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Giants Boxing Brochure


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Giants Boxing Brochure

  1. 1. CRAIG McDOUGALL • A Husband and a Father • Head Coach of the Giants • Director of Solid Strength and Conditioning • Worked in injury rehabilitation and trained athletes to international representative levels over the past 16years. • Diploma In Exercise Science and Lectured at the Wellington Institute of Technology. • Level 2 National Boxing Coach • New Zealand Representative and Past Light heavy-weight champion • White Ribbon Ambassador • REPS registered trainer. HBYT The Hawke’s Bay Youth Trust (HBYT) is a charitable trust set up to support the Hastings community, to help our village bring up our youth. Current Trustees are: • Quentin Varcoe (Chairman) • Rex Graham • Peter Hensman. We are growing youth to be the solution, not the problem. Working together we can lift their standard of performance. We will motivate others to a life of excellence. Courage Discipline Leadership Respect Balance Vision Young people and their Whanau living lives they value
  2. 2. HASTINGS BOXING ACADEMY BACKGROUND The Hastings Boxing Academy has recently been established in 2015 by Craig McDougall and aims to instil discipline and provide a structure of Olympic style boxing to teach young boys and men how to be fit, well-mannered and active members of our community. OBJECTIVES OF THE HASTINGS BOXING ACADEMY INCLUDE: 1. Provide opportunities and life skills coaching, practical boxing and exercise training, positive role modelling and leadership skills, talent identification and goal setting. 2. Create activities and events to encourage participation in healthy recreation to support the wellbeing of young people, their whanau and the HB community 3. Build quality relationships with our participants so that we can support them and their whanau at home and in school and out in the community e.g. employment, meaning learning opportunities. 4. Achieve wider benefits than just sporting e.g. increased confidence and better home and school life The boxing academy in the past year has gained a reputation of engaging with troubled young men to teach them discipline through their involvement with boxing. Once students are enrolled with the boxing programme they will also be given the opportunity to experience other activities such as sailing, outward bound, swimming and high ropes confidence course, alongside leadership development, educational opportunities and employment. The HBA aims to increase volunteer, wider whanau, parental/caregiver involvement, and provide positive male role models for these at risk young men. Mentoring these young men is a big part of what the academy offers. OUTCOMES The outcomes we have started to collect from parents or caregivers of participating boys’ pre and post boxing are: • Has a positive attitude towards adults and siblings • Is helpful and assists around the home • Is good at following instructions and obeying your house rules • Makes positive decisions when challenged throughout the day The data shows improvement in all areas however at this stage the numbers are quite small.We are exploring how we can collect more meaningful data. Referrals are received by police, probation, schools, social workers in schools, parents. “Thank you for giving me my son back, since he has been here he has grown up dramatically” Hastings Mum. “Your boxing academy has changed my family’s life, thank you for getting involved” Havelock North grandmother. “We have trusted you implicitly with our son and you’ve shown us how good he can be” Hastings Father “I have gained so much confidence in myself” Teenager. Thank you for the amazing opportunities that I have experienced and the tools you have given me” University student.
  3. 3. 107 Market Street South – Shepard Hensman Accountants.