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Screening in security


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Here are some hints and tips when screening to BS 7858

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Screening in security

  1. 1. Screening employees in the security sector CAW CONSULTANCY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LTD AFFORDABLE CONSULTANCY WITH A TWIST..........
  2. 2. Why screen employee’s?  In most cases if you do not complete the screening process then your insurance is void  It protects you from taking on the wrong employees which in turn protects your business  Gives your customers peace of mind  Legal Compliance for example rights to work checks  Protects against tribunal cases  Reassures employees they are working for a “proper company”  Requirement of sector accreditations  Requirement on tenders
  3. 3. BEFORE YOU DEPLOY YOUR NEW EMPLOYEE YOU SHOULD....  Confirm five years work history confirmations via phone (these must be confirmed in writing within 12 weeks/ 16 with directors sign off)  Take copies of original documents and write on them “original seen copy taken”  Confirm personal references (these must be confirmed in writing within 12 weeks/ 16 with directors sign off)  Complete SIA Licence check and credit check (if more that 10k bad credit then a director sign off is required
  4. 4. What else should you do with your new staff?  Ensure that your new staff have the required documentation for example job description, contract, induction paperwork etc  Send your new recruit your company handbook and all policies either via email with read receipt or ask them to sign once they have read them.  It is important to test the knowledge of your new recruits this can be done in many ways for example question and answer session or even a short test  Understand any difficulties your new employees could face and you will need to recruit less  Loyal, happy staff produce the best results so ensure that you hold a professional, structured induction with a clear outline of the new recruits possible advances to ensure they buy into the vision
  5. 5. Screening checklist  Five year work history confirmed verbally writing with gaps covered as per standard (within 12 weeks)  Personal reference confirmed verbally and in writing (within 12 weeks)  Correct ID (passport, driving licence, utility bills etc)  Credit check (Director can sign off risk)  SIA Licence check on SIA website  Skills needs analysis, induction and training programme constructed  All required documentation completed and uniform signed for.  Recommended to complete mystery shop after eight weeks of employment