Business Planning for Social Enterprises


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Asking the right questions can help social enterprises to identify business opportunities in their communities. These questions form an integral part of the business planning process; the essential step in developing a sustainable organisation.

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Business Planning for Social Enterprises

  1. 1. Business Planning for Social Enterprises Facilitated by: Caroline Egan CramdenTECH Ltd.
  2. 2. Stage of Enterprise Business Plan or Business Model Canvas?
  3. 3. Business Model Canvas Question 1: What is your value proposition? OR What problem are you solving?
  4. 4. Business Model Canvas Question 2: What are your key customer segments? OR Why will customers buy from you?
  5. 5. Business Model Canvas Question 3: What are your proposed distribution channels? OR How will customers access your services?
  6. 6. Business Model Canvas Question 4: How do you propose to build key customer relationships? OR How will you acquire and keep customers?
  7. 7. Business Model Canvas Question 5: What are your revenue streams? OR How will you generate cash?
  8. 8. Business Model Canvas Question 6: What resources do you need? OR What assets do you require?
  9. 9. Business Model Canvas Question 7: Who are your key partners? OR Who are you dependent on to deliver your services?
  10. 10. Business Model Canvas Question 8: What key activities does the enterprise need to carry out? OR What are the most important activities for the enterprise to focus on?
  11. 11. Business Model Canvas Question 9: What are the key costs? OR Where does spend need to be concentrated?
  12. 12. Core Elements of a Business Plan A business plan needs to clearly convey: • Mission critical information with respect to strategy, operations, marketing and finance • Why the enterprise is sustainable
  13. 13. Generating Income from Services • Understand your local customer segments – use a community map • Talk to local business people – what services do they lack/need that you could provide? • Look at the capacity of your staff • Look at the location of your facility • Follow trends and policy developments
  14. 14. The Big Question! Practical Exercise: If you were given €20,000 and asked to repay it in full at the end of 3 years with 1.5% interest, what would you spend it on?
  15. 15. Learn More! Great free resources available online: • Coursera • Open2Study • FutureLearn • Udacity Follow CramdenTECH at Twitter: