Media powerpoint evaluation


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Media powerpoint evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation – Question 3IPC advertising.I chose IPC advertising to publish my magazine “Passion” because theypublish similar music genre’s and popular music by day. IPC Insightrepresents a step-change in how a media owner shares its customerunderstanding with advertisers. Through continuous investigations intoconsumer lifestyle, attitudes, behaviour and buying patterns, IPC ensuresthat advertisers have the best understanding of the people to whom theyare advertising. This is vital for my magazine as its aimed at indie people.IPC Media is a leading multimedia publisher, producing consumer contentacross multiple platforms through both brand extension and our definitiveweb portals for our key audiences. They have a record for distribution – thisis fundamental for getting my magazines into shops – on shelves.
  2. 2.  IPC Digital Sales provides advertisers with a single point of contact toaccess the entire IPC online portfolio. Reaching in excess of 25 millionunique users every month, across more than 30 sites – - The award winning amous for its ground-breaking music news, breadth of reviews and in-depth features.  In terms of who I would want to advertise, I would start with Jack Wills asmany people who would buy my magazine would know about JackWills/shop there. This would fit my target audience as the people who shoptheir are 16-25 The second option would be iphone – as most of my target audience wouldown an apple device/iphone My final option would be viva or xbox as many people these days own aconsole or hang around in groups and play.
  3. 3. The budget is limited but creating a facebook, youtube or twitter page is free –this would increase the people knowing about my magainze.I wouldn’t advertise too much online as magazines are bought in shops notoften online – this would be a lost cause and a loss in money. There is onlya small amount of advertising that can be done online. A facebook groupcould be created to inform more people about the magazine but to alsokeep up with giggs that could be going on. They could find out prices etc.
  4. 4.  I’d have an app that could be downloaded from android phones. This wouldhelp people keep up to date, or find out when the next magazine shall beout on shelves. As everyone in my target audience will have a phone this isessential.
  5. 5. Begins recording your PowerPoint presentation.Records audio for the PowerPoint slides.Records camera with the PowerPoint presentation.Displays the Camera preview during recording.Click the Recording options icon to adjust specificsettings for recording, including:• Records the mouse cursor• Video and audio format• Audio source• Camera setup• Hotkeys for Record/Pause and StopOpens Help topic for more information.The CamtasiaStudio RecordingToolbar withinPowerPoint.
  6. 6. During Recording1. Click Record to launch the slideshow.2. Check the microphone input level. Whenready, select the Click to beginrecording button or use the hotkeys.3. Control the PowerPoint presentation, asyou normally would, during the recording.4. Press Esc to stop recording.
  7. 7. 1. At the end of the recording; choosewhether to Stop recordingor Continue recording.If you choose to Continue recording,click the Stop recording buttonin the PowerPoint recording toolbar.2. After you save the file, choose whetherto:• Produce your recording.or• Edit your recording beforeproducing it.
  8. 8. 1. Press2. When the Save CamtasiaRecording As… dialog box appears,click Cancel.3. When the dialog box appearsasking if you are sure you wantto delete the current video capture,click Yes.