S4 essay structure


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S4 essay structure

  1. 1. Paragraph Structure Topic Sentence - the first sentence of your paragraph. This will include: ·key words from the question ·give an indication what you will be writing about and ·why it is relevant to the question. Statement - a point you want to make about the text. Quotation - something from the text which backs your point up. Explanation - the analysis needed to show how the evidence backs up your point.
  2. 2. Lego-brick Topic Sentences (one of many options) Technique Artist's name symbolism stage direction dialogue uses characterisation . . . introduce emphasise highlight to suggest show explore the theme of ideas of Glaspell uses stage direction to introduce her theme of gender conflict.
  3. 3. Lego-brick Topic Sentences (another of many options) Throughout the play/ poem/ story/ novel/ film/ text Artist's name emphasises explores the theme of ideas of Throughout the play, Glaspell explores the idea of conflicting loyalties.
  4. 4. Statements This does not need to be complicated. This will lead up to your quote. It will add some more detail to the idea introduced in the topic sentence. It does not have to explain anything. As the play opens, Glaspell suggests some hostility by having the men and women stand apart.
  5. 5. Quotations Blend these into your essay. Explain the context. You do not have to explain anything.
  6. 6. Extracts from the stage directions. 'The SHERIFF and HALE are men in middle life, the COUNTY ATTORNEY is a young man; all are much bundled up and go at once to the stove.' 'The women have come in slowly, and stand close together near the door.' These become: The stage directions describe how the women '... come in slowly, and stand close together near the door...' while the men 'are much bundled up and go at once to the stove'.
  7. 7. Explanations You're on your own! ;-) There is no formula for these; simply explain how the quote justifies the statement you made. Sometimes this may feel like stating the obvious. This is O.K.
  8. 8. More Statements You can have more that one SQA portion in a paragraph. (It is positively recommended). It's nice to tweak the subsequent statements so they link smoothly. Glaspell continues her exploration of the idea ... The playwright makes further use of .... In addition, Glaspell emphasises ... Later in the play, Glaspell returns to the theme of...