTECH - Board Of DirectorsDr. Rajendra Patil:Dr Patil is a medical professional who brings 27 years of experience of healthcare services. He hasGraduated in Occupational therapy (BTHO) from Nagpur University. He has also completed DPT, DHMS. Hehas worked as Physio occupational therapist for 15 years. He is associated with Rajiv Gandhi Arogya Yojanaat Lotus Hospital Nanded as Cardio-Physio occupational therapist. He is also Sports fitness consultant at allDistrict, state, Regional and National tournament of all games held at Nanded every year. He has beenworking as Physio occupational therapist at almost all ICU, ICCU, NICU & PICU Nanded. He provides freeservices regarding the physio occupational therapy to senior citizens. He has been running healthawareness programs in association with many NGOs. He has supplied Orthosis & Prosthesis to the peoplehaving BPL card. He has provided free check-up and treatment of the cerebral palsy and mentally retardedchildren under ‘ Niramay Yojna’. He has presented paper in most of the MAIOTA conferences on : a. Recurrent shoulder dislocation b. Hand rehalitation c. Early Osteoarthritis as a occupational hazards. d. Trun back to your back parrf.He is a member of IOTA, SGAP, RSM, Lions club.Dr.Abhay Bhoyar:Dr Bhoyar is a medical professional who brings 14 years of experience of healthcare services. Aftergraduating from India, he has been working in National Health Services(NHS) UK since 2001. He hascontributed to a large national multicenter study in order to detect congenital heart diseases in children inUK. This is likely to impact the national newborn screening strategy in UK, USA and Europe. He has numberof medical publications to his name.
  5. 5. CRAVE INFOTECH - Board Of DirectorsDr. Nitin Borakhade:Dr Borakhade is a healthcare profession as well as an excellent administrator in the healthcare industry. Hisqualifications include M.B.B.S., Anaesthesiology and Management Degree from Pune University. DrBorakhade is one of the founding Directors of Ozone Multispeciality Hospital In India and the Director atMedizone Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Prior to being a Director, Dr Borakhade worked as a Intensivist in Akola for 10years, and as a Medical Officer for 2 years. Dr Borakhades area of interest include management andadministrationU. Srinivasa Rangan : Luksic Chair Professor of Strategy and Global StudiesDr. Rangan holds the Luksic Chair Professorship in Strategy and Global Studies.His teaching, consulting, and research focus on competitive strategy, globalization, and strategic alliancesHis current research deals with the globalization of Indian, Chinese, and Brazilian companies, their use ofacquisitions and alliances, evolution of industries and firm-level strategies, and the impact of nationalbusiness systems on them.After serving as a manager in industrial and international finance in India and England, Dr. Rangan heldresearch and faculty positions at IMD, Harvard Business School (HBS), and Tulane University, where hereceived the Howard Wissner Award for Outstanding Teaching. At Babson, he has received both the Deans’Award for Teaching Excellence across all programs and the Thomas Kennedy Award for OutstandingTeaching in graduate school.
  6. 6. Crave InfoTech – Product Portfolio Hospital Management Suite Asset / Vehicle Tracking (HMS) Integrated Hospital Payroll Management Management Suite (for SAP) Integrated Hospital Field Mobile Workforce Management Suite (IHMS) Management Solution Hospital Management Plant Maintenance Suite Trading Solution Payroll Management Asset Tracking Solution Trading Solution Asset Tracking Solution Point of Sale Track my People Field Mobile Workforce Point of Sale Management Solution
  7. 7. Hospital Management Suite (HMS)Crave InfoTech is now offering Hospital Management Solution (HMS) for clinics and small to mid-sizehospitals who wants to provide state of the art care to their patients while optimizing the hospital’s internal costby real time monitoring the various functions of the hospital.Crave InfoTech’s Hospital Management Suite (HMS) is an integrated information system that covers aspectsfrom administration to patient care. HMS can be installed in a hospital to provide state of the art care to theirpatients while optimizing the hospital’s internal cost by real time monitoring of the various functions. HMS isbuilt with flexibilities in each module, which can be customized to suit the needs of the individual hospital. HMSenables better patient care, patient safety, efficiency, and reduced cost. It also provides easy access to criticalinformation there by enabling the management to take better decisions and on time.Key Features:  Single Integrated Solution replacing multiple legacy systems for Accounts, Administration, Billing, CRM, Payroll, Patient Management, Purchase, Stores, Multi location and Mobility  Streamlined paperless process enabling substantial reduction in operational overheads  Complete elimination of manual billing errors resulting into at least 5-10% increase in revenue  Adaptable, scalable and flexible architecture to address current & future requirements of hospital management.  Remote connectivity enabled for integrating multiple locations of the hospital  Audit Trail Facility for Authentication and Verification of the data entries  Safeguards data integrity, security and accessibility  Designed to address all possible billing scenarios for Private, Corporate and Public Sector hospitals
  8. 8. HMS – Key Features HMS Key Features: Module-wise Design: This helps to implement modules in a selective & stand alone manner. This help our clients to have cost effective solution Complete Integrated Solution: Complete Business Process of Hospital is mapped, enabling the Management to have complete tab on the process. Architecture & Design: Robust Architecture & Design, very flexible and high scalable Cost Effective: Highly reliable and very much affordable Solution, addressing all the business areas of Hospital Management. Third Party Device: The system is flexible and can be integrated with third party solution like PACS, LAB Auto Analyzer, Bar Code, Biometrics, Smart Card, RFID etc.
  9. 9. HMS – Key Features
  10. 10. HMS – Web Based Modules HMS Web Based Modules: Appointment Scheduling Doctor clinical Physiatrist Cardiology General Physician Physiotherapy Dental (Under development)
  11. 11. HMS – Key Features Web Based ModulesFeatures of Web-based Clinical  Maintain diagnosis of OPD, IPD, OT patients using one screen  Attach and view document of any type  Create certificates like Thanking letter, Referral Letter  Preview complete diagnosis of patient’s previous visit  Check patient’s personal details  Check diagnosis of patient’s all-in-one in summary  Prescribe medicines to patient  Separate diagnosis form for patient’s follow up visit  Check daily follow up for patients in alert section  Create prescription reportFeatures of Web-based Appointment  Register and make patient appointment  Multiple doctor appointment available for patients  View schedule of multiple doctors in similar specialization  Upload or capture patient photo  Add services to patient like nursing charges, Blood test and generate receipt
  12. 12. HMS – Core Modules HMS Core Modules: Registration OPD IPD OT Billing Inventory Reports Administration HR Finance Masters Pathology Equipment Alert setting X-ray Attachment
  13. 13. HMS – Key Features Core Modules Features of HMS Core  Register and appoint OPD /IPD patients Maintain patient personal & demographic details  Maintains diagnosis of all OPD, IPD, OT patients  Attach documents of patient  Maintains pathology , billing details of patient  Maintains inventory of hospital  Maintains Accounts of Hospital  Can generate all kinds of customizable reports  Maintains Employee details and their shifts
  14. 14. HMS – Key Reports Key Reports: Appointment List Report Employee Report Patient Report Billing Report Death Certificate Birth Certificate Leave Certificate Discharge Report Daily Collection Report Ward Status Report Expense Revenue Report Account Balance Report Prescription customize Report Referred doctor report Inventory reports Service report
  15. 15. HMS – Specialty Modules
  16. 16. HMS – Finance and Inventory Management Inventory Management: Creating New Items & Updating Item master is used to manage all items that you purchase, manufacture, sell, or keep in inventory. Services can also be defined as items, although they are only relevant for sales. Item Master Add New Item Update Item Details
  17. 17. HMS – Finance and Inventory Management Inventory Management: Creating Suppliers Account master (create Supplier account) Update Account Add New Account Details
  18. 18. HMS – Finance and Inventory Management WAREHOUSE (STORE):- It supports the daily operations of a warehouse. The software application allows for a system of centralized management of warehousing tasks including inventory control, tracking, and the location of stock items. WMS may work on their own as a single application or be an integrated part of a larger system. Current WMSs are capable of being highly complex and handle significant amounts of data many companies will allocate an entire staff to the operation of the software. Warehouse Add Warehouse(Store) Update Warehouse If Warehouse set as details (Store)Details Default
  19. 19. HMS – Finance and Inventory Management TAX: Compulsory monetary contribution to the states revenue, assessed and imposed by a government on the activities, enjoyment, expenditure, income, occupation, privilege, property, etc., of individuals and organizations Tax Create new Tax Update Tax Details
  20. 20. HMS – Finance and Inventory Management Company wise Profit: Company Wise Profit
  21. 21. HMS – Finance and Inventory Management Cost Centre Concept: Cost Centre Account Create Cost Centre Update Cost Centre account
  22. 22. HMS – Finance and Inventory Management Profit & Loss: Profit And Loss
  23. 23. HMS – Finance and Inventory Management Balance Sheet: Balance Sheet
  24. 24. HMS – Finance and Inventory Management Leader :- Strategy used by businesses to create a low cost of operation within their niche. The use of this strategy is primarily to gain an advantage over competitors by reducing operation costs below that of others in the same industry. A book containing accounts to which debits and credits are posted from books of original entry. Leader
  25. 25. HMS – Finance and Inventory Management Trial Balance: Trial Balance Account wise reflection Group wise reflection
  26. 26. HMS – New Technology Adaption SMS Integration: This will help in keeping track of New patient registration, Patients in Queue, Daily Collection, Emergency Alerts, Reminders. These information are made available on your Mobile device. Biometric Integration: This manages the Payroll, manages shifts and maintains Employee record
  27. 27. Our Hospital Clientele
  28. 28. Our Clientele
  29. 29. CONTACT US # 87 Savarkar Nagar, 33 Tower Road, Khamla Road, Edison, NJ-08820. USA Nagpur- 440 025 +1 253 2416704 +91 7875446721