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The Psychology of Sales


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The Psychology of Sales

  1. 1. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizThe Psychology of SalesGetting Inside Your Customer’s HeadCraig JamesSales SolutionsFebuary 18th, 2005
  2. 2. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizAgendaHow to use this mediumIntroductionsContentClosing Q&A
  3. 3. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizKey ThemesBuying is a complex processBuying is primarily emotional, not logicalBuyers’ decisions are influenced bynumerous factors, many of which are notobviousWe can use this knowledge to increaseour odds of connecting with customers,and to close business
  4. 4. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhy do people buy? Why do we buy?As a consumer?As an employee or a businessowner?
  5. 5. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizBusiness vs. Personal NeedsBusiness NeedsSave moneyImproveefficiencyStreamlineoperationsIncrease salesGrow marketsharePersonal NeedsEarn promotionPeer approvalLearn new skillRecogniton bysenior execMore familytimeMore vacation
  6. 6. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizPersonal Needs Trump Business Ones!When push comes toshove, WIIFM always wins!
  7. 7. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizSo, what are we selling to?Is our “pitch” targeted toBusiness Needs?The features and benefits of ourproductPersonal Needs?Addressing the customer’s visionof the ideal purchase
  8. 8. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhom are we selling to?Mutliple players, multiple agendasExecutiveTechnicalUserCFOGatekeeper
  9. 9. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizEach has own set of needs (agenda)ExecutiveTechnicalUserCFOShare price,personal statureEasy to maintain,pat on the backEasy to use,leave work at5:00Save companymoney, add to mybonus
  10. 10. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizNot all players are created equalDiffering Degrees of InfluenceDegree Degrees of Advocacy
  11. 11. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizThe four elements of buyer “psychology”Personal AgendaDominant Buying ValueMotivational TriggersBuying Style
  12. 12. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizPersonal AgendaWIIFM?Earn promotionPeer approvalLearn new skillRecogniton by senior execMore family timeMore vacation
  13. 13. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizDominant Buying ValueOpportunity to GainFear of Loss
  14. 14. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizMotivational TriggersMoneyPerformanceComfort/Convenience/Ease of UseEmotional SatisfactionApproval, Prestige, Image. PrideBelonging, AcceptanceGrowth, Self-ExpressionSecurity, Safety
  15. 15. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizBuying StyleShort-Winded or TalkativeCautious and Analytical, or ImpatientDecisive or IndecisiveAuthoritative and Controlling, or YieldingAntagonistic or Relationship-orientedConfrontational/negotiation-oriented, oracceptingFocused on Immediate or Futurebenefits
  16. 16. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizSo what do we do with all this?
  17. 17. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizHow do we determine their agendas?Ask questions!What challenges are you personallyfacing?What’s your biggest frustration?What’s your ideal solution look like?How would doing nothing affect youpersonally?
  18. 18. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizHow do we determine their DominantBuying Value and Motivational Triggers?Ask questions!What accomplishment are youmost proud of?What’s the best thing that’s everhappened to you?
  19. 19. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizHow do we determine their buyingstyles?Observation!Listen to how they say what theysay - the verbal signsRead the non-verbal signsSense what kind of person theyare
  20. 20. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizSummaryUsing Buyer “Psychology”to Sell More EffectivelyDetermine Roles Ask your “sponsor”Determine Agendas Ask questions about challenges,frustrations, ideal solutionsDetermine Dominant Buying Values andDetermine Motivational TriggersAsk questions that get at personalgoals and listen carefully to whatthey say and how they say itDetermine Buying Style Observe, listen, sense
  21. 21. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizClosing Q & A
  22. 22. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizSales SolutionsService OfferingsSkill Improvment/EnhancementSales Process ImprovementOne-on-One Sales CoachingOutsourced Sales ManagementSales Round TablesMotivational Speaking
  23. 23. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizThe Psychology of SalesCraig JamesSales