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Are there times when you could really use extra help, on an ‘as needed’ basis, to take care of the ‘paper overwhelm’ and make running your business just that much easier?
Crantara Office Assistance provides confidential off-site and virtual administrative support for busy Real Estate professionals and small businesses. Out-sourcing your time-consuming paperwork and administrative tasks to us is the solution to save you time and money, and give you more time to focus on your business….without hiring another employee.
With years of experience in small business office administration and Real Estate, we are dedicated to providing high quality, temporary services to our clients. Let us know how we can help you so you can have more time to network, meet new clients, generate new business and increase your bottom line.
We want to help your business flourish!

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Crantara virtual office assistance

  1. 1. As a real estate professional you are at your best when you are out in the field connecting with your clients. We can help get you out of the officeby taking care of those day to day duties for you!
  2. 2. The most important thing you can do for your business is to Generate Clients !
  3. 3. We can help taking care of your office work for you!
  4. 4. We will make your life easier! So you canDo what you do best!
  5. 5. We will free up your time!So you can focus on generating business and promoting growth that will Increase your Bottom Line!
  6. 6. We will save you money! Our services are subcontracted ...You only pay for the actual time spent!
  7. 7. Our services are designed to fit your needs2 hrs 6 hrs 15 hrs By thea day a week a month project
  8. 8. You NEVERpay for this!
  9. 9. We:handle all of our own expenses.provide all of our own equipment and office space.are INSURED!
  10. 10. What can we do for you? We are experienced in all facets of the real estate industry and know that our services will provide you with a Professional and Cost-Effective outcome.
  11. 11. We will: Upload your listings to your board, Upload your listings to your website, and other satellite websites, Take photos and measurements (local area only), Maintain your database,
  12. 12. We will: Maintain your websites with updates to price or other changes, Regularly upload your Blog, Create ‘E-Blitz’s’ for new listings or open houses, Create E-Newsletters,
  13. 13. We will: Create listing Feature Sheets, Upload your listings to YouTube, Prepare listing reports Have other ideas? Let’s talk ...
  14. 14. It’s not who you know ... ... it’s who knows YOU! Social Networking is the latest networking phenomenon Extend your Network!
  15. 15. We will set you up with:• Linked In• Twitter• Facebook• You Tube
  16. 16. Our services are Completely Confidential. We sign a Confidentiality Agreement to the benefit of each and every client.It is our promise to you to never discussyour business with anyone else without your permission.
  17. 17. We employ special office practices to maintain privacy. We take this very seriously.
  18. 18. Cariboo Okanagan Joni Tara