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Resume Writing Mistakes


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Writing a Resume? Resume Style is one thing but don't make these same resume writing mistakes. I have been helping people write resumes for years and people always seem to make these same small mistakes that could hurt their chances at finding employment.

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Resume Writing Mistakes

  1. 1. DONT DO THIS on your resume 5 Tips on what not to do
  2. 2. 1-Write an Objective You should be writing a Professional Profile that looks like this Professional Graphic Designer with the ability to think outside the box when creating exceptional products
  3. 3. 2-Average Achievements Making 20-30 sales calls per day is not impressive Achievements that have zero relevance to the industry or position Providing excellent customer service to your clients
  4. 4. 3-Include Personal Info Proud owner of a cocker spaniel Passionate fly fisherman, always looking for an opportunity to catch the big one Car enthusiast, currently rebuilding a mustang convertible
  5. 5. 4-Strange Details Inappropriate Email address: Writing in 3rd person: Nick is an excellent employment consultant Providing references: too presumptuous (don’t even add references available)
  6. 6. 5-Unrelated Experience Going into detail describing experience that is non-transferable Listing irrelevant education or training Using a Resume Style that doesn’t show how you are a good fit
  7. 7. Need some help? Just ask…