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Beyond Bullet Points


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These slides formed part of an 'un'conference that I facilitated for a group of internal facilitators in September 2010.

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Beyond Bullet Points

  1. 1. • PowerPoint is a great tool. But over the years its effectiveness has been diminished by ‘poor’ presenters using it to broadcast their ‘script’ to the audience members.
  2. 2. • How many times have we all sat in a presentation (I *KNOW* that we can all reference a particular one) and watched the presenter read aloud from the slide, or if they are feeling really adventurous…
  3. 3. • Bullet Points • Reduces text on slide • Bullet Points • Bullet Points • Bullet Points • Memory aid
  4. 4. • But hold on, PowerPoint can be so much more powerful than this. Have you ever heard the phrase “less is more”? Just because PowerPoint is capable of doing all these things, doesn’t mean we have to use them. • Let me take you on a journey….
  5. 5. Moderation
  6. 6. Slide-umentation Docu-slides