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Language revmoodle

  1. 1. As you travel through India you notice thatpeople speak different languages in differentcities, towns and villages.Sometimes a region may speak differentversions of the same language!This can be confusing, and sometimes Indianshave a hard time understanding eachanother.
  2. 2. Many Indian states were What are some commoncreated based on language languages spoken in the United States?boundaries. Where did they originate?Even within a state, a languagemay be spoken in many versions, Amongst the 50 most commonly spoken languages, 4 are IndianAnd every version sounds languages!different.
  3. 3. India has the second largest population in the world.It has over one billion people.It speaks 14 officially recognized languages, butalmost each of these 14 languages include differentdialects or variations of that language. Over 800dialects are used in India.
  4. 4. Some languages use entirely different alphabet systems. This makes it difficult for people to learn each other’s languages.
  5. 5. To help solve communication problems, the government madeHindi the national language of the country. It is now being taught in every school.English is used widely amongst educated people and is used in universities, government, science and business.
  6. 6. Hindi has more than ten variations.Hindi spoken in Rajasthan is different from Hindi spokenin Bihar or Hindi of Himachal Pradesh.Sometimes the different variations of a language areconsidered as separate language with their own literature.
  7. 7. Many common words in the English languagewere originally Indian words.Here are some… pajamas bungalow cashmere bazaar thug curry tank jodhpurs (riding breeches)
  8. 8. When you land in India…the first thing you hear is… Swaagath (welcome) or Namaste (a greeting…as in good morning or good afternoon.) It takes the place of a hand shake.
  9. 9. Aapka naam kya hai?…..What is your name?Mera naam Rhea hai……My name is Rhea.Jasmine, Aap kaise hai?………………How are you?Mein Achi hoon……………. I’m fine thank you.
  10. 10. COUNT IN HINDI ache chay dough sot teen art chaar now paunch duss
  11. 11. 1) Mein _______ saal ki hoon. …. I am ______ years old.2) Aap kitnee saal ki ho? … How old are you?1) Accha, hum dono ek umar ke hein. …..We are the same age.2) Do aur do kitne hein? ……How much is 2 + 2 ?1) Do aur do _______ hein. …..2 + 2 makes 4!2) Aap hoshiyaar hein!…. You are so clever!1) Dhanyavaad! … Thanks! :)
  12. 12. YES………..HaanNo…………..Nahin
  13. 13. What did you learn? What did you find interesting? What questions do you have?What is one similarity and one difference between how language is learned and spoken in India and in the United States?