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Fox Hollow Snow Caper


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An incident in which a condominium director abused his authority to receive special treatment by a snow removal contractor. Despite evidence to the contrary, the Director denied the incident occurred.

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Fox Hollow Snow Caper

  1. 1. The Penfield Snow Removal Caper
  2. 2. The following incident took place on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 after a 10 inch Snow Storm
  3. 3. The Board Director David Penfield was the first and only unit owner plowed out that day Penfield claims the incident never happened
  4. 4. Vehicle for clearing and snow blower transport
  5. 5. Jeannette Penfield speaking with contractor
  6. 6. Contractor clears snow for pet area Jeannette Penfield in foreground
  7. 7. Contractor begins clearing path to Penfield deck
  8. 8. Contractor returns from clearing path to deck
  9. 9. Contractor clears Penfield walkway Remaining walkways untouched
  10. 10. Contractor clears Penfield parking space
  11. 11. Who are you going to believe? Penfield or Your Lying Eyes?